Selfish love
73 Friendship
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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73 Friendship

Valz POV

''He looks unwell'' Joe muttered in a concerned manner. I nodded with a bile in my throat, ''Why is he even playing? It's so foolish of him to take such a risk'' I spoke in an afraid tone and that's when the other team's player scored a goal. He started celebrating like a lunatic and spoke some profanities that I couldn't comprehend.

One of the players tapped on Valz's shoulder and asked him something to which he shrugged his shoulders lazily. That is when the captain of other team rambled something from behind with a smirk to which Valz flashed a smile and spoke something in his ear. That guy narrowed his eyes and sauntered towards his team.

''Why are their players so rude?'' I muttered to myself.

''That's normal in football but when we talk about Portland's team then it's complete trouble with a big T'' Joe replied and continued, ''It's their old tactics to pressurize the other team but I think that is not going to work on Valz's team'' he said with a grin.

''What's with everyone being completely fine with how Valz looks unwell'' I said with concern. The girl sitting beside me huffed out in irritation and said, ''Can you please enjoy the match like everyone else?''

It was just I couldn't fathom seeing him like this because I've know him since childhood and something about Valz was really off and I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong.

I had to do something to stop him from playing or god knows it could get serious so i stood up from my seat and Joe looked at me in a confused manner, ''What's wrong?'' I ignored his question and started shouting from here like a complete psycho, ''VAALZ STOP IT'' the hooting and cheers of the crowd were so deafening that my voice could only reach to a few people and they started speaking profanities,

''Is she mad?'' one guy muttered furiously.

''what an attention seeker''

''Bloody girls always spoiling everything''

Joe shook his head and grinned, ''Mariza damn sit down'' he said unable to conceal his smile. I don't care if I look mad or anything but damn Valz wasn't listening so I continued shouting, ''VAALZ STOP PLEASE'' this time again he didn't listen but maybe I was in trouble because two muscular armed guys with a solemn expression came and one of them said, ''Madam you have to leave the stadium'' he looked agitated.

''Yeah please take this mad girl outta here'' an old man barked. Joe stood up and said sarcastically, ''And how are you going to make her leave?'' he said with a smile.

I knew Joe was going to handle this so I focused on the game and saw that the score was 1-1 and the last half was going on.

''Next time make sure you don't come here looking like idiots demanding Kenfey archer's kids to leave'' he said and resumed, ''You know what? one thing more'' Joe was not going easy on them and I was grinning like an idiot unable to control my laughter.

''You see that lucky son of bitch'' he said pointing at Valz, ''he's my brother'' he then gestured at me, ''This girl is his girlfriend'' he said with a bitter laugh.

I froze because that was unexpected. Why would he even call me Valz's girlfriend? Joe then said, ''Is this shit enough to make you knuckleheads leave?'' he said with a victorious smile.

They said embarrassingly, ''We're extremely sorry for the inconvenience'' with this being said they left but Joe's words were ringing in my ears. What was his problem? If something was bothering him then he should've talked to me.

I wasn't a fool not to know about his feelings about me but they way he was acting made me wanna bang his head.

This really was frustrating for me because I had no one in my life with whom i could share anything and after Zolly I felt so despondent. Joe was one person who was a good listener and really generous with me since childhood despite the fact he was that handsome and hot guy with a plethora of girlfriends and I was that freak and introvert who had only Zolly.

Joe's way of making me smile in worst circumstances, cheering me up when Valz used to mock me in front of everyone and Malifiya's insults which used to make me cry and Valz joked it off in order to make me forget that. I always thought that why was Joe like this with me when he could get anyone because of his amazing looks and career.

I didn't like Valz because of his looks or success because if that had been the case then why would I have only desired for Valz despite of his frosty and cold behavior when Joe being so handsome was kind to me?

It was just I had loved Valz since childhood and when the first time I had seen him my hear did crazy things and at first I thought it was normal but it wasn't.

Whenever any other guy came near me I used to wait for those fireworks to burst in my heart by they didn't but when Valz neared closer to me i couldn't control my feelings.

In case of Joe I never listened to my heart because it was same like it was in front of Valz but I always categorized it as friendship.


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