Spiderman Evolution
40 Hierarchy Pt.2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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40 Hierarchy Pt.2

'Raven's powers are magic-based, dark telekinesis, and some sort of astral-projection power that can create moving shadows,' Jake scans the list of Raven's powers with his [Spider Sight] powers and notices that her powers didn't come from this realm, 'Her dark aura reminds me of my own power,' Before Jake can have time to think again, Raven had summoned her dark telekinesis and shadow astral-projection powers and strikes Jake with all of her force. One thing everyone should know is do not get on Raven's bad side, oh and don't call her short. This firey demoness wasn't playing around.

Jake waited for this moment, he actually wanted to get hit by Raven's powers, when he first spotted her at science class, he could sense her dark powerful demonic aura screaming. Her powers were what Jake exactly needed to fully control his symbiote powers. To balance darkness you must become darkness yourself. Alfred something like that to some extent. But Jake's method was that with Raven's superpowers he would be able to balance out his symbiotes(That was just a theory, he had many theories on to control his inner alien-demon).

Jake could easily copy raven's powers and attacks just by looking at her with his Void Eye powers, but he wouldn't fully absorb her powers that way. In order to do that he had to absorb a minuscule amount of blood from Raven, kind of like a Vampire, well a symbiote vampire or vampire spider, something like that.

"Azerath Metreon Zinthos!" Raven chants and unleashes her shadow powers which hit Jake head-on, he just stood still and took the hit. A gust of shadows exploded across the locker rooms and every nearby student's hair fluttered about and their bodies slid back from the powerful whiplash impact of Raven's dark astral-projection and telekinesis powers.

"You had enough? That was only a small taste of my powers," Raven said as she looked ahead and a mist surrounds where Jake was standing at.

"Wait, what?" Raven's blue eyes widen as she saw Jake slowly walk out the cloud of mist without a single scratch.

"Is that really all you got?" Jake said as he already grabbed Raven by her wrist with the new Super Speed powers he had stolen from Flash, he had actually teleported to Raven and apprehended her when she wasn't paying attention. He knew her magic powers were long-range based attacks.

Just as Jake suspected, his Super Genius smarts paid off again, sometimes he was just too smart. He made everyone else around him look so inferior. Jake lightly pricked Raven's wrists and absorbed her blood through his fingers without her and anyone else noticing that he was stealing her superpowers.

"Get your hands off me!" Ravne snarls as she angrily gritted her teeth, no one has ever touched her as Jake did. Such disrespect for her personal space made her go mad, she was livid. A boy had finally stood up to her.

"I don't usually hit girls, but you almost tried to kill me," Jake forcefully gripped Raven's wrists almost crushing and snapping off her arm in half. In close combat Jake was the obvious Apex Fighter, imagine someone who could lift 80 + 80 tons(His strength and power grows every second after each superpower he absorbs), yeah good luck, even the Hulk would have a hard time escaping Jake's clutches. He was just like a fearsome and fearless bloodthirsty spider, he was also smart like one. The tables have turned on Raven.

"I am not a girl," Raven got even more infuriated, she hated that word 'girl' it haunted her forever if only anyone knew the true demonic powers deep within Raven. Such power unleashed would destroy this very Academy in mere seconds and yet here was Jake who outsmarted and overpowered her.

"What the fuck!? I thought this kid had no superpowers!? Who is this freak!?" Flash curses out with clear confusion displayed on his face.

"Yeah I thought he was a 'non-power' and a 'cripple' myself, that was until he almost ripped off my fucking arm! I am tired of this new kid lets give him a damn wake-up call!" Bobby and Flash both rushed ahead and both threw right-hook punches at Jake's face at the same time.

Jake lets go of Raven's hands and blocked both of their punches with his elbows. Bobby's ice powers froze Jake's arm, but Jake's powerful symbiote acidic venom powers quickly melted off the ice. It was like a surge of invisible flickers of symbiote flames sparked out from his elbows (A/N: Remember Jake found out a way to use fire powers when he fused with the Dragon Evolution that he got from absorbing The Lizard/ Lizard Serum).

Raven watches Jake fight off the two other jock boys, she was still angered by Jake's hostile grab, but she slowly felt some kind of admiration for him. She had never seen anyone rebel against her, on top of that she could sense that his dark aura was much like hers.

Bobby and Flash both angrily look at Jake right in the face, "Just who the hell are you!? You damn cripple!" Roared Flash and Bobby, they saw their hierarchy slowly falling apart by the hands of someone who had no superpowers. Jake Justice was taking over.

"You show them Master!" Says Butter Bot inside of Jake's backpack.

"How is he is he able to block Flash and Bobby's punch!?" Peter thought to himself with a stunned look on his face. His jaw dropped at such an epic sight.

"Holy cow balls! Jake is badass!" Miles chanted on Jake who was know deemed King of the Nerds.

Gwen walks to her gym class and sees Jake blocking Bobby and Flash at the same time, she even saw him hold back Raven's dark magic powers! "Jake truly is amazing. How can he do that without any superpowers?" She wondered with her eyebrow's furrowed and her pillowy lips pursed.

"ITS A FIGHT!" yelled a bunch of students as they all crowded around Jake, Bobby, and Flash.

"How can someone with no powers block our powers! You are dead meat new kid!" Flash accelerates all the kinetic-energy inside of his body and increases his super speed powers so he could land the fastest punch he can generate on Jake's overly confident smug face.

"That is enough! Everyone back to your classes!" Charles Xavier temporarily freezes everyone's minds- thus stopping time itself! He can only do this for a short duration of time. But he didn't actually freeze time, instead, he Mind Controlled everyone to believe time had stopped with some type of mind control power.

