Selfish love
81 Holy shit!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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81 Holy shit!

Mariza POV

Okay this was getting really weird they were keeping secrets from me and it annoyed me to a great extent so I narrowed my eyes at Joe, ''What the hell is wrong with you? you weren't like this before for Christ sake Joe'' I wanted him to be his normal playful self and not a drunk asshole bastard keeping secrets from me.

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He gave a bitter laugh, ''Oh yeah?'' he then stood up stumbling a little and slurred nearing closer to my face and his breath fanning my cheeks, ''I thought you were any different from other girls'' but then made a tsk tsk sound, ''You proved me wrong and showed me what a bitch you are for using me whenever the hell it pleased you''

My jaw dropped and words left my mouth because I was too stunned to say anything. Salvot huffed out, ''Cut this fucking crap'' he then grinned out of nowhere and patted Joe on his back like he was relieved Joe hadn't told me their their whatever 'secret'.

I was not going to listen to his any bullshit, ''Looks like someone is in a state of wrath and I bet you're going to come to me asking for an apology so let's just take a break from each other's toxicity, shall we?'' I didn't wait for his response and left the room with a last glance at his face and he flipped me off.

My life was turning to be a angsty novella with a lot of twists and turns. When I reached my room it was complete mess because apparently I wasn't a neat freak. I also had to message my mother and let her know I needed a lip balm as she went out and asked me if I needed anything but at that time I hadn't seen my lips but now they were in need of some care.

I searched for my phone but couldn't find it but then i remembered that I left it in Joe's room. I cursed a little before again going in to his room but stopped short on my tracks when I heard Salvot say assuredly, ''Don't worry dad won't find out the truth bro''

I contemplated for a moment whether to inform them of my presence or just hear them letting the cat out of the bag.

I chose the latter and felt a little bad for eavesdropping but I had to know their dirty linen not because I wanted to rat them out but just to kill my curiosity.

Joe shook his head and ran a hand over his messy blonde hair like his was frustrated, ''That greedy bitch will find a way to blackmail me'' he then rubbed his bloodshot eyes, ''I just fucked her to get back at dad''

That sentence had my senses dulling and my mind praying it wasn't what I was thinking because damn that was fucking messed up.

Was he really talking about Malifiya? Holy shit on a fucking stick.

Malifiya was pretty but in a glittery sense and she was way younger than my dad like 35 and Joe himself was 20 years old for fuck's sake.


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