Spiderman Evolution
38 New Spiders
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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38 New Spiders

"My bad. Well, the full name is Miles Morales, you know like morals or morality, wait that doesn't work. More like mor-"

"Alright enough, can we just focus on the lab for today," Jake said without any care in his tone as he typed away at his iPhone. While at school Jake was actually investing in his own company and manipulating the stock market. There was a way he could be a billionaire in a week and finally, he could rub his success right on Bruce Wayne's face. Not to be a jerk or anything, just so he could prove his point and plus having a company would greatly increase his chances of constructing an empire of powerful technologies which could make him a literal God in this world. A rough estimate to gain more than a billion dollars for Jake would take a good week, his main goal was 10 billion dollars or more, that should be enough to rival Wayne Industries and Stark Industries.

"Yeah my bad again I always get carried away with introductions, it's just no one has ever asked me to be in their group in a long time. I am like that kid who is always picked last to play basketball for some reason you know?" Miles said as he sat down next to Jake and went to high-five him.

Jake didn't even move an inch to acknowledge Miles friendly greeting.

"Come on! You're going to leave me hanging!?" Miles still raised up his hands for a high-five.

"Don't worry I got you!" Gwen high-fived Miles with a stylish movement, she really was a cool laid back chick.

"Hey names Peter!" Peter high-fived Miles with a huge greeting smile.

"See not so hard. Now your turn," Miles edged on Jake to high-five him.

Jake lifts up hands for a high-five, Miles goes for the high-five and Jake swiftly dodges his hands, "Too slow," Jake said with a smug grin.

"Haha! Man you really are a cool kid, I saw what you did back there when you actually caught Bobby's punch! You got some guts standing up to Bobby Drake and Flash two of the best football players in this academy," Miles said while chewing gum and placing down his backpack.

"They weren't much of a challenge," Jake said as he glared over at Bobby who was grouped up with Flash, MJ, and a gothic girl with deep purple shoulder-length hair who was wearing a hoodie over her head to hide her face.

Jake only saw the front portion of her face and kind of remember who this gothic girl was. Probably someone from the D.C verse judging by her dark and recluse look, her skin was very pale, like snowy pale.

Bobby turned at to face Jake and flipped his middle finger, he then did a throat slashing motion meaning 'Jake is dead meat'.

"Jake I think what you did was very brave, those bastards always pick on Peter," Gwen has a disgusted look on her face as she glances over Flash and his science group.

"Yeah I feel bad that MJ has to sit with those jerks," Peter said with a grumble and displeased look.

Jake now sits upright and shifts his eyes at Gwen, "Yeah no problem. By the way, I already finished the lab," He tosses down all the correct answers he wrote down, it only took him 3 seconds to answer all the questions.

"Wow you are fast! How did you do all those scientific equations in less than a minute?" Gwen scans over the answer sheet with an amazed look on her face.

Jake points at his brain, "Those equations are easy once you find out the 'core' of the problem,"

"Wow not only are you strong but also smart. Well since this is done let's do the experiment for today. Shall we?" Gwen puts on her goggles over her gorgeous face, "Darn lousy hair getting in my way, can someone help me out?" She politely asked.

Jake swiftly lifts up Gwen's hair so that she could put on her goggles, she blushes and lightly smiles.

"Thanks, hotshot," Gwen playfully winked at Jake as just went straight into the experiment.

Jake actually grinned a little, there was something about Gwen that was different than the other girls. She was so lighthearted and cool to be around with, also she looked very alethic and in shape. In Jake's eyes, Gwen was the perfect girl, but he knew that having a relationship with any female wouldn't work after they discover the horrible things he has done, no woman would ever want to be with him. And if Gwen saw Jake's true side, his dark symbiote side, then she would surely think he was a monster. It was best to be alone for now, no matter how much Jake was falling for Gwen, love would only lead to his demise. Miles and Peter both chuckle as they talk about nerdy stuff while Gwen and Jake worked on the experiment which was fairly simple for Jake. All he needed to do was measure the pH of five different liquids and model out the molecule structure of each liquid.

Jake swiftly did this without even looking at the liquids, he could do this experiment with his eyes closed.

