Spiderman Evolution
37 Midtown Academy
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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37 Midtown Academy

"Wow look at that expensive car! Who is that kid!? He is hot!" Squeals a bunch of random teenage girls as they blushed and jump and down around Jake. He ignores them and walks right past the girls without even looking at them. Gwen and Barbara's eyes widen when they saw Jake come out of the million-dollar car. They have never anyone as handsome and good looking as Jake. It was like they were looking at a God. Of course Jake didn't have the attire of a God, he wore clothes that didn't draw any attention he just had average clothes on.

"Hey! Remember me!?" Barbara runs over to Jake, she was wearing her sleek glasses and a cute causal white sweater which only covered the front of her busty body. Her slender pale back dimples were exposed on the back side of the sweater, she was also wearing tight navy blue jeans this time. She looked preppy. Gwen on the other hand was wearing a black designer t-shirt and skin-tight black-leggings which pressed up against her well-defined plump peach-shaped butt.

"Yeah I guess I do," Jake replies as he turns his head to face Barbara. "Aren't you Bruce's-" Jake quickly covers Barbara's mouth to shut her the hell up. He didn't want her to reveal that he lived with the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne it would bring too much attention to him.

Barbara blushes and slowly takes off Jake's hands off from her mouth, "Well ah this is my friend, Gwen Stacy," Barbara cutely points over at Gwen with a bright smile.

"Um hi, " Gwen says as she kindly waves her hands with a slight cute blush and reaches out her hands for Jake to shake.

He shakes her hands, her touch felt warm and welcoming, like she was a graceful angel touching Jake.

"So what's your name?" Gwen flips back her shoulder-length golden blonde hair while batting her bright aqua eyes.

Jake was already gone. It was kind of a habit of him to disappear when he was wasting his time.

"Uh...Where did he go?" Gwen asked Barabara with a flustered face.

"Yeah he does 'that', I don't know maybe he likes you," Barbara giggled and nudges Gwen's shoulders.

"Oh shut up," Gwen smirked as he lifted up her customized skateboard over her shoulders.

'Wow, Gwen really is beautiful in person and so is Barbara, actually every girl in this world is stunningly gorgeous, even the evil ones, maybe I should let loose,' Jake thought to himself with a grin as he thought about all the possibilities of which girl he would have sex with. Needless to say, someone can't hold in their primal instincts forever.

"Master I believe there is more to my life than just passing the 'butter' I will transcendence my existence," Says the Butter Bot inside of Jake's backpack. "What are you doing inside my backpack!?" Jake unzips his bag and sees that the Butter Bot has indeed evolved, it grew two humanoid-robotic legs, it had copied the blueprints of Ironman's Mark III power suit. 'Whatever get back inside,' Jake zipped up his backpack if only anyone knew what other dangerous gadgets he had inside his backpack. [A/N: Butter Bot basically is now a mini Ironman]

Jake walks toward Midtown Academy.

In front of Jake was perhaps one of the most fertile forest gardens he had ever seen. In the middle of this garden was a large complex building that looked very advanced, it had sleek glass windows and some refined metals around the edges of its brick base. Even though it looked advanced it also looked like an old school Academy with brick walls and steel gates. The main gates of the school were golden and had an arrow cross emblem in the middle of it.

'This is like an upgraded Midtown Highschool from the movies, speaking of which I wonder who I will meet at this academy?' Jake slung up his black backpack over his muscular shoulders, he looked like a normal teenager beside the fact that he had a bloodthirsty symbiote evolution that could slaughter everyone in school and cause a genocide like no other. Yup, everything was just fine.

Jake enters through the golden main gate arches and opened the double-doors to get inside the academy. It felt like Jake's first day at school, even though he had been to high school in his previous life, this was different since the students here might have superpowers. He had to keep his guard up. Jake had entered Midtown Academy during the half session of Junoir year, so that means he had a lot of catching up to do if wanted to excel with high grades and become the smartest student in this academy. He figured he would just blend in with his own 'kind' the rowdy teenager kind. This would be a perfect place to hide his true identity of the infamous deadly Dark Spider. It was also a perfect place to study more about his evolutions and other projects he would make to build his company from the ground-up. He was thinking of names for his company, so far the only one that came to mind was Justice Industries. But right now he had to focus on the task ahead, which was... act natural and be normal. That was going to be hard for him since he was already smarter than everyone in this school.


A crowd of students rushed past Jake like wild animals, they all wore different types of clothing, from hipster and gangster clothes to geeky and weeaboo clothes. Every race was different too, there was no discrimination in this school.

Jake places his hands in his jean pocket and takes a quick glance at the academy. It was actually a really amazing looking place which was full of grand colors and lights, it was just like in the movies. Jake could not help but feel like he really was 'home'. A homecoming if you will for the Dark Spider.

"How many times do I have to tell you Pussy Parker!? That this is my turf!" Thunders Flash as he violently slams Peter against a nearby metal locker.

"Just take it easy, I get it, I was just getting my school supplies from my locker," Peter mumbled without any confidence in his voice.

"Hey! Let him go!" Mary Jane runs over to defend Peter Parker.

"Thanks, MJ, try to talk some sense into this brute," Peter says with a little more confidence.

"What did you say Pussy Parker!?" Flash punches Peter right in the face.

Jake didn't even flinch. He didn't bother helping out the defenseless nerd. It was every man for himself.

Peter falls to the floor and everyone starts laughing at him, "Hahahaha! Pussy Parker! Pussy Parker!" All the jocks and bullies started chanting.

