Selfish love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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Mariza POV

I shouldn't have come here, knowing that I won't be able to face valz, still I came here. Joe kept rambling about how Valz was a great player at such a young age. To add more every girl in this stadium held chart papers with Valz's name on it. Even the girl beside me kept screaming his name in the hope that he'll look at her plastic face. Why do I even care? I don't have any hold of him. He's Tanya's boyfriend or a fuckboy of Kaveenza.

''Mariza, it's a football match and it'd be great if you would cheer up'' Joe murmured. I smiled sarcastically, ''Oh I thought we were watching a cricket match, geez thanks for informing me Joe'' and suddenly the picture of Joe kissing Kaveenza resurfaced into my mind and the way she said, ''I won't tell anyone that you fucked her'' made chills run down my spine.

Joe was becoming so mysterious yet, he had this cool demeanor of his. He chuckled and shook his head. The match was about to start and I was trying my best to avoid Valz's gaze. I knew I refused him that I won't come to watch this match and yet, her I am sitting with Joe. This made me feel a little guilty.

But I was not accountable to Valz for anything. We were not friends, in fact he was only interested in glittery and glamorous girls or I must say, Plastic ones.

The teams were prepared and the referee did the toss and it was won by the Portland's captain whose name was Cavani. He was a robust guy with muscles and a heated stare. In comparison to him Valz looked completely complacent and calm without any trace of fear.

The stadium started chanting, ''THUNDERBAY FOR THE WIN'' which was followed by, ''BREAK A LEG VALZ ARCHER'' I rolled my eyes and focused at the game. Joe was completely immersed in the game.

Valz looked really distracted in the first forty minutes of game. Constantly scratching at his head and shaking his head to ward off a headache. At first I ignored it but then it started to worry me.


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