"It's done," Jake said.

"Wow, that quick again!? Geez, maybe we should just be lab partners for life," Gwen giggles while cutely punching Jake on his shoulders in a boxer's motion.

"Yeah or partners for life," Jake's words slipped out from his mouth, 'Oh shit what the fuck am I saying!'

"O....Okay? A little too fast there buddy," Gwen blushes as she packs her books inside her backpack.

"I was just joking," Jake quickly replied as he strapped on his backpack over his shoulders.

"Well, I gotta go to soccer and basketball practice, see you around." Gwen walks out of the lab room, as she walks away, her bubble butt shifts from lift to right like ocean waves inside of skin-tight black leggings. Jake takes in the beauty of her voluptuous body and face.

"Hey what are you looking at?" Gwen quickly turns back to face Jake with eyebrows furrowed and a bit angered stare with pouty lips. Her cheeks were growing redder by the second.

"Ah, I am looking at the clock," Jake points to the clock over the science teachers head. Rick at the moment was gulping down a bottle of beer, even though he wasn't supposed to drink in the campus.

"Alrighty then," Gwen waves goodbye and finally leaves the room.

"She really is something else right?" Peter said as he nudged Jake's shoulders with his eblow's.

"You're telling me," Jake stands up and goes to leave class as well, "Hey you want to hang out after class? Maybe I can buy you a pizza or something to repay you for helping me out back there when my face was about to get pummeled," Peter offered as he followed Jake.

"Hey guys wait up! I am down for some pizza!" Miles jumps in the convo.

"Thanks for the offer, but I got some other stuff planned out for today," Jake replied with a monotone voice.

"You sure? Maybe we can videogames at my house or go to the arcade, it's just your the 'new kid' and you really are cool for one, so I just wanted to know if we can be friends... Plus we both think the same way, you solved those equations faster than me. well by a good five seconds," Peter said with an awkward smile.

'Fuck. Abort mission- Ah what the hell, I can probably get the answers I am looking for if I become Peter's friend, but I won't let him drag me down,' Jake heavily sighed and came up with a simple answer.

"I guess," Jake cringed at his words. This whole high school life was getting on his nerves, he was starting to believe that this was a useless plan, he might as well search for The Avengers right now and join them to gain more power. But he had to blend in this academy, if he were to magically show up at The Avengers headquarters than no one would take him seriously, on top of that they would easily suspect that Jake was the Dark Spider who was hunting down villains and absorbing their powers. So, for now, he had to play it 'cool'. Plus he knew Nick Fury was up to 'something'.

'Speaking of superpowers I sense some high power readings in this academy, can this mean there are more supers in this academy other than just The Flash and Iceman? Tch. I guess its time I restock on some new powers to steal. Also, I have to check out my current system stats, but I will do that once I go back to my hideout and find out a place to live and do research in other than the Batcave. Its time for the future.

"Aswome! Let's exchange each other's numbers!" Peter and Miles happily said with giddy goofy smiles.

Jake rubbed his chin, it was a good chance to ask both Peter and Miles if they had Spiderman powers, but he would rather ask them after they leave the academy.

Jake got both Miles and Peters number then proceeded to leave the science class.

Rick lays back and waves goodbye at everyone in a lazy fashion, he didn't care about his job. Out of nowhere a tiny robot zooms over to Rick's pickle jar and opens it for him. It was a Pickle Bot. Butter Bot had a new nemesis.


Jake had three classes to go to in total. Each class was compressed learning, meaning that each class taught a vast number of important knowledges just into one class. In other words, each class was accelerated classes.

Jake's class list looked like this: Advance Science, Advance Technologies/Programming, and finally a full course which taught literature and mathematics. Rather straight to the point schedule in between these core classes was Gym, which wasn't for any kind of grade, it was more for the students who wanted to be active. Jake goes to the gym to take a quick break and formulate his future. Neither did he know two people were following him.

[A/N: I will try to give everyone some kind of dialogue. And yes the MC will eventually change. Anyways the school arc won't be so long. So don't worry, it would just be integrated into the story. There will be more action to come.]


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