Spiderman Evolution
42 Hierarchy Pt.3
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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42 Hierarchy Pt.3

Jake tested out the reflexes of Peter, Gwen, and Miles all by just playing some basketball. He, of course, dominated them in every way possible, he used to play varsity basketball back in his homeworld and was the top three players in his class. Jake did quick-step layups, Euro-steps, and even dunked over Miles, Peter, and Gwen. He didn't care who he was playing against, he just wanted to win. Well that, and he wanted to see if Miles, Peter, and Gwen had any semblance of Spider-Man superpowers. 'Well it looks like none of them can jump up as high as I can, they can't run faster than me, and their reflexes seem to be like normal. Can it be that they are simply hiding their superpowers from me? Or do they really have no superpowers at all?' Jake shoots a three-pointer over Peter and Gwen who double-teamed him. The basketball goes perfectly inside the net.

"That's impossible!? Are you just good at everything!?" Gwen huffed with an annoyed and flustered face.

"You are freaking fast! I couldn't even block any of your shoots! I am pretty sure you have some sort of superpowers!" Miles said as tried to catch his breath, he was the only way who tried his hardest against Jake in basketball since he was in the basketball team in Midtown Academy.

"I got no powers, just skill," Jake said with a confident grin.

Peter barely played that good against Jake, but it didn't matter to him, he wasn't usually the type to play sports, however, he still tried to play some basketball with his new friends (Miles and Jake).

"You should really try out for the basketball team," Peter said as walked over to a water fountain and drinks some much-needed water.

"Yeah I think you should as well, you will diffidently be a pro! Even though I think you are cheating!" Gwen playfully winked as she sat on nearby metal bleachers to rest and drink from a water bottle.

"No cheating, I am just better than you," Jake said while snatching away Gwen's water bottle and then drinks her water.

"Hey! You are such a jerk!" Gwen smacks Jake's shoulders with an angered face.

"You guys kind of look like a good couple," Peter says with a witty smirk. Somehow Peter always knew how to understand people and their emotions. He was smart when it came to reading down situations.

"What!? Heck no! I wouldn't be caught dead with someone as rude and cold as Jake," Gwen crossed her arms and looks away from Jake, she was obviously blushing. Her cheeks became a beet red color.

Jake almost spit out water from his mouth, 'You are a sly one Peter, then again you are the original Spider-Man. Speaking of which. It's about time I ask the burning question.'

"So do any of you guys have superpowers?" Jake sternly asked with a serious face.

"If you count being super smart as a superpower then yes. I don't shoot ice out of my hands like Bobby, nor do I summon astral-projection shadows like Raven. So yup guess I am pretty normal, well besides the fact that I read just about every science book in existence and I eat way too much pizza," Peter with an awkward chuckle.

"Yeah same here. I have no powers whatsoever. But I can do the splits if that counts as a superpower," Giggles Gwen as jumps off the bleachers and does a perfect gymnastic split on the basketball court.

"Woah that's so cool!" Miles' eyes widen and his jaw drops.

'So Peter has no powers, but he is still book smart and just smart overall, while Gwen has no powers, but she is overly flexible and alethic,' Jake couldn't help but glance at her sexy slender body do the splits.

Jake was speechless. Her bubble butt was jiggling as she spread her long legs wider and wider.

"Master likes what he sees. The mating percentage has increased from 50% to 80%" Butter Bots chimes.

"Shut the fuck up!" Jake whispers to his annoying sentient invention as he zips up his backpack.

"Um were you just talking to your backpack right now?" Gwen and Miles both say while pointing at Jake.

"Naw, words just slipped out of my mouth," Jake said with narrowed eyes as he looks at Butter Bot who was in his Ironman Mark III form, the colors of the robot were yellow, red, and black. Kind of like Bumblebee from the Transformers movies fusing with Ironman.

'How the fuck did this thing even become sentient? Did it look through the blueprints of my newly forged Destroyer Power Suit? Whatever that doesn't matter now, just one more question,' Jake turns at Miles.

"How about you? Do you have any powers?" Jake asked. He wanted at least one of these three people to have some kind of Spider-Man powers.

"Well, I can do this cool thing that makes my fingers shot out some sparks!" Miles exclaimed with a wide smile. "Stand back and be amazed!" He lifts up his hands and wiggles his finger together to create some kind of friction. Nothing happens.

"Um were we suppose to see something?" Gwen said while scratching the back her head.

The school bell rings *RING!*

"I guess that's time for me to bounce. See you fools later," Gwen says while doing a peace out sign.

"Wait! I am not lying! Look!" Miles extends out his fingers, suddenly small sparks of electricity shoot out from his fingertips. This wasn't exactly electric powers, it was a [Venom Strike] power that looks like conducted electricity, this type of power was indeed a Spider-Man type of power. Venom Strike could paralyze opponents and sometimes even knock them out, it is powerful enough to knockout someone of a large size like Kingpin. But it did not inject lethal venom inside someone's body.

*ZAP!* More tiny sparks come out Miles fingertips.

"Woah did you see that!?" Peter jumped back and grabbed Jake's shoulder with a shocked face, "Don't touch me,' Jake snarls with a displeased look.

"Oh sorry! I just didn't know Miles had any superpowers!" Peter shouted were inspecting Miles sparks and analyzing his powers as he tipped up his glasses.

"Dang I never know he had powers either, and you sat next to us in class this whole time," Gwen said with her sapphire eyes twinkling.

"That's cause you never talked to me," Miles proudly said while doing a superhero stance and flexing his biceps.

'So of all people, Miles Morales has Spider-Man powers, can't say that I am shocked. That means Peter or Gwen haven't gotten their radioactive spider-bites yet. I wonder if Miles can turn invisible? He probably doesn't even know how to fully use his superpowers. Damn, there are still so many questions running through my mind. This new world just keeps on surprising me.' Jake grabs his backpack and walks out of the gym.

