Selfish love
77 Revenge
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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77 Revenge

Mariza POV

I suddenly felt the urge to ask him if he remembered anything about me because after all this time the situation seemed weird.

He lost his memory but considered Tanya his girlfriend and Malifiya as his real mother. I couldn't believe this even when the doctors had said that his condition was a rare one and anytime in his life he could regain his memories.

Some illusions might interrupt his memories and that's why he was confused and was having trouble acknowledging his dear ones.

I cleared my throat when I heard him saying, ''You seem to be enchanted by what you're seeing'' he raised his eyebrow with amusement.

I hesitated but then spoke in a light tone, ''I'm just contemplating whether to say it or not''

He inched closer making me breathe faster, ''First let me ask you something'' my heartbeat accelerated and I nodded and tried to avoid his gaze.

He gently held my chin up and asked with curiosity, ''Do you like that guy?''

I arched my eyebrow and said, ''Which guy are you talking about?''

Was he talking about Joe?

I was about to deny that but something fun crossed my mind and I said in a sarcastic manner, ''You're talking about your brother?'' he narrowed his eyes and I continued, ''I know you're going to say he's not your brother but flash news for you Valz archer that the guy you're hinting at is your elder brother''

I then smiled victoriously and neared closer and whispered in his ear, ''You're flirting with your brother's girlfriend''


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