Selfish love
75 Joe“s mess
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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75 Joe“s mess

Mariza POV

''Right now you're playing the role of pissing me off'' I muttered with a huff and narrowed my eyes at Salvot while rambling, ''Don't you see how much you're being an asshole all the time?'' I was being dead serious here because I couldn't understand what he really wanted by all the time mocking me.

Upon hearing this he smirked and said, ''I'd love to think about how you feel when I'll give two shits about it'' and then he sauntered away while pushing my shoulder lightly and whispering, ''Get a life Mariza''

This was it of his sleazy behavior and I was not going to listen to his harsh comments, ''Looks like someone had an affair with his friend's girlfriend'' this stopped him on his tracks.

He looked at me shockingly, ''What are you talking about?''

Actually I knew nothing about it just few says ago I heard Salvot talking to Nate on phone and mentioning something that Adam will get mad upon hearing this and a he took a name of a girl named Julia and that he shouldn't know about the kiss.

So I made up in my mind that either of them had kissed his girlfriend so I just made a quick guess and maybe it was right upon seeing Salvot's coward expressions.

''Take a chill pill I won't tell him about it you just have to do me a favor and stop being a jerk''

He grinned, ''You really wanna know who kissed his girlfriend?''

Why was he being so calm about it? I was damn sure Adam won't let this go easily because he so aggressive. I had seen him heartbroken when his childhood sweetheart Alexa died in a car accident and he was driving the car drunk that night.

He was so guilty after that and resorted to drugs and one night stands after that. It was his way of dealing with pain.

After so long he had developed a relationship with this girl Julia. Seriously I felt so angry at her like why would she be so desperate when she had such a gem like Adam.

I made a puzzling expression, ''You trying to save your ass from this situation?''

He shook his head with a laugh, ''Why don't you go and ask Joe about it?''. I made a baffled face,

''What does Joe have to do with your bullshit?'' my voice was really harsh this time.


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