Selfish love
74 Fight!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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74 Fight!

Mariza POV

I was fed up all this and by this I meant Valz forgetting everything about me, Joe being bitter and my life being an utter mess. My eyes were welling up with tears and I tried to keep them at bay but failed and they were profusely rolling down.

Joe noticed me and for a second his eyes held pain but that emotion only lasted for a few moments before he clenched his jaw and muttered, ''This time I won't give you a shoulder to cry on'' his voice was serious.

I couldn't believe Joe was saying this and then suddenly the people in crowd started shouting,

''Good god! what a fight''

''Valz Archer looks so hot while fighting let me film this'' a girl chanted.

I focused my attention at the game while tears were leaking from my eyes and Joe cursed, ''Fuck'' What we were witnessing was a serious fight between Valz and the captain of another team.\

Valz was furiously throwing punches at his face while he was grunting in pain and the players were trying to calm him down. I was worried about Valz because his face was bleeding a little and I was being selfish because the other player's face was full of blood.

At last the referee showed them both the red cards and the match was cancelled at that point but Valz wasn't giving two shits about that and was shouting, ''Show your motherfucking guts you little piece of shit!''

I whimpered, ''Why are they fighting?''

Joe replied, ''You and your fucking questions'' he looked annoyed.

''If my questions and my existence bothers you that much then you should leave me alone forever Joe'' I whispered while trying to ward off my tears.

He said with a hint of sadness, ''I wish that was fucking easy for me to do that'' he then shook his head and took out a tissue paper from his pocket and instead of handing me he threw it on my face stood up and went away.

And when I looked at the ground and it was empty which meant the match was over and the people in stadium were leaving.

I needed to get to Valz and see if he was okay but in this condition it was better to go home so I wiped away my tears and took a taxi when I knew Joe was waiting for me in the car and when I didn't get in the car he instantly sped off the car.

When I reached the mansion the first person who came into my mind was Valz so I was about to go to his room when Salvot blocked my way, ''Where are you going?'' he said with a smirk.

''I need to see Valz'' I said with a crack visible in my voice.

He shook his head mockingly, ''He's with his Tanya and she is bandaging him'' he then whispered with a smile, ''Who knows they might be having their cozy moments it's bad to snoop on them Mariza'' he knew that I liked Valz but still wanted to break my feelings by spouting rubbish.

''Leave my way Salvot'' I said with narrowed eyes and this time I was dead serious.

''Why you're always so pissed off?'' he said in an annoyed manner.


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