Selfish love
82 Affair!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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82 Affair!

Mariza POV

I decided to make my presence know when I heard Salvot muttering angrily, ''I fucking warned you man! She is like a damn parasite and won't leave you so easily'' he then tugged at the ends of his light brown hair then kicked at the table.

''I don't know what's wrong with her'' Joe paused and managed to give a out an empty laugh, ''She thinks I'm serious with her and you remember that day when she completely went mad at Mariza?''

Salvot nodded his head and Joe continued, ''I told her that if she won't stop I'll expose her and she blanched and agreed on my terms''

It takes me a moment to recall that worst day when she was so vicious to me and Joe warned her about something due to which she shut her mouth and not it all hits me like cold water.

He was talking about their affair or God knows their little fucking secret. Now what was bothering Joe because he had Malifiya by her throat in this game.

Joe looks at his brother with guilt flashing his eyes and runs a hand through his blonde hair, ''I fucked her again....yesterday when I was drunk''

Salvot makes a face that clearly translates all the curse words he has on the tip of his tongue, ''Fuck Joe, that's completely messed up!'' he says with a heated glare.

I feel like the role of brothers are being reversed because right now Vazl's behavior made him look like the eldest when in reality he was the youngest of them and making Joe the spoiled young brat who didn't give two shits about the consequences.

He blows out a breath, ''I know and you know what? she made a tape of our sex'' he says with a angry stare.

I think this is when I enter in this angsty novella of my life and this thought makes me want to laugh but the situation requires a little solemn attitude but I want to slap Joe and tell him to grow the fuck up because as clever as that woman is, he he shouldn't have slept with her the second time.

''What the fuck are you doing there!?'' Salvot shouts and I jump timidly.
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His voice brings me back to the reality and I look at them. Joe holds a shameful or maybe guilty expression on his face and lowers his head and that makes my heart swell for him. He might be an asshole for doing all this but I understand these brothers.

They all have their different ways of expressing their anger because they have a dick of a father for marrying that bitch after their mother who made their life hell.

I clear my throat and enter the room with a scowl etched on my face, ''Listening you guys talk about fucking your step-mother'' I nearly laugh but control it and reprimand myself for not being serious.

Salvot scrunches his nose, ''What?! I didn't fuck her'' he then pointed a finger at Joe in an accusatory manner, ''Looks like this excuse of a perfect guy can't keep his dick in to his pants''

I narrowed my eyes at him, ''Pot meets kettle Salvot''I pause and smirk ''It doesn't make you less of a dick so quit acting like you're a saint'' I know that right now I should be scolding Joe for his reckless behavior but Salvot also needs to get a reality check.


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