As Jake walks out, he sees a bunch of stronger jock students picking on weaker geeky students on the basketball court. The Alpha's were clearly picking on the Beta's. Each superpowered jock bully did some extreme hazing to the students who had no powers. The messed up sight in front of Jake's eyes was a diffidently cruel and merciless hierarchy at its finest. It was ever student for themselves. The bullies run amok in this academy. The top tier superpower students ruled on the top as Kings, while the weaker students were mere insects. Jake felt disgusted at such a sight, hatred and rage were burning deep inside of him. It was just like back at his homeworld, where everyone always picked on the weak and treated them like trash. His Earth was no different than this one, the only difference is that superpowers existed in this new world. Jake was going to change the hierarchy of this school no matter what.


Jake's next class was Advance Technologies, a class which would prove itself useful or so he thought since he already knew just about everything when it came to technology, thanks to his high IQ and super genius mind. However even if someone is gifted with great knowledge, one person can't know everything. It is virtually impossible to know about every knowledge bestowed upon the universe. Jake had one huge question brewing inside of his mind, 'If this really is a D.C and Marvel fused world, then why hasn't the most powerful villains already teamed up yet? In fact, why hasn't any God Tier villains destroyed this planet yet? Everything seems so 'normal' knowing that such titans of power like Thanos and Galactus might exist in this world. I have to be on alert at all times, I can't let anyone or anything distract me from my main mission. I need to hurry up and get out of this academy as soon as possible so I can get my newly forged power suit working by controlling my symbiote powers,' He heavily thought to himself as he went to his next class. Even though Jake was enjoying meeting new people around his age and getting to actually see Peter Parker in person as well as Gwen and Miles, he still was focused on his plans to become the most powerful Spider-Man. However, this academy did work as a perfect place to keep his secret identity hidden, in here he was just Jake Justice, the 'New Kid'.

Jake opens the door and walks inside a dome-like classroom kind of like the Coliseum in Rome. His eyes scanned the area with his Spider Sight to spot out any powerful superpowers in the classroom. Only one power signature was off balanced and it was giving Jake a slight piercing headache.

"Ah so it seems someone is quite late," Said the Professor of the class as he tipped up his sleek glasses and places down a textbook. This man looked to be in his mid-40s with slicked-back brown hair and a cleanly shaven beard.

"Hahaha!" A bunch of students laughs at Jake for being super late to class. Jake flips over his wristwatch and sees that he is 20 minutes late to class! He was too caught up on figuring out if Peter and his new friends had any Spider-Man powers.

'Crap,' Jake walks around to the dome classroom to find a seat.

"Hey isn't that the new kid who beat up Bobby Drake and Flash? He was the one who actually protected Peter Parker," Whispers some female and male students. Gossip about Jake was already spreading like a wildfire.

"Yeah I even saw him stand up to Raven, he must really have a death wish," says another student who had greenish hair. He kind of looked like a mutant. But we all know who this kid really was.

Jake tosses down his bag on top of desk nearby some random girl and sits down.

"What is your name? I have not seen your face around here," The Professor walks around the classroom in a vexing manner, kind of like Snape from Harry Potter.

"Jake Justice," Jake quickly said in an overly confident manner as he cooly kicked up both legs on top of his desk.

"What kind of last name is that?" chuckle a bunch of students while glaring at Jake with eyes of interest and eyes of hate, mostly from Flash who was all the way at the top seats of the class leaning back on his chair like some King. His other powerful friends were next to him.

"Hm Jake Justice nice to have you here. My name is Erik Lensherr I will be your instructor for today. In today's class, you will be paring up in groups of two. You will be staying with your teammate for the rest of the semester, now open your textbook to page 350," Professor Erik calmly said as he jotted down some math equations on the old fashion chalkboard.

"Hey, I didn't know you would be in the same class. I want to say thank you for standing up for Peter and protecting him from Flash and Bobby," Kindly says a sweet voice from the right side of his seat. Jake turns around and lord behold he sees MJ right in front of him.

"Oh, so this is the new student I have been hearing so much about. Also thanks on my behalf, I always try to stand up for the weaker kids in this school as well, but there are just too many bullies in this academy, " Harry Osborn barges in the convo with a light smile as he extends out his hands for Jake to shake.

Jake shakes his hands and then focuses his attention MJ. Her freckled face and bright emerald eyes look amazing up close, it was like he was staring at a scarlet-haired maiden who fell from the heavens. MJ really was a beautiful girl, and up close she looked even more stunning. Jake knew it was wrong to be so close to her, but then again he wasn't Peter Parker. If he wanted to take MJ from himself, he could do it in a snap. Yet it would shatter and break Peter's heart if he did. This girl meant everything to Peter Parker, in his eyes she was the perfect girl, she was the 'one for him', the girl of his dreams. Peter would do anything for MJ.

'I have to keep my cool,' Jake said to himself with a sigh, but his primal instincts were kicking in. MJ's sweet rosy scent, gorgeous curvy body, and heartwarming bright smile were making Jake's heart beat faster.

Things were about to get weird.


[A/N: Look at the chapter before to see pictures of each character. Also to make things easier, each character is based of the MCU, D.C movies, and T.V shows. There will be some comic book mentions, but that is just way too much info for me. Don't worry Jake will be traveling to different places to train and become stronger. The school Arc is there to make Jake grow as a character.]

Also, I will be doing voting on my Pa treon so check out my Pa treon. Btw I will be making a new fan-fic soon. So I would like to see your opinions. Have a good day.

I wonder if anyone can guess who Jake's teacher is and the boy with green hair.

IMPORTANT: What should be Butter Bots new name? Think of cool names.

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