Selfish love
78 Is that so?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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78 Is that so?

Mariza POV

I must be crazy to say something like that in front of him because Joe and I were best friends not lovers but something inside me fueled my urge to say this to see his reaction.

He stilled and took a step back, ''Stop calling him my brother and I was not flirting with you'' he said in an accusatory tone.

''Whatever floats your boat'' I muttered.

He smirked, ''I don't believe you because yesterday I saw him with your your sister'' I suddenly blanched at his words. What the hell is wrong with Joe? Every time his little secrets were revealed which embarrassed me.

My cheeks turned deep shade of red on being caught, ''That's none of your damn business'' Joe couldn't keep his dick in to his pants. Previously I only thought that Salvot is the only sex machine in this house but thanks to Joe for proving me wrong.

''Don't get flustered sunshine'' he chuckled ''He flirts with Tanya also but I let that slide because it's not like I give a shit about her affairs.''

I said impulsively, ''Why don't you guys just break up rather than cheating while being in a relationship?''

He cocked his left eyebrow, ''Why do you care?''

I rolled my eyes, ''I couldn't care less about which girl you're having as your girlfriend so stop imagining things''

He came closer with an intense gaze and whispered, ''Is that so?'' His voice sent shivers down my spine and I hated my body for reacting this way. He then smiled derisively knowing very about my treacherous needs.


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