Selfish love
80 I didn“t tell her.
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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80 I didn“t tell her.

Mariza POV

I couldn't believe Valz just asked me on a date because I used to dream a lot about us being together but that was restricted to my imagination.

Finally, he'll break up with Tanya and I wouldn't have to bear the pain of seeing them together. But first I need to see Joe and ask him why he was whoring around because that was unlike his personality.

I ascended upstairs and knocked at his door but no response came from inside. Maybe he was at Nate's or Adam's house but to make sure I opened the door and was met with a strong scent of alcohol.

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Joe was sitting on the couch with his shoulders slumped and his head in his hands. The look on his face seemed defeated and when I cleared my throat to get his attention his gaze instantly shifted towards me and a pained expression marred his beautiful chest-nut eyes.

But the look was immediately replaced by fury and for a moment I became scared because I hardly saw Joe angry.

He said in a husky voice, ''Get out of here'' That's when I noticed a dozen of beer bottles and packets of cocaine on his bed and that's when my scaredy-cat demeanor left me, ''What the fuck Joe?'' I said pointing at drugs with a annoyed expression.

He didn't reply but I was not going to have any of his bullshit. I charged inside his room and grabbed the drugs and was about to take them away in order to dispose them when strong hands took a hold of my wrist and snatched the drugs from my hand.

I was met with an angry stare of Joe, ''Don't interfere in my life and leave me the fuck alone'' his voice was venomous and I was stunned by his disparaging comments.

Valz also used to do drugs and a plethora of times I had stopped him but he always turned a blind eye and Joe was doing the same. I didn't have to contemplate to know that Salvot was also following their foot steps.

Despite our close proximity I managed to smirk, ''Fuck you then'' that is when I snatched the packet of drug from his hands with all my strength and managed to break free from his hands and started running but saw Salvot coming inside with a panicked expression.

''Now is not the time to hear you spew crap Salvot'' I managed to say that to him but he didn't hear and shouted, ''You told her asshole?'' his voice was half-broken.

That's when I stilled and Joe furiously took one of the empty beer bottle and smashed it on the table, ''Leave me the fuck alone'' and then Salvot then shook his head like he was not surprised, ''You didn't tell her, right?''

''Tell me what Salvot?'' I said in a calm tone.

He narrowed his eyes at me, ''None of your business-

Joe cut him, ''I didn't'' his voice was pained.


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