Spiderman Evolution
34 Dark Spider Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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34 Dark Spider Finale

"System bring up the Ironman Mark III blueprint and schematics," Jake clapped together his hands to compress all the simulated information into a small sphere in which he can see the whole forge diagram in a 360-degree angle so up, down, left, right, and even behind at the same time. That's how useful the forge was in Jake's Spiderman System. Jake typed around and search for the exact types of minerals and metals he needed for lightweight and highly defensive armor. He used the reference of Marvels and D.C's greatest metals/minerals. He quickly comes to a conclusion based on heavy study and deduction, his Speed Mind had absorbed just about every knowledge about the most powerful and highly defensive metal and minerals in this Universe.

"Alright forge, show me what you got ," Jake tossed up the simulation sphere up into the air and it floated in place and spun around like it had its own gravity. Jake then placed the mechanical parts he bought from Lucis Fox into the simulation sphere. He was going to be a God of creation.



Metals/Minerals: Uru(Stormbreaker metal), Demon Armor(Armor that can Evolve), Adamantium

Specs: Symbiote-nanobot, Quantum Drive

Weapons: Dark Repulsor Beams, Atom Destroyer, Nuke Assualt

Gadgets: Thrusters, Web-cannon

Core: Nova Reactor

In a matter of seconds, the bluish floating sphere hologram started to form an outline of Jake's creation. The Power Suit was literally being formed right in front of his very eyes. All the super geniuses in the Marvel and D.C world would never come this close to this type of creation. Jake was a literal God at this very moment. A SpiderGod.

In a blink of an eye, the simulation blueprint was complete, Jake simply touched the simulation of his newly created Power Suit and pulled it out from the sphere hologram.

Once he did this the Power Suit actually materialized right before his very eyes!

"Holy fucking shit this insane," Jake eyes widen for the first time in awhile his mind was blown away, well he was also shocked when he first saw Batman, but this was different. He actually created a Power Suit with only his mind!

A mist surrounded the epic Power Suit, Jake touched the fleshly forged metals which burnt his fingers. He didn't feel any kind of pain with his symbiote powers, yet this type of heat almost made his fingers melt! He slightly gritted his teeth. The only true times Jake felt any kind of pain is when he gets massives headaches or when lifting objects higher then 80-tons.

[Creation completed: Name item-]

"Dammit I don't have any good names at the top of my head, I will just call it Destroyer X or Destructo; something like that," Jake wanted to test out his new godly power suit, but he didn't know how to put it on.

'Does this thing have an opening? Ha no pun intended.' Jake awkwardly thought to himself as he scanned for any kind of opening or hatch to open the epic power suit. 'Damn this teenage mind is so cringe sometimes,' Jake just slightly grinned. He was just living the 'life'.

[Destroyer X - Activate with your superpowers]

Jake slapped his forehead, "Of course." He unleashes his symbiote powers and surely enough the Power Suit exploded into billions of blackish and red nano-bots, these nano-bots were attracted to Jake's symbiotes since they were actually created to be fused with his symbiotes. It would not work on other symbiote lifeforms. Only Jake's.

However, the nano-bots stopped moving and froze in time and space after sensing Jake's symbiotes. Something was wrong. His symbiotes were way too powerful and ravenous, they moved wildly out of his spine, it was like he had demonic spider legs growing out of his back!

"What is going on? I perfectly created The 'Destroyer' and now it isn't working?" He said aloud to himself with a pissed off look on his face. He hated incomplete projects and hated not being right all the time. It seemed that the gods have a way to show mortals that they could never reach their Apex State.

Jake was persistent to fix this problem, he punched his knuckles together and got into research mode, he spent about 30 minutes to find ways to make his Power Suit work. If he could use this suit than he could easily wipe the floor with Superman, he could stomp him like he was ant. Even Superman Prime wouldn't stand a chance. Yet here was the Power Suit the system created and he couldn't use it. It was aggravating Jake to his core seeing such unmatchable raw power so close to him and he can't even use it!

"Screw the gods. I will become a god myself," Jake types away at his system and comes up with impossible theories on how to get the suit working. Over an hour he had figured out on to use it. It was not going to be an easy task, the thing was that The Destroyer X was fully functional( All it needed was some extra parts), however, Jake figured out that he wasn't fully sync with his symbiote bloodline. In order to accomplish this feat, he needed to enlist the help of someone with great knowledge and powers. It wasn't Tony Stark or Franklin Richards. It was someone who knew powerful magic.

For now Jake placed the Destroyer X Suit in a cryo pod. 'I will only use this thing against the most powerful opponents, it would be a waste against weak ones. For the time being I will just use my original Dark Spider power suit. Besides if I use this thing right now then that would draw even more suspicion towards me, this Power Suit can level cities, mountains, and planets.' Jake drinks some coffee and quickly types down a list of things he needed to do on his iPhone. He looks up at his hands which were full of blackish symbiote veins and his newly forged God Power Suit, 'Tch. This world is mine for the taking.'


For over a week Jake had trained with Bruce Wayne in martial arts and other things like the business life, building gadgets, and street smarts. Sometimes he would go on missions with Batman, but he would always do things his way or just flat out go solo.

