Selfish love
84 Hatred
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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84 Hatred

Mariza POV

I put my hand on his chest to keep my distance and he gave out a breathy laugh which fanned on his cheeks and I cocked my eyebrow, ''Knock it off'' my voice came out as a whisper. What the actual hell? I didn't like him so why my voice felt like that of a hormonal teenager.

Fuck his manipulative mind, he grinned at me, ''You want it babe so cut the crap'' This made me want to snap at him and that's what I did, ''When hell freezes over dickhead'' I only had Valz in my heart and my crush on him transformed into unrequited love. Val's image of touching me made me shudder and that made Joe think that it was my body reaction to his stupid antics.

He took that as cue to kiss me but before that he leaned towards my ear, ''Just one kiss'' I was about to get up but he knocked the breath out of me by smashing his lips into mine. This is wrong, really wrong and I have to stop it before it escalates.

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But then Valz has kissed so many girls in front of me and a picture of Valz and Tanya kissing enters my mind and that compels me to kiss Joe because he can't go around kissing girls and expect me to be goody two shoes, Fuck it.

I run my hands through his hair and deepen the kiss. This seems to shock him but then I feel him smiling and he prods his tongue in to my mouth and that makes me moan and Joe gets a hold of my waist and his hands lower to my ass and then guilt starts to creep its way into my chest when the thought of Valz's and my date enter my mind.

I was about to pull back when a voice booms through the room, ''What the fuck?'' I pull back hurriedly and see a angry Valz standing at the doorway with a painful expression on his face but that expression transforms into hatred in a flash.


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