Spiderman Evolution
36 First Day
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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36 First Day

The sun rays beamed over Jake's face, almost blinding him, he was used to being in the darkness way too much. Any ray of light angered his symbiotes to the core, even his Funnel-Spider primal instincts hated the sunlight, since he only hunted at night.

*Ring!Ring!Ring!* Chimes Jake's alarm, "Shut up already," He tossed the alarm in the garbage can and stomp on it to silence the tiny alerting device.

Jake gets dressed and wears his usual clothing which was a black-t-shirt and a black biker jacket over it and navy blue jeans. He goes upstairs to the main room section of Bruces Wayne's mansion.

Bruce Wayne is cooking something for Jake he was wearing an apron that said 'Best Billionaire'.

"Master Bruce how fancy of you to be cooking this morning. What is the occasion?" Alfred asks with his eyebrows furrowed and a surprised look on his face. It was the first time in years Bruce had ever cooked something for himself, let alone for someone else.

"I am just making myself a quick meal. Do you want some Jake?" Bruce asked as he skillfully flipped up an Omelette.

"Sure," Jake poured himself some coffee and sat at the Master Table which was made of pure gold.

"Don't sit there. Only the King of the house sits there," Bruce said with a slight grin.

Jake kicks his legs on top of the golden table, "I forgot who was the 'King'." He said with a defiant smirk.

"Oh no," Alfred shook his head side to side, he knew something bad was going to happen. Luckily for Jake, Bruce was in a good mood. Sort of good mood.

Bruce, Jake, and Alfred all sat down together on the Master Table.

"Pass me the butter," Jake commanded his Butter Spreader Robot.

*Zrrrrrom* Jake's handy robotic invention drives over to Jake's side and passes him the butter.

"What the Seven Hells is that?" Bruce said as he first looked at Jake with confusion in his eyes.

"It's one of my many Great Inventions, it took me approximately 1 minute to create," Jake replied while sipping more coffee as the robot spread butter on Jake's toast.

"What is my purpose?" The Butter Spreader Robot asked its creator.

"You pass butter," Jake eats his butter toast and walks towards the front door.

"Oh God. Fuck my life," Says the robot in a sad remorseful tone full of soulless sorrow as its tiny head tilts down in disappointment. His own creator banished it.

"Hey, do you need a ride to school?" Asked Bruce as he cut through his Omelette and took a bite.

"Not really," Jake almost leaves the door and bumps into someone in front of him.

"Oh hey Jake, nice to meet you again," Nick Fury puffs up neck collar on his black and grey business suit.

'Shit what is this asshole doing here?' Jake didn't want to use his powers on Nick Fury, it would be a waste, but his spider-senses could sense someone powerful nearby.

Behind Nick Fury was the World-Breaker, The God of Smash himself, hidden in human form. Bruce Banner. He was wearing 'average joe clothing' and a pair of thick glasses.

"You guys don't mind if I drop off my apprentice at school? Then we can speak after? You guys can stay here and I will be back around 10 minutes top." Bruce Wayne said as he stood up from his chair and looked at his golden watch.

"Sure no problem," Nick Fury said as walked inside the fancy Wayne Manor estate mansion. "This place always impresses me on just how classy and big it is," Nick Fury complimented Bruce Wayne.

"Yeah I wish I had this much money," Bruce Banner said with eyes wide open as he took in the amazing lavish view.

"Let's get going Jake," Bruce Wayne heads out the door. Jake was just saved from the bell or in this case by the Bat. Nick Nury looked at Jake with narrowed eyes, for some reason he felt a kind of dark presence inside of Jake. Even Bruce Banner shivered at Jake's insanely powerful dark aura. "That kid is kind of strange don't you think big guy?" Nick Fury said to Bruce Banner, "I guess so..." Bruce Banner's jaw dropped, he had spotted something in front of him.

"You're leaving already!?" Two hot busty blonde bombshell woman come out Bruce's room only wearing their lacy lustful lingerie. They were high-classed models and had the most amazing tanned bodies imaginable. Diffidently they were the 20s out of 10s, with perfect faces and figures. They were alluring and sexy at the same time, true sirens in the flesh.

"Don't worry I will be back," Bruce Wayne winked his blue eyes with a sly playboy grin as he kissed the cheeks of both the busty supermodels.

"Wow...." Bruce Banner said as glared and gawked at the smoking hot half-naked blonde supermodels.

"Stop staring your eyes might fall off," says a beautiful girl with flawless long scarlet hair, she was wearing a black leather skin-tight cat-suit and black combat high heels as well as black combat gloves.

"Sorry Natasha," Bruce Banner gulped.

Jake sighed and walks outside with Bruce Wayne. He didn't want to drive to school with him.

"Master Bruce, will you be taking the Lamborghini or?" Alfred inquired.

"No I will be taking that," Bruce Wayne pointed ahead at one the most expensive sports car in the world.

"Very well sir," Alfred hands him over a diamond key.


A golden and chrome-blackBugatti swerves cooly against the highway and passes by many civilian cars in a flash. Jake's dark brown hair was fluttering with the wind and Bruce's black hair also fluttered as the sunroof was down behind the car. Bruce was wearing sunglasses as he drove Jake to the prestigious Academy called Midtown Academy next to it was the college. During this time Jake was supposedly 17 years old, in his past life he was 21 years old. Bruce put on sunroof back on, the whole car was tinted so no one could who was driving it.

It only took Bruce 10 minutes to reach Midtown Academy, it would have taken anyone else 30 minutes or more due to traffic, but Bruce Wayne knew all the best shortcuts in New Gotham.

"Hey kid have a good day, you forgot this," Bruce Wayne hands over the box of Batdoms had he given to him not so long ago.

"Fuck off," Jake snatched it and angrily walked away towards the school. He places it inside his backpack. He might need it for all the villainous babes he meets.

[A/N: A more chill chapter. The system will be explained next chapter and new appearances will happen. Next chapter today. Thank you for your support]

Plot twist: Butter Bot is the most powerful hero in Marvel and D.C


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