Selfish love
79 Date?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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79 Date?

Valz POV

Mariza cleared her throat and averted her gaze but I took a hold of her wrist and and whispered, ''I'd like to take you on a date'' I knew I was being an asshole by asking her this while being in a relationship with Tanya but now I was thinking to break up with her because although she was gorgeous in a sparkly way but I couldn't feel a connection with her.

She widened her eyes and that's when I noticed how beautiful her hazel eyes were, ''You have a girlfriend'' she said in a low voice.

''Yeah and we're not a thing anymore'' I said that non-chalantly

I made a mental note to tell this to Tanya before she comes with an accusatory gaze. Mariza became surprised. It was like she was trying hard not to smile, ''Why? she's way more prettier than me''

This made me want to tell her that I think she was extremely beautiful with black hair and hazel eyes and a face that resembled a porcelain doll. She had a hint of innocence etched on her face but definitely a sharp tongue.

I chuckled, ''You're delusional''

''So we'll got to Nate's club tonight at 8:00, okay?'' I told her with a grin.

She widened her eyes in horror but that lasted for a few seconds. I wanted to ask her what bothered her but she beat me to it, ''Promise me you won't leave me alone there'' her voice was a slight whisper.

''Yeah of course'' I said with a reassuring smile

She smiled a bit, ''thank you'' in a coy voice.

I grinned, ''See you Mariza'' and then sauntered away.


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