Also during the course of a week, Jake took down many mafia gangs, drug-dealers, black market traders, terrorists, low-tier villains, and just overall he was doing all the good in the world! He was making a name for himself! From a zero to a hero! But we all know Jake was doing this as a cover-up.

"Its Dark Spider! Our Hero! If he can't save us! No one can!" Chants all the people he saved. It didn't matter the people Jake saved. From old greedy rich farts to children, he saved all kinds of lives! Jake would only fight crime during the night as the News Stations couldn't get a good picture of his face. Not that it matters since he can shapshift his eye color, heck even his own face! But he did this for extra stealth! And to keep a secret identity. Only Batman knew Jake was the Dark Spider.

Jake had become the next Dark Knight of the city, slowly by surely he was growing up in the ranks and every villain in Gotham started to hear about his name. The menacing name of Dark Spider spread all across the world!

Soon people feared the Dark Spider more than Batman himself. Jake was the kind of hero everyone needed. But with a new hope comes darkness...

Jake enters his room and takes off his mouth visor masks and takes a long breath, he looks at the mirror and sees that his eyes were bloodshot. The symbiotes were slowly taking over his body. With each new villain he absorbed into his Void Eye the symbiote hivemind got stronger and stronger. His symbiotes feed of the superpowers of the villains inside the endless void of Jake's soul. His evolution was speeding up, but the rate was damaging his body. He needed to control his symbiotes.

Jake looks tired as fuck as he looks at himself in the mirror, every day he spent saving peoples lives. He hated every second of it. But he had to build an image. An ego that would become unfillable and unbreakable.

'I want real power. I am done taking down weaklings!' Jake punched the mirror and glass shards exploded all over his face. All of Jake's past life was spent trying to become more powerful so he could stand up those who stronger than him, to the ones who made his life a living hell. That's why he joined the Army and Navy Seals, so he would gain discipline and strength to rise above. But still, after joining these two warrior establishments, he felt empty like there was a void in his soul, he wasn't using his vast combat knowledge for anything in planet Earth. But in this world it was different, he could finally have the freedom to do whatever he wanted. His power was limitless.

Batman kicks open Jakes door like a S.W.A.T officer and barges in the room with a gruff growl and huff.

"You know you can knock," Jake said as he already cleaned the broken glass and patched up the broken cement wall so Batman wouldn't see Jake's dark side.

"This is faster. Anyways you have school tomorrow. I enlisted you in one of the most prestigious Academies in Gotham city. It was pretty hard to get you in, so you better go. And remember I told you to have one more week to get some money and find somewhere else to live. Your actions are only getting worse! I saw what happen at the docking marine, I saw you absorb villains inside of your body! I can't help you out anymore. You are on your own! Just hope we won't cross paths!" Batman thunders out, he has been holding back in his anger as if lately, but he had also been drinking way more than usual. Batman was done with Jake's brutal side. He knew Jake was a monster who didn't care about anyone's life.

"Tch. In one week I will make a company bigger than yours! I will make more money than you! And most of all I will become more powerful than you!" Jake angrily pointed at Batman.

"I don't care what you do. You are not my son. Do whatever you want. The school I enrolled you in will probably change you and help you out, but I am not forcing you to go," Batman storms off without even looking back. He had a mission to take down the Joker.

"Whatever I will go and graduate with the highest GPA without even trying," Jake said as he jumped on his bed and went to sleep. Jake needed a change of place. Living in the Batcave was pissing him off more than it should. Maybe going back to school would spark something inside of him. Who knew what possibilities lied ahead. A new future was about to begin. Maybe he would finally get the most powerful power. His destiny will soon arrive...

Things I will fix: more descriptions, dialogue, and character driven arcs.

[A/N: There is something I skipped over, but I don't want to bore you with details. I just wanted to get to the school arc as fast as possible. The next chapter will change POV to a certain important character like Batman and the mysterious figure Jake encountered after saving MJ. Yes, I know there are some plot holes, but there are so many characters in this world so I have to speed things up I am going to spend time on Friday to edit and fix some chapters up by adding in some important details. I forgot to show Jake using his Dark Ice against Killer Frost and stuff like that will be added on. I will be posting a chapter called 'correction' to list all the corrections. Anyways we finally get to see new girls tomorrow and a special someone.]

[Here are some things to answer the forge. Quantum Drive means the MC can travel at the speed of light and more. Dimensional travel is possible. The Nova Reactor is basically a core made up of a compressed Supernova. The new suit is almost on the level of Cosmic Spiderman, I forgot to add something, but it will be a spoiler so I won't. Lastly, the demon armor is something I made up and it was taken from Akame Ga Kill: the weapon Incursio]

[Quick Note]: The reviews just dumber by the day. It's kind of annoying. Look here is the thing with the harem element. Put bluntly. The MC won't think with his dick like every other harem protag ever known. Like I said it will happen naturally. And trust me when it does happen the R-18 content will be better than any R-18 content in this site. It will be godly. Last thing to address I will be posting a power scale tomorrow and everything in this story is based off the MCU so yeah I need to read some comics and rewatch some movies.


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