Spiderman Evolution
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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43 News...

I am dropping this novel...

I need to drop some news! April Fools of course. I had to do it. Anyways no this story won't be dropped. It will have 1,000 chapters. 100 R-18 scenes with a bunch of sexy girl wearing skin-tight outfights and even Butter Bot will get some action. Anyways I made this chapter to see what next fan-fic I should work on.
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1. Akame Ga Kill X Zero Ga Kill: ( It will have a bunch of characters and action, plus I am surprised no one has done a fan-fic of this. The MC will be reborn as Tatsumi's twin brother, but with different looks like red eyes and maybe different hair color and powers of course )

2. Bleach: MC will reborn as Rukia's brother and train in the Soul Society and get some powers with a wish system or something of that manner.

3. Fairy Tail:Acnologia: The MC will reborn with Acnologia's powers or be reborn as Acnologia he will be an anti-hero character.

4. Thor fan-fic be reborn as Thor's brother or something like that.

5. Let me know what fan-fics have never been done and I might do them

Anyways a lot of chapters coming out tomorrow. So vote power stones. I already have some chapters stocked pile I just need to edit them. Check out my pa treon tiers if you want to get a huge mass release. I plan on writing a lot from here on out. Anyways for sure by tomorrow all fillers chapters will be gone. Including this one. If you have questions then ask away.

https://www.pa treon.com/ghostybones


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