Selfish love
86 Brothers figh
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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86 Brothers figh

Mariza POV

I could literally see Valz fuming underneath this tough guy facade and it cracked my heart and it cracked a bit. I wanted to go near him and tell him that I had only one guy in my heart and that was none other than Valz.

Before I could even utter a word Valz stormed towards Joe and punched him right on his face and I swear I heard something crack.

Blood started gushing from his nose and I was surprised because instead of reacting violently he gave out a laugh, ''Wow, chill out little brother'' he said with a hint of annoyance.

Valz was about to land a second punch when Joe decided that he had enough of his brother's wrath and he pushed him away with an angry expression.

'' What part of 'don't touch her' you do not understand? '' Valz asks in a sombre tone.

Joe looks at him as if he's lost his mind, ''She's not yours so back off Valz''

They both are talking like I'm not even in the room, ridiculous pricks.

''What about we do an auction and whoever pays the highest price gets this ' object' you guys are talking about, right?'' I say in a pissed off tone

Joe scoffs, ''The only person here who deems you as an object is this guy standing in front of us''. Valz narrows his eyes at him and grits his teeth, ''You don't know anything so back off''

''Is that so?'' he takes a step closer to Valz and says in a angry tone, ''Why don't you tell us then, huh?''


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