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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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I am writing this as a project to test out my skills in writing a superhero story and to become more knowledgeable about the world of Marvel and D.C.

I have read some comics, but not many to be honest. However, I watched all Spiderman movies and all Marvel/ D.C movies so I will be basing this novel heavily on the movies that are out and maybe on the Spiderman game.

Such content like Inifinty War, Spiderman 1-3 original, Spiderman PS4, and other Marvel and D.C movies will be included.

Note this is Marvel X D.C world so nothing will be canon.

You can give me suggestions on some of my questions

Who should the MC train with and become stronger? Example Batman or Tony Stark.

How powerful should the system be? Should there be restrictions? (Note) The MC will be able to get new Spiderman suits and powers from the system, however, he must earn it. I could also put no system if that's what you want?

What timeline should the MC be reborn in? I was thinking during the first Avengers/ Infinity War movie. But let me know.

Which Spiderman comic books should I read?

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Lastly, this is just for fun so don't expect much. I am writing this novel so that I can gain more knowledge of the Marvel universe.


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