Selfish love
69 Just a drink!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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69 Just a drink!

Valz POV

I couldn't get the hospital girl out of my mind and was in a daze when Jared interrupted, ''Portland's team is very strong Valz'' he raised his eyebrow looking at an old bruise at my neck, ''You sure you'll be able to play- I'm dead sure we'll lose without you'' Jared was the goal-keeper of our team and one of my pals.

I shook my head lazily, ''We'll beat their arse- don't you worry'' I said that just to ensure him because I really wanted to sleep right now in order to give my mind some rest but our match was just 20 minutes away.

He nodded without hesitation, ''Okay cool'' Our team was considered invincible but today I wasn't ready- my mind was really fuzzy and the urge to close my eyes made my head ache. Today I went to Tanya's home as she wanted us to spend some time together- I couldn't find a catch in all this, all of a sudden why she became so cheesy and corny.

Then she suggested to watch a movie and I laughed it off like she said some sort of joke but-Hell, she was serious- I refused bluntly and she didn't felt bad or she made me feel like she didn't-Out of nowhere she wanted to go to Rockhouse Club owned by some bloke Nate.

There I came across some of my high school friends who now were trying to tag along me like we were some really inseparable friends and i couldn't understand why they kept taking names of those blokes- Joe, Salvot, Adam and Nate.

I also saw them in my house and asked my mom and she instantly waved it off, ''Don't listen to anyone- they're misleading you and hunny obviously they can't be your brothers'' she resumed, ''Just some charity cases of your father'' Alas- my dad wasn't here, I hadn't seen him because he was in Turkey and was not coming back until now.

Tanya kept offering me a blue moon drink and when I refused she pouted like I broke her heart by not taking it- Hell, It was just a shitty drink.

Finally, I drank it and it tasted damn awful and now when my mind was imploring for a nap, my mind kept wandering towards that drink that she gave like she must've poisoned it- God Valz!

''Boys get ready!'' shouted our coach Henry.


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