"You three boys and you young lady will visit me in my office after such dangerous and unruly behavior. It is prohibited to use your superpowers to harm others. I want this Academy to be a safe place for everyone to study in. I want everyone to succeed in peace and violence is not the answer to solve any kind of problems. In this school, there is no superpower, non-powers, or mutant discrimination, we are all the same. Everyone is welcomed into my Academy. Now please be off to your next classes," Xavier said inside the minds of Jake, Raven, Bobby, and Flash.

Jake's body and mind weren't completely frozen in time, he could easily escape Xavier's mind control powers, but that would blow his cover since he would his symbiote powers exposing him as the Dark Spider.

Xavier releases his mind-control paralyzation power and drives off on his highly advance wheelchair back to the principal office. So he was indeed the Principal of this school or maybe the Headmaster. Jake wasn't sure.

"We weren't doing anything! We were just roughhousing the new kid that is all," Flash said to defend his status in the hierarchy as he fakely patted Jake on his shoulders like a civilized student.

"Well take your roughhousing outside the school grounds. I will be seeing you four in my office after the school session ends today," Xavier said with a calm and collected voice. This version of Xavier was a younger one, with long brown hair and a rough-around-the-edges Goatee. Xavier looked like he had 'better days'.

"Tch lets get out here. I am not done with you new kid. I will make your life a living hell," Flash gives Jake a deadly sparking glare.

"Yeah the both of us will," Bobby added in as they both walked away into the distance of the crowd of onlooking students.

Raven grips her redden wrists and angrily looks at Jake with her demonic enraged sapphire eyes, "If you ever touch me again I will crush your soul into an infinite void of misery and pain. Your soul will cease to exist as it endlessly drifts into an abyss of nothingness and suffering." She growls as she forcefully stepped on Jake's feet with her thick muscular legs, at this time she was wearing black/purple gym spandex pants which covered up her voluptuous lower region.

'I know I can't feel pain, but damn is Raven thick,' Jake thought to himself with a slight grin.

Gwen walks over to Jake with a sort of jealous look, since Jake was talking to Raven, "Are you alright? Those jerk jocks always want to start a fight," She said with a huff as she blew up her short blonde hair.

"Raven lets get going already! I want to practice some new volleyball moves!" Exclaimed Tara as snagged up Raven's and dragged her away from Jake. "Uggggh," Raven growled, she still had a personal vendetta with Jake. He was now the boy she hated most on her list. Her own father was top on the list of most hate beings. Jake was a good seconded place.

"Yeah I am okay, those losers don't really scare me. What is your next class?" Jake asked while looking at his fingers which were coursing with Raven's astral-projection shadow magic. Gwen couldn't see Jake's powers, only Jake could see his own powers. His Void Eye could create illusions by creating mirror images in his current dimensional plane or level. Everybody knows that there are only 4-dimensions when you are a human, there are 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time that make up the 4-dimensional spacetime. Jake could alter this and make as many dimensions as possible. Thus his powers were invisible to the naked eye, only Raven could spot a spec of Jake's superpowers since she knew dimensional magic. (A/N: Yes I know confusing).

"I am actually going to gym class. How about you tough guy?" Gwen smirked as she lightly punched Jake's broad shoulders. " I am going to the same class. Want to walk in together?" He offered with a surprising smile. This was a new side of Jake.

"Sure. Just don't try to hold my hands," Gwen joke and teased Jake by slightly sticking out her tongue.

Jake felt something growing in his heart. He felt Raven's dark magic power surging throughout his body that is! But he also felt kind of attracted to Gwen, her bright alluring smile, her cute playful and carefree attitude, and her perfect face and body. She was living proof that angels exist.

"You wish I would hold hands with you," Jake winked as he walked inside the gym room with Gwen. It was the start of a new friendship.

Peter and Miles followed right behind. The Spider Crew was on full force today.

"Butter Bot senses an increase heart rate. Butter Bot suspects that Master wants to mate with this female," Butter Bot's tiny robotic head peeks out of Jake's backpack and sees Jake happily talking to Gwen about sports and some 'science stuff'. To Jake's surprise Gwen was really smart for the way she looked. She knew a lot of interesting things, plus she was good at talking to others and making friends. Jake should take down some notes since his attitude is very cold and he comes off as an arrogant egotistical jerk. But Gwen seemed to like that about Jake. He was the kind of guy who didn't take shit from anybody. She admired his confidence and courage.

"Hey? You want to play some ball? " Gwen smiles as she spins around a basketball at her fingertips.

"You mean you want to shoot some baskets. Play ball is baseball," Jake corrected her.

"Psssh same thing!" Gwen huffed while grabbing the side of her slender hips with her other free arm.

"Not really," Jake quickly snags the basketball from Gwen's hands with his quick spider reflexes.

"Hey! No fair! I got the ball first! Give it back!" Gwen demanded while trying to get the basketball back.

"Hey guys you want to join?" Jake asked Peter and Miles.

"Heck yeah we do!" Miles runs over to them and so does Peter.

Was Jake finally changing? Or was it something else?...

[A/N: As you can see the MC won't be so ruthless all the time. Just when he needs to be. I don't mind hearing anyone's opinions. I just ignore the spam comments that complain about everything. In the next chapter will be a power scale of every character. After that chapter, I will show the MCs current powers and abilities on his system.

If you don't already know Midtown Academy is a different school from the movies. In here superpower users roam freely with other humans. I did this so I can add more characters without traveling so much from place to place. This is still a Spider-man novel so I want the MC to stay at New Gotham/New York for a while. In the Powerscale chapter, I will also go over some important information. ]

[Extra Note: I am going to fix past chapters. I forgot to write Jake introducing himself to the class. So just know. Peter, Miles, and Gwen and everyone all knows his first name. ]


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