Selfish love
70 Same old shit.
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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70 Same old shit.

Valz POV

Damn I was not ready to play this game, God knows what was happening to me and all of a sudden that girl Mariza came to my mind, her hazel eyes that hid innumerable secrets and agony. I didn't know why but there was some intriguing thing about her that made her enchanting. It was a like mystery that was folded into many layers and just when I tried to unravel one its hold got more stronger.

Alas, she won't be here today and I confidently asked her to come and watch my match like the asshole I am. Her refusal came as shock, but who knows she might be playing that 'hard to get' game.

''Valz you coming man?'' one of the players shouted from the dressing room. I shook my head and put her at the back of my mind, ''Yeah, give me a minute'' I didn't know why I was disappointed at the fact that she won't come.

I swear this pounding in my head was so different than the normal headache- I took a painkiller before sauntering towards the ground. My team was waiting for me and coach Henry had a pissed of expression on his face maybe because I was late but then i saw all the team players looked upset. I raised my eyebrow, ''Care to spill some beans?'' I said gesturing towards their faces.

Henry said, ''This match is going to be really tough because they have some serious sledging players and their senior players are playing Valz'' I laughed it off, ''So? will making these faces make their team any weaker?'' what a bunch of dorks.

''This over-confidence will someday take you to rock-bottom, I've no doubt in your prowess to make the opposition drop to their knees but Valz you're not aware of their tactics- they give more importance to sledging whereas, you play with your capability'' Henry said with a worried expression.

The whole stadium was occupied and they were constantly chanting the slogans of the teams. My eyes suddenly fell on a jet-black haired girl reminding me of Mariza. Damn, she really was her, having a soft expression on her face and when our gazes collided, she quickly averted her gaze avoiding me and started talking to that blonde guy Joe.

It must be that he invited her here otherwise she wasn't coming when I did the same, that made a bitter feeling arise inside me. ''Valz are you listening?'' Jared shouted.

I narrowed my eyes, ''Yeah, same old shit-anything new?'' I said sarcastically. Henry huffed out, ''This boy will never listen'' and went towards the pavilion with a petulant expression.


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