Spiderman Evolution
35 Premeditation
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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35 Premeditation

Batmans Pov

'When I saved that boys life from the inescapable hell that was about to unfold I knew he was destined to become someone of Great Power. Even at his young age he still fought against the most powerful beings in existence. I will do whatever it takes to keep his legacy alive for what is to come will destroy this very world as we know it.' Batman stands on top of the Gotham Arkham Asylum building. It looked like a graveyard building surrounded by heavy mist and grey tombstones. This building is a criminal care institution for the mentally unstable in Gotham City's Arkham District. It kept the likes of many villains behind bars, however, this institution tried to help the villains, it tried to change their perspective and behavior, it tried to solve their 'mental problems'. Arkham Asylum methods were rather crude, such as shock therapy and other unsavory ways to take out the 'evil' from the villains of Gotham. But evil never fades. Just like darkness.

Batman jumps down from the Arkham Asylum and fiercely kicks and punches aside guard soldiers at the main entrance. He swung his TNT modified-Batarang and it exploded through the metal doors which locked out anyone from coming in. When the door exploded Bane was seen right in front of Batman, he had helped a bunch of insane murderous criminals escape from the Arkham Asylum. Bane was using the criminals as pawns so he could escape Arkham himself.

"So it is the Bat. Where is your other friend the Dark Spider? Has he left you like so many of your foolish sidekicks," Bane said in a hoarse deep ear piercing voice as he raised up his both hands in the air in a tyrannical way.

"I don't need dead weight to bring me down. And you should be more worried about your situation. What will you accomplish letting out a bunch loose screws? Your tactics are getting easier to spot out," Batman presses a button on his utility belt, suddenly a loud a vibration of sound waves explodes out from his belt.

All of the escaping criminals fell to their knees and gripped their ears in pain. Blood was actually leaking down from their ears, "Gaaaaaaah!!!" They all scream as veins popped out from their eyes.

"You and your tricks. But I have the one up on you this time," Bane clicks a detonator trigger and all the criminals actually exploded around Batman.

"What?!" Batman's body flew up into the air, he didn't expect Bane to use such a ruthless tactic. Half of his mask was ripped to shreds and his Batsuit was cracked from how strong was the force of the explosion.

"Hasta la vista old friend," Bane slowly walks away into the mist of the explosion and jumps on top of a nearby medical helicopter and punches off the pilot, "Excuse me I will be taking this," He turns on the engine and flew away into the night.

Bane had actually escaped the Arkham Aylsum with the help of a certian jokester.

Batman gripped at his wounds and coughed out blood. He had been deafeated. He let his emotions get in the way of his mission. When he saw the criminals explode to bloody meat chunks his mind turned fuzzy and disorientated. He had flashbacks of what happened when he tried to save Jake on that fateful day.

Batman angrily goes back inside the Batcave, he was done caring about others lives. He was going to take a new approach. He turned on his supercomputer and brought up the file Nick Fury had given him. This was a new world, things have changed. And so will the Dark Knight.

The blueprints of a superweapon were seen and it was powered by a certain rare stone. One that was a blackish and blue color, a stone that brings balance to the universe. Batman's eyes glared at the superweapon and then took out a serum that was inside a syringe, he clenched it. This serum was something he didn't want to use, but if he wanted to be in top shape and fight the evil that roamed about in New Gotham, he had to take a risk.

"Things really have changed. Is the path I really want to go? *I must do it*. Forgive me Father for what I am about to do," Batman lefts up the serum and injects into his bloodstream. It was once said to fight evil you must become evil yourself.

First person POV

I have been training with Jake for a while now. This kid always surprises me. Even though he acts like a little shit. He always thinks he is smarter and better than me. Heh, I will show that brat what a real guardian looks like. He could never match the things I've done to rid this city of corruption. No to rid this world of corruption. From now on. I will show no mercy to anyone. I will do what's best for this world...

Pov Change: Jake

God, where do I begin? When I first got my Spiderman powers I've felt invincible almost like a God. I felt like I could do anything. For a good week, I trained with Bruce Wayne AKA the Dark Knight, Batman, the cape crusader, and so many other iconic names. But somehow I feel like this Batman is kind of a jerk, but whatever. I guess you can say I get along with Bruce more than I do with Batman. Bruce was kind of like a brother to me, I wouldn't say father cause that's just weird. But we got along. We went to occasional strip clubs and I even got to the see underbelly of this new world or in this case New Gotham which was a hybrid of the Marvel and D.C world. It was like both worlds merged and kept every aspect of itself. The City itself was just like in the superhero movies like a fusion between the Dark Knight trilogy and The Avengers. The year was 2020, but many things looked identical back in my world of Planet Earth. The only difference was that this New World I was reborn in had way more advanced technology, like top grade stuff, you can fly around in power suits, the bullet trains actually floated in the air and were powered by some gravity technology that Tony Stark invented. It was a dog eat dog world here.