"GUYS STOP IT!" MJ gets in front of Flash and spreads out her arms to protect Peter.

"Tch get out of the way MJ. I don't even know why you hang out with such a fucking loser," Flash cracks his knuckles and combs back his flawless short blonde hair.

"Are you alright Peter?" MJ kindly asked as she helps Peter pick up his books. "Yeah that was a cheap shot," Peter spits out his blood on the floor. He still had the heart of a lion.

"Maybe you don't get the picture," Bobby Drake walks in, he was Flash's best friend. Bobby pushes aside MJ and kicks away Peters science books. He then lifts Peter by the neck, "You dare disrespect the most popular person in school? Do you dare disrespect the hierarchy of this school?! Know your place, Pussy Parker," Bobby does a right-hook punch at Peter's face.

Peter closes his eyes, he knew what was about to come. No one has ever stood up for him. Only MJ and Gwen pitty him and tried to help him as much as they can, but they could only do so much against such powerful bullies. Peter was tired of it. Every day he wished he had the power to stand up and fight back.

*WHAM!WHOOSH!* Jake swiftly grabs Bobby's fists mid-air in a air-piercing speed! Bobby's right hand shook as Jake fiercely gripped it with so much pressure that he was cracking and breaking Bobby's bones!

"Aaaaaaaagggggh! What the fuck!? Who the fuck are you!?" He roars out as Jake crushed his arms even more and gave him a dark look with his piercing blue eyes, which were slowly turning a glowing red, but he held back his superpowers, any inch of Jake's powers would kill Bobby in a blink of an eye.

"Let go of my fucking arm! Aaaaah!" Bobby falls to his knees, he was about to piss himself from how much pain he was in.

Gwen runs next to Peter with Barbara and sees the commotion. Both girls saw Jake block Bobby's fearsome punch. MJ as goes to Peters side.

Jake let go of Bobby's fist and walks away, he then stops and looks directly at Flash and Bobby, "Your precious hierarchy is about to shatter," He darkly said with a wide sinister grin.

"We won't forget this! You fucking punk!" Flash curses out and spits on the floor as he goes to class with his hooligan jock friends.

"T-thank you!" Peter Parker says as he stands up with a wobble.

"Whatever," Jake enters his first class. Peter follows him like a baby duckling.

'So this really is Peter Parker? Fuck why is he so pathetic? Well, he at least he stood up to the bullies for once. Maybe this can finally be the chance when I get my powerful radioactive Spider DNA,' Jake rubbed his hands together in a diabolical way. Jake had traced down all the times had had gotten bitten by a Radioactive Spider, but he couldn't exactly find the source of the radioactive spiders, did his system just spawn the spiders? Jake just went straight to class.


Jake's first class was science class... How ironic.

"Alright everyone ss-sit your butts down. Its time we learn some ss-science! My name is Rick! And now let's get right into to the b-basics!" says the teacher who was an old man with strange spikey white hair and a unibrow.

Everyone takes out their science books. MJ, Gwen, and Barbara all enter the room. Three sexy girls in the same classroom as Jake. This was going to be an amazing first year in this academy. And adventure like no other. But there were others who didn't like Jake's presence. It was obvious as Flash entered the classroom with an angered pissed off face. This certain classroom was built like a large open college class, so there were about 30 or more students in one class.

"Alrighty! Everyone pair up in groups of threes or fours or whatever I don't care! I don't get paid enough for this crap!" Rick said as he spun around his office chair and chews on a pickle. There was a pickle jar next to him that said 'Pickle Rick!'.

5 minutes pass...

Naturally, no one picked Jake as a lab partner because no one knew who he was.

"Hey! Um-ah you want to be partners?" Cutley asked Gwen as she walked over to Jake while holding her bulky science books with both of her slender hands.

"Sure I don't mind," Jake skimmed through the textbook and already figured out the lab for today.

"Can I join as well!?" Exclaimed Peter Parker as walks over to Jake's table.

"Uh..." Jake didn't know what to say with an annoyed look on his face. As much as he wanted to talk to Peter Parker about a lot of things, he knew that befriending Peter would tarnish his social status in this school, not like it matters. But it was better being marked a 'nobody' than a loser. The only reason why Jake helped out Peter was so that Peter could admire Jake and respect him as a hero, that way he could easily gain his trust and bend Peter to his whim, even though that sounded brutal. But there was no one in this world that would know more about Spiderman powers than the original Spiderman himself. Which brings a huge question? Did Peter Parker have his Spiderman powers right now?

"Yo guys I think you need one more partner. Do I fit the missing piece?" Says a dark skin male teenager who walked over to them in style with a bright cool smile. He had shaved hair and was wearing a stylish black and red hoodie jacket that was unzipped.

"Sure the more the merrier!" Exclaimed Gwen with an alluring smile and giggle, she really was something special. Could this be what Jake was missing? Someone else who could balance out his rage and hatred for the villains who killed his parents. Jake had always wanted to find the bastards who murdered his parents, that's why he was so focused on getting more powerful and evolving.

"So what's your name?" Jake asked the new kid/ final four team lab member.

"The name is Miles. You know like the miles on a car or the miles on the highway or the miles on the-"

"Okay I get it," Jake sighed and kicked up his legs on the desk table. Today was going to be a long day.

[A/N: If you have any questions I will answer them. More chapters coming as you can see I will make chapters longer. Also the system will come back.]

Lets see how many new cameos you can spot. And yes the timelines are crazy just think this. Timeframe first avengers movie 🎥.


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