Selfish love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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83 Say i

Mariza POV

Salvot sneers at me, ''Just when I start to think that you're getting over your bitchiness you prove me wrong'' his voice drips with sarcasm.

Joe mutters, ''Shut the hell up'' he then looks at me and when our gazes collide he instantly averts his gaze and huffs out tiredly, ''I'm sorry'' his admission surprises me because out of all things I didn't expect him to apologize.

I ignore his apology and head towards the cabinet and take out a first aid kit because Joe's knuckles are bleeding and and there's cut on his forehead. I silently sit near him and try to ignore Salvot who is glaring daggers at me.

He clearly can't stand my guts and I'm glad we're on the same page. When I lift my gaze to Joe I see his confused stare and I mutter absently, ''What?''

He shakes his head then asks me in a surprised tone, ''You're not mad at me?'' Oh boy only if you could see underneath this facade of mine. Okay this is kind of amusing because Malifiya is their step-mother and just to piss of their dad he fucked her.

I expected him to be a little mature and not mess things up but these are Archer brothers we're talking about who are unpredictable assholes.
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I glare at me, ''Out of all of you, I expected some sagacity from you Joe'' Salvot mimicked my words and left the room with a plethora of curse words. This is Salvot being his usual prick self.

''I know....shit you're right'' he said in a shaky voice.

We remained silent for a few minutes and I was thankful to him for not annoying me more and let me bandage him in peace so I could think about how to handle this mess of his like always.

When his knuckles were bandaged completely and in order to take care of that cut on his forehead I had to lean towards his face, I dabbed an anti infection elixir on his forehead ignoring our proximity. he was gazing at me intensity in his eyes.

''Don't look at me like that'' I said in a low tone.

He smiled, ''Like what?'' He knew exactly what I was talking about.

I tried to get up but he caught me off guard by leaning forward and tracing his thumb over my lips which made me shudder. What was he doing? Is he insane?

I tried to get up but grabbed my wrists and said huskily, ''Fuck....say it''


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