During my week in the Batcave I went on solo missions to hunt down villains and steal their powers with my symbiote powers. I usually hunted down mid-tier villains. Eventually, I will also take the powers of superheroes. I absorbed The Lizard, Killer Frost, Amazo(Mid-Tier Andriod Verison: To speed up absorption/copy skills other living-beings superpowers: Pre-installed powers: Half of the Justice League Powers), Heat Wave, and I almost absorbed Pison Ivy's powers, but she got away. She looked super hot in person, even better than in the movies or comics. Words can't describe her beauty...Getting off track here. Anyways after that, I meet one of my biggest threat, someone who could easily bend any kind of metal. Without a doubt it was Magneto. Kind of wish I saw him in person so I could take his powers which manipulates magnetic fields to achieve a wide range of effects. But I have a feeling we will meet again, he did say something about joining forces, but I don't trust anyone. Well besides all the crime fighting and keeping this new world safe and all, I have this sexy platinum blonde vixen named Black Cat following me around and I have swoon the hearts of all the girls I saved. Just a normal day for your friendly neighboorhood slayer... Well, I got to get going. My first day of school starts tomorrow. See you guys later.

Pov Change... Somewhere in the underbelly/Black Market of New Gotham.

"That damn Dark Spider is ruining our plans! We have lost so much freaking money because of that bastard!" A huge towering bald man wearing an expensive white business suit slams both of his chubby fists onto a metal table. This whale of a man was easily 6,7 ft and he weighed a good 450 pounds, he was the King of all mafia's he was the godfather, the ruler of the underbelly of New Gotham, the Kingpin.

"He has not only taken my money! But he has killed some of my guys!" Kingpin angrily kicks away the metal table he punched.

*SLAM! THUD!* The table actually bends in half and slams against a mound of dishes filled with fancy food. Kingpin was in the back of his own secret base restaurant with all his gang members.

"Ehhahahaha-oh-AhahahHA!" Hysterically laughs someone in the background of the restaurant's kitchen area.

"Who the hell invite the fucking clown?" Angrily says one dark skin mafia man as he cracked his knuckles and gritted his teeth with burning rage. He hated the freak that was in front of him.

"Yeah get the freak out of here!" Shouts another Latino mafia man and some other mafia men as they all stood up and point their guns at the creepy person walking out of the shadows of the kitchen.

"It seems a certain Dark Spideer has ruined your plans and pathetic excuses for evil 'schemes'. Ah it must be a gift from the ABOVE to now have two nemeses! The Bat and the Spider! What a dream come true! HAahahahahahaha!" The Joker couldn't keep his laughter in, he was just enjoying his life so freaking much right now. Finally, he had someone else to chase down other than Batman.

"Permission to kill this fucking clown," Says the overly muscular dark skin mafia man with a deep furious tone. He really was going to murder the hell out of the Joker.

"NO. I want to hear what he has to say," Kingpin boldly orders his goons and turns around and faces the Joker eye to eye.

Joker just merrily strolls over to the Kingpin, "Oh you have gained some extra curves since the last time I met you. So thick! All that money going inside your tummy?" He pokes the Kingpin in his belly.

By instinct the other mafia all point their weapons at the Joker's head, no one was going to touch their boss. The one who ruled the Black Market of New Gotham with a mighty fist.

Joker quickly lefts up his jacket and shows that his whole body is riddled with explosives, "Careful now. You don't what things to blow out of proportion," He has a wide sinister grin on his mutilated white clown make-up face, his long unruly curly greenish hair dangled over his crazy dark eyes.

"Heh, you really are a fucking clown. What is it that you want? I will only give you this once to talk before I feed you to the sharks," Kingpin was slightly fazed by Joker's threats, but he had to keep his cool if he were to deal with a manic like the Joker who didn't care about money.

"What if I told you, there was a way to kill Batman and the Dark Spider?" Joker's sinister smile grows even wider than before.

"I'm listening," Kingpin responded.

New Gotham was going to feel a dark presence like never before.

[A/N: On another chapter, I will go more in-depth with Jake's power suit and all the powers he has gained and show an updated version of his system. For now, I will focus on the characters. Next arc will introduce some iconic villains and add some drama into the novel. Jake will also do more 'Spiderman stuff' like climb walls and etc, with the extra research I am doing I will add it into this novel]

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