Selfish love
76 Hotness
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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76 Hotness

''Why you're being so angry about this?'' he spoke in a curious way and continued, ''He's single and can do whatever the fuck he wants to do'' I opened my mouth to answer but not even a single word came out.

Salvot was really right about this because I had no right over their lives heck but why does it hurt every time a scene like this happened?

''I'm sorry you are right I shouldn't create a fuss about all this'' I spoke in a serious tone and lowered eyes.

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Salvot huffed out, ''When will you grow a spine and stop following my brothers like a rabid dog?''

I was about to defend myself when out of nowhere Valz emerged with a ice bag and swollen lips. He looked at me with a piercing tone and glared at Salvot, ''Will you stop being a prick and not shout at her?''

Salvot was about to speak when Valz resumed, ''Secondly don't call me your brother because I don't have one''

This saddened me to a large extent because Valz's words impacted Salvot so much and i was saying this because he wasn't the one to unravel his feelings in front of others but I knew he had a really soft spot for his friends and brothers.

Salvot raised his eyebrows in a petulant manner and gazed at him broodingly, ''You know what? fuck you'' he then flipped his middle finger and went away.

Valz smiled sarcastically at me, ''Is he always like this?''

Yeah he learnt it from you, ''He is not the one to talk in a sugary manner'' my voice was strangely soft.

''I didn't mean to offend him but they keep spewing lies which infuriates me'' Valz grinned tiredly and I forgot about everything and stared blatantly at his face.

His green eyes shone perfectly in this lightly dimmed room and his sexy cheekbones accentuated his look. I could see a small cut in his forehead but surprisngly it made him look even more hot.


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