Spiderman Evolution
44 Hierarchy Pt. 4
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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44 Hierarchy Pt. 4

"Technology has advance humans faster than any other field of sciences, it is what makes us evolve and prosper in life. Without technology, we will still be in our primal evolution. Technologies are the tools and backbones of our human evolution, I doubt we would go very far as a species without creating technology that helps us survive in everyday life. Take example the first humans built tools to hunt and kill prey, tools such as carved wooden spears and rugged rocks formed as daggers, even the invention of fire has taken us very far. But that begs the question, can we evolve more than what we already are? Is there more in life than just being human? That's why it fascinates me to see such beings like Mutants, Inhumans, and superheroes coexist with humans. Can it be possible for everyone to gain powers? Imagine what kind of world that would be?" Professor Erik says without reading the textbook, he was merely just speaking about what he had in his mind at the moment. A sort of intellectual thought.

"I imagine it would be a world full of violence and chaos, we can't even keep mutants and superpower humans in check in this academy," Pointed Harry Osborn, not in a snide way, more like in a vigilant way.

"Indeed how insightful of you Harry, however, isn't that the case right now? With more mutants and superpower humans, advanced armies and law enforcement can be built with these two forces joined together. This new army of super-soldiers will lock away anyone who dare uses their powers for evil. There is always ways to control those who wrongly use their powers. This world has changed, and I think we ourselves should change as well, we should reach the apex of our evolution with the power of our minds and the new technologies we build," Professor Erik sits down in his desk chair and crosses one of his legs.

Jake kind of agreed with Professor Erik who seemed to be smarter than everyone in the room, well aside from Jake himself. 'Who exactly is this person? I get this strange vibe like he is reading everyone's mind in the classroom, I have to keep a close eye on him.' He slightly activates his Spider Sight to see if Professor Erik had any power aura. There were no signs of superpowers or mutant powers flowing inside of Professor Erik's body. He was a normal human, or so it seemed. Jake's Spider-Sense was telling him otherwise, the hairs on his forearm slightly moved up.

"Before class ends, I will be handing out a quick pop quiz. After that, you will have to choose your teammate and your project will be assigned tomorrow. Remember this project assignment is big enough to land you an internship in Stark Industries." Professor Erik informed everyone.

"Ugggggh!" Every student groaned when the heard the ball-busting word 'pop quiz'.

Jake waits for his quiz to be handed to him. For any normal human, the quiz really was a bastard of a quiz, there was no multiple choice, you hard to write down each and every programming equation which ruins any chance of cheating. Well if anyone cheated than they will quickly be expelled, there was a huge sign on top of Professor Erik that said 'NO CHEATING ALLOWED' pretty straightforward.

Every student's face displayed sheer hatred for the impossible quiz in front of them. The quizzes in this class were actually worth a lot of points. no curves were given since Erik was a strict teacher. Nothing in the world sucks more than a pop quiz, well except for school itself that is.

Jake glances at the quiz with one eye, his face was clearly bored with such an easy mindless task. In less than 5 seconds Jake wrote down all the answers and walk over to the professor to turn in the quiz.

"What!? Are you freaking kidding me!? The nerve of this bastard! There is no way you finished that quiz so fast!" Flash loses his mind as his ego is being stabbed by Jake's smarts.

"Yeah, you should change your name from Flash to Last." Jake tried to come up with a good pun, but it sounded cringe.

"Isn't this interesting, normally it would take 5mins for my smartest students to answer all 25 questions. But you did it in less than a minute. Quite the feat. Let's see if you even answered the questions correctly. If you fail this quiz then everyone fails, if you pass then I will let everyone off the hook for today's quiz. Sounds like a fair wager, since you have the guts to finish the quiz so quickly,' Professor Erik looks over the quiz and his eyes widen as he jots down on Jake's quiz. His eyes couldn't believe what he had seen. It had been years since he had seen anyone this smart in his life, someone of his same caliber.

It was a 100% quiz grade. Jake had outsmarted the Professor and everyone in this classroom without them even writing on the quiz.

"You may have the passed, but everyone still takes the quiz," Professor Erik says with a serious face. He didn't want to let anyone else off so easily. That and his ego was slightly stabbed.

"Aw come on!" Loudly sighed of a bunch of students.

"You heard me!" Professor Erik said as he looked over Jake's quiz once more, the idea of someone being as smart as him, baffled his mind. After all Professor Erik was the one who created the quiz himself!

Jake waits for everyone to be finished with the quiz. As expected Peter Parker finishes next, it actually took him 4mins to finish, 1 minute before the Professors alotted time. Barbara finishes at the same time(She didn't even try in the quiz, she had better things to do), and Harry finishes the quiz in 7mins. After these three geniuses finished the quiz then the rest of the students finished after 10mins(Including Bobby and Flash, who didn't study for the quiz).

Everyone now turned their test and started to chose their teammates. Most people chose the person sitting next to them. Jake turns and looks at MJ, who is literally eying him down with her gleaming emerald eyes of lust and admiration. She was super impressed that Jake finished the very impossible quiz in less than 1min. Even though most of the students finished their test, none were sure to pass. Aside from Peter, Harry, and Barabara(90% grade) . So for MJ to see such a display of sheer smarts and also his chivalrous demeanor when he saved Peter from getting his ass kicked, she couldn't help but fall for Jake. He was everything she wanted in a man and more. His good looks were also a plus for her, she had never seen someone so handsome and overall perfect in her life.

"Do you mind if we work together?" Shyly asked MJ to Jake, who at the moment was checking the specs of Butter Bot and customizing his Power Suit/Superpowers in his system

'Butter Bot has somehow morphed into a sentient lifeform, he even has his own Arc Reactor, how the hell is this possible, it only took me less than a minute to construct and program this robot, huh? Who is talking to me?' Jake turns his head and his daze is broken by MJ waving and talking louder to Jake to gain his attention.

"Hey over here! Am I invisible or something?" MJ says as she lightly pokes Jake on his chest.

"Well you are way too white, " Jake said, his words slipped right of his mouth.

"Um excuse me?" MJ eyes narrowed, then she giggled, "You really are a strange one. I was asking if you wanted to be teammates for the project assignment? And yes I kind of need a tan," She crosses her slender legs and leans closer to Jake and a seductive pose.

Peter goes down towards MJ direction and sees her flirting with Jake. A sudden rage of anger overfills his body, for years Peter had tried to talk to MJ and ask her out on a date. In a less than a day Jake had her tied around his finger-tips like some playboy. Peter 's heart almost shatters. He hoped that his new friend would not betray him, MJ meant everything