Spiderman Evolution
33 Dark Spider Pt. 2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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33 Dark Spider Pt. 2

Jake arrives back at his spider hideout all bruised and battered, but not defeated. Ever since he first reborn in this Marvel X D.C fusion world, he had methodically planned out each fight and mission without fail. Even though he had to improvise here and there, but overall he had successfully taken down many villains all by himself. Batman only helped him out once.

(That was when he ran over the mafia men with his Batmobile Tank and tackled another mafia men to the floor and headbutted him).

Jake was beyond tired, his minor wounds quickly regenerated. He was more tired than beaten up, actually Jake didn't mind get punched and frozen a few times by Killer Frost, that really got his blood pumping. But now he had enough 'Hero Time', his moment to shine was already done. He could sense the presence of Gwen, Barbara, and some others on the Mega Yacht. No matter how many ways you put, Jake had saved more than 50 lives on that Mega Yacht at the expensive of absorbing Killer Frost and taking down Mr. Freeze along with his Ice Zombie soldiers. Had Jake really done the right thing? Surely he did as there is always two sides of a coin. Without Good, there would be no Evil. Without Evil there would be no Good. It was balance that separated these two ideals. Villians and Superheros were just titles to Jake, what really mattered to him was becoming the most powerful Spiderman in existence and today he had proven that. Though he was not on the level of the High Gods and The Mad Titan just yet, Jake was in some way immortal due to the high regeneration powers of his symbiote bloodline and his radioactive Spider DNA. Speaking of which Jake had still wondered when he would get his Brazilian Wandering Spider and Black Widow Radioactive Spider-bite.

Jake takes off his black mouth mask and snaps his fingers to take off his Power Suit which was part symbiote and carbon-fiber, 'I kind of needed my Power Suit to hold back that 50-ton yacht without damaging my arms, but I could have beaten those villains without my power suit, maybe I need to upgrade this thing even more- make it lightweight, for now, I am passing the fuck out,' A sudden rage of burning hatred overtakes Jake as he starts to remember what happened to his 'parents', "Aaaaaaaah! Get out of my fucking head!" He screams aloud, he punches a carter into the cement wall of his room almost exploded his whole room into smithereens.

*Yes let out your anger and hate! Let it drive you to unlimited power and destruction!* A dark demonic voice echoes inside of Jake's mind as he bit down on his tongue to suppress the wrathing hellish tentacle symbiotes on his spine which started to grow out at a rapid rate.

'Shit all the power I absorbed from Killer Frost is escaping I have to hold it back!!!' Jake roars out as clenches his muscles around his body to absorb the escaping symbiotes back inside his body* it looked like his symbiote bloodline had finally awakened.

But the demonic voices in his head had slowly disappeared. Jake was confused about who or what was talking him. First was when an old man was talking about joining forces with him to help him become powerful and now this demonic voice, 'What the fuck is going!? I just need to rest! ' Jake jumps on his bed and calls it a night. He had been through way too much today for a 16-year-old. He knew that tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day. He had a feeling that things were about to change. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Jake wakes up and goes upstairs to the kitchen with his cellphone, which was a new iPhone since Black Cat knew his past cellphone number. All he did was transfer all of his information into the new iPhone which was heavily fortified. No one could hack it, it was an unhackable and untraceable cellphone, like a Ghost Phone. Jake accomplished this in many ways, but I rather not bore you with the details. Just know that Jake was super smart when it comes to getting things done.

In about 3mins Jake cooks a perfect breakfast of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and toast which was slightly burnt. "Tch fucking useless toaster," Jake throws away the slightly burnt bread and now modifies the toaster which only took about 1min which a few screws here and there. He also builds a robot that could 'pass the butter' in less than 2mins.

Now Jake had made a perfect toaster which could perfectly toast anyone's bread. And just like magic when Jake toasted his first honey-oat bread it came out look liking the Gods of All Bread or God Bread since it looked amazing and sparkling.

"Butter my toast," He commanded his newly built Butter Spreader Robot.

"Okay Master," Replies the Butter Spreader Robot with a monotone robotic voice as it spreads butter on Jake's perfect toast. [A/N: I hope you get the reference/easter egg]

"Now that's what I call a fucking good breakfast," Jake eats away and turns on the news with bread hanging on his mouth.

Channel: 69- Wolf News

[Blonde sexy Female Announcer with huge melon tits]: "Dark Spider saves the day again! And this time he is fighting crime solo without Batman! He looks like he is doing a better job as he saved about 50 of the wealthiest men and woman in Gotham including the likes of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark! Even Norman Osborn was onboard!

Bruce Wayne walks up to the young blonde bombshell announcer and takes her NEWS mic: "I want to thank the Dark Spider for saving all of our lives. He truly is a hero!" He said with a big bright smile.

Jake could see right through Bruce Wayne's bullshit. Bruce was clearly pissed off and hiding his true colors of anger and spite.

If only everyone knew what really happened last night. If only they knew what kind of monster Jake was. What kind of cold-blooded killer he was. And it was even more ironic that this powerful monster lived with Bruce Wayne as his step-son! The Dark Spider and the iconic Dark Knight were living at the same place together, two powerful vigilantes in one Mansion!

Jake spits out his coffee as he sees Tony Stark and a young Pepper Potts waving their hands at the Press which was snapping a shit ton of pictures. The new station was recording right outside of the Stark Industries Tower. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark were actually congratulating Jake at the same time!

Tony Stark: "We really need more heroes like Dark Spider. I would like to meet him personally to thank him for what he did. Maybe I can let him test out some of my amazing groundbreaking technology!" He puffs up his fancy business suit collar and then walks off to a nearby gold and black Audio R-8 with Pepper Potts.

"Now that's what I am talking about," Jake confidently grinned and as he shoots a finger-gun like a cowboy, he wanted to actually meet Tony Stark in person as well. He had so many questions and ideas for him on how to build the most powerful power suit in existence.

"You know... I got a lot of free time to get more powerful. Let's get to it! To the Spider Hideout! Suit Up time!" Jake rushes downstairs so fast that the brick walls near him almost crack and exploded. He was at the same speed of Flash!

During this time. Jake would only grow stronger and gain a worldwide reputation for good and bad. He knew that every day counted. Deep in his mind, he knew that he was going to eventually fight that powerful magnetic force from last night. He was going to give that red-caped bastard hell and take his superpowers.

Now a new hero rises. That hero was Jake Justice.

[And with this chapter a quick training montage and beat downs will end this arc. Let me know what I should fix or if anything confuses you.]

Also I need to add more detail to Black Cat like her infamous black Catsuit and gadgets. You will be seeing her more than often with some other sly villainous girls.


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