Spiderman Evolution
3 Reborn Warrior
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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3 Reborn Warrior

[Chose if you want to be reborn as Peter Park or reborn as yourself] "Screw being reborn as Peter Parker. I want to become my own legend," Jake quickly chose reborn as himself.

[Rebirth location and age will be at random]

"Well I can't wait to be surprised," Jake sarcastically said to himself as his destroyed fragmented body was being absorbed into the light.

[Chose which starting form/suit of Spiderman do you want]

"Of course I will choose CAPTAIN UNIVERSE Cosmic Spiderman. It's a no brainer." Jake commanded his system.

[Denied. You need more STR, AGI, STM, INT, and DEF to acquire a powerful suit that is an SS-Class power suit. Your body won't be able to contain the power levels of Cosmic Spiderman.]

Jake: "Tch. Dammit. Fine I will go with Unlimited Spiderman since I already have a symbiote bloodline which I am not sure which symbiote is it? Is it Venom?"

[Unlimited Spiderman suit/ Spider-bite acquired]

"Alright badass, I like this system already. I wonder if I still have to be bitten by a genetically modified or radioactive spider," Jake's body finally passed through the light and soon his mind blanked out into the darkness.

[Chose which intellect do you want to be reincarnated with: You can chose two.] echoes his system one final time.

Jake: "That's an easy one. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne..." He says as his body disintegrated.

"I don't' fucking feel so good..." He echoes as his mind and soul transferred into a new world.


Jake quickly opens his eyes and breathes heavily, he is on top of a metallic table. He scans his surroundings, his five senses were heightened to the extreme. He could actually see in the dark!

Jake looks around and realizes that he was in some kind of dark cave. Suddenly a bright light shines on his face, "What the hell!?" He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist and jumps off the table in a battle stance. The army had taught him always to be on alert.

'Where the fuck am I? Did I really reborn as Spiderman? I do feel way stronger and way more alert. I also feel my braining throbbing with the knowledge of many scientific equations, mathematics, and just a whole surge of neural power,' Jake rubs his head which hurt like hell. It was like he had a hell of a hangover and headache that lasted for days. Jake looked at his hands which looked way smaller than before and then he looks at his legs which were shorter. His whole body frame had actually changed in size. He felt younger and way more energized.

"So, you're finally awake. Good. Your training starts today," Says a dark thunderous voice from the shadows ahead in the dark cave.

A man wearing a black carbon-fiber horned-mask and a black carbon-fiber suit with a long black cape was standing in front of Jake.

"No fucking way..." Jake's eyes widen with shock.

He really had reborn into a new world, but it wasn't fully Marvel...


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