Spiderman Evolution
2 Spiderman System
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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2 Spiderman System

'Where am I? Am I dead? What the fuck just happen!? One moment I am about to get it on with my ex, then bam I get fun over by a fucking tank!? Those army bastards and scientist asshole must have set me up!' Thunders out Jake in his mind. His voice echoes across the darkness of the void surrounding him. His rage and anger were blasting out from his body as he clenched his fist.

'Tch. I didn't expect hell to look this dark. After all the fucked up shit I did in my past I would think that hell was full of flames and demons torturing souls. Guess that's only in the movies.' Jake looks at his hands and notices that his entire body was covered in a blackish moving liquid!

It reminded him of Venom's symbiote hivemind body. An alien liquidized body in which lives off its host, kind of like a parasite, but way more powerful.

Jake starts fiercely pulling apart the blackish squirming liquid from his arms, it was like a billion blackish tentacles were growing out his body,

"Get off me!" He roared out as he clawed away at the alien sentient lifeform.

"Well, now it seems someone has been summoned to my realm! Its been a long time since I've seen anyone," Says a deep All-powerful omnipotent voice from within the void.

A shadow entity whose body was comprised of spatial matter and cosmic stars was seen in front of Jake.

"Who are you are?" Jake asked with eyebrows furrowed as the symbiote liquid around him stops moving and stays frozen right below his neck.

"I am everything and nothing at the same time." Says the cosmic being as at walked in circles around Jake.

"Yeah that doesn't really answer my question," Jake now realized that he was floating over a rather large puddle of blackish matter that would ripple with the slightest bit of movement.

"I am light. I am darkness." The cosmic being walks closer to Jake and pokes his forehead with his fingertips.

"You know that you were sent here for a reason. A new powerful multi-verse has awakened and it now is disrupting the universe as we know it. The balance is slowly breaking and shattering under the power of this new multi-verse. But you can change the tides. I will grant you power like no other." says the cosmic being as it floats up into the void.

"Are you serious? Hell, I'll take it. Anything is better than my past life," Jake said as his eyes were glowing a dark red color.

"Just know this. You will never be the same once I grant you this power. You must either chose the light or the darkness."

"What if I chose nither?" Jake quickly replied as the alien symbiote tentacles started moving again around his body.

"Haha! It looks like your fate has almost been decided!" The cosmic being shoots out a blast of darkish energy from its palms on to Jake's body. For some reason, the being already knew that the powerful darkness of the symbiote had corrupted Jake's body. However, every living being has the choice to choose there own destiny. To forge their own path.

"GAAAAAAAAH!!!" Screams out Jake in pain as a surge of power enters his body.

"What is this power! It feels fucking amazing!" Jake eyes widen and his muscles and entire body started to grow at a rapid speed.

"That's only a fraction of my power. I have given you your one wish to become Spiderman!" Thunders the cosmic with a rattling earthshaking roar as its body slowly started to disappear into the darkness of the void.

"No way I have Spiderman's powers!?" Jake shouts with a large grin on his face.

"Not yet. You must first transmigrate into the Marvel world! Till then see you later kid!" The cosmic turns around to him with a sly grin, the grin of Beyhonder! Soon he disappeared in a flash.

"Wait transmigrated? Do you mean reincarnation!" Jake yells out as he extends out his hands, suddenly his hands start cracking and disintegrating.

"Oh shit! Not the Thanos snap!" Jake's whole body exploded and he vanished.

[Spiderman System]

Race: Human

Evolution: Symbiote, [You have one 1 Power Credit to chose which spider-bite evolution you want]

DNA: Human,

Bloodline: Unknown

Powers: None

Suits: 0

Forge: [You can create your own gadgets and technology as well as power suits]


[You can choose 3 abilities to boost by +10]

STR: 15

DEF: 10

AGI: 20

STM: 8


KAM: 1


[Augments]: Eyes, body frame, brain

"Holy shit I got a system! Now I really can become the most powerful Spiderman! I am going to have some fun in my new life!" Jake shouts inside of his mind as his disintegrated body teleports into another dimension.

[Chose if you want to be reborn as Peter Park or reborn as yourself]

[Chose which starting form of Spiderman do you want]

[Chose which intellect do you want to be reincarnated with]

Transmirgation beginning in 1...2...3...

"Damn I have a lot of choices. I have to choose the options that will make me a more powerful Spiderman. I really want the Cosmic Spiderman Suit." Jake thought to himself. Before he can decide his body was sent through a bright tunnel of light and he was finally reborn...

[A/N: Should there be anime powers in the system shop?]


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