Selfish love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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67 Thank you

Mariza POV

I woke up with a heavy head due to some noises coming from the lounge. I groggily opened my eyes and heard Kaveenza shouting at somebody, ''Don't underestimate me!'' she continued, ''Judge me as much as you like but I like you more than anyone else'' her voice looked desperate.

I got up from the bed and didn't make noticeable sounds and suddenly I heard Joe speaking, ''Bullshit!'' What was he doing here and why was he talking to Kaveenza? She was starting to make me furious- Sometimes throwing herself at Valz and Salvot then fessing up that she likes Joe.

''What part of 'I don't do relationships' you don't fucking understand?'' he snapped at her and I saw him nearing closer to her. She started panting and stepped closer placing her lips on his neck and started leaving bite marks there while moaning.

''I won't tell anyone that you fucked her'' she whispered in between sucking. He groaned and pulled her hair before nearing his lips close to her ear and muttered, ''You better not''

Okay I was really confused- At first what was that burning sensation inside me seeing him kissing her? I didn't even like him like that then why would I even get envious? Secondly, what was she talking about? He fucked whom? These Archer brothers were a box full of mystery and unpredictiblity.

I wasn't planning on letting them know about my presence so I waited for them to finish that whatever that was and when I heard Joe zipping his pants I heard someone sauntering towards my room I quickly went into sleeping position and shut my eyelids in a hurry.I felt my bed being dipped.

Joe whispered, ''Marz sorry'' his voice was extremely painful and I badly wanted to open my eyes and ask him about everything but i went with my better judgement and remained my eyes closed and felt him getting up and leaving my room.

Why was Joe keeping secrets from me and what happened to him- I loved him so much that seeing him like this drowned my heart into a pit of agony. I got up and dressed up in a tights and black long shirt and tied my hair into a braid and charged out of the room and stormed towards Salvot's room.

I entered his room and saw him talking on his mobile phone maybe with someone named Charles. He rolled his eyes upon seeing me and pointed towards floor as if gesturing me to sit on floor. I smirked and showed him my middle finger.

He ended the call, ''I order you to get out unless you're here to quench my sexual desire'' he said mockingly.

I shook my head, ''You wish- I'm actually here to thank you'' I said honestly. He said with a bored expression, ''I wish i could do something with your piece of shit thank you'' he really was an ass.

''Or you can just receive my thank you with a welcome-that'd actually be nice, don't you think?'' I said ironically. he snorted, ''You're welcome baby''


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