Spiderman Evolution
39 Hierarchy
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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39 Hierarchy

"I know you dumbasses are following me," Jake said without even looking back. He already knew who was behind him with his Spider-senses which were barely on alert due to the low sense of danger.

Flash and Bobby both gritted their teeth as they were about to punch Jake before he figured out that they were both behind him with his Spider-sense.

"How did you know we were behind you!?" Flash demanded. He was shocked that Jake could pick up his incredibly fast superpowers. Flash thought Jake was just some 'new kid', but boy was he wrong.

Jake doesn't answer Flash and goes inside the gym class.

"Hey! I am talking to YOU!" Roars Flash as he punches Jake at half the speed of light, Jake's eyes glowed a dark red color and a surge of dark invisible energy outline his body, with an expeditious swift motion he matched Flash's earthshaking speed with his own powerful counter punch. (A/N: Jakes eyes only glowed for a slight second. So no one could see that he has 'superpowers'.)

*SLAM!* Both of their powerful fists collided, the lockers nearby almost exploded to shreds of metal. Jake wasn't using his full power on Flash if he did then Flash would already be dead. That would end Jake's adventure and disguise of living the life of a 'normal teen'.

"How did you match my speed!? That is impossible!?" Flash growled as he tried to push back Jake with his fist. But Jake's body didn't budge.

Jake had copied Flash's super speed powers just by looking at him, not only did he copy Flash's superpowers he had also fused his speed powers with the darkness of his Void Eye powers. If Jake were to use just the smallest fraction of his Spider-man strength then Flash's entire arm would have exploded.

"Tch. This is is a waste of time," Jake put down his fist and sealed away his superpowers.

"You bastard!" Flash goes for enough punch but is quickly frozen, astral shadow black energy covers Flash's legs and arms, "Uggggh what the hell is this stuff!?" Flash tries to break free from the shadows enveloping his body.

"Step aside you idiots are in the way," Said the same girl with short purple hair and a purple hoodie jacket, she was also wearing a black rocker tank-top shirt under her robe jacket. She really looked like she didn't want to be in school.

"Screw you bitch!" Flash shouts as he clenched his fists.

"No thanks," The gothic girl released her astral shadows off from Flash and walked past him towards the gym class double-doors.

She then stops and looks at up at Jake who towered over her, "What part of move aside did you not understand?" Her dark sapphire eyes narrowed, Jake could see her fiery anger even with her hoodie on.

"You think I will listen to you short stuff," Jake said as he didn't flinch and move aside. He wasn't going to let some girl push him aside. 'Does everyone have superpowers in this school? Why couldn't I sense this punk girl's powers?' He wondered.

"What did you call ME?" The gothic girl snarled as she bared her teeth, she was going to rip off Jake's head from how angrily she was. His degrading words infuriated her.

"That is enough Raven!" A girl with long golden blonde hair and aqua eyes shouts. This girl wore cowgirl clothing. She had a crop top black-t-shirt and jean shorts with long brown lace-boots. Her attire resembled that of a country girl, even her accent sounded a little Southern.

"Buzz off Tara, this doesn't concern you." Raven quickly said while still glaring Jake down with her deadly blue eyes.

Bobby and Flash both look at Jake and Raven stare down at each other. It was an epic showdown.

Peter and Miles also see the commotion from a distance, "Oh no, our new friend is under trouble!" Peter said while holding up his school books.

"I hope that girl kicks his ass, if she doesn't I will do it myself," Bobby cracked his knuckles. Flash also wanted to beat the living hell out of Jake. I mean who wouldn't? He was an egotistical new kid who did whatever he wanted without giving a damn about anyone else. Jake was someone Flash despised, he hated that Jake was destroying the hierarchy of this school. Flash reign supreme as King of Midtown Academy. Nobody ever stood up to him, that was until Jake showed up.

"I will give you one more chance, move aside," Raven eyes started to glow a bright blinding whitish color, her mystical dark telekinesis powers were about to be unleashed. What Raven didn't know was that Jake's had superpowers far beyond her level.

"No," Jake said with a menacing dark glare of his piercing blue eyes. He was afraid of no one.

"I was hoping you said that," Raven slowly took off her hoodie. All hell was literally going to break loose. Had Jake lost his mind? Or was this all part of his plan? It didn't matter now, because he was about to get a wake-up call.

[A/N: Idk if I should take a break to fix somethings around, but I need some time to gather some information such as every character powers and power scale. I might list all the characters I have used so far so I won't confuse everyone. There is a lot of characters in this novel so doing proper dialogue for all them is going to be crazy/close to impossible. So just know that this is a fanfic, so if power levels and attitudes change then you know why. As for the MC, Yes Jake comes off as cold, rude, brash, and etc for many reasons. His past life can attest to that. Imagine having to fight every day in your life just to survive? Would you just trust anyone you meet? Especially in a world full of gods. What I can say is that he is not your average cliche hero type, so there you go. Over time he will change. In my defensive, I just don't like writing about boring characters. Anyways I plan to fix things tomorrow. If you have any questions let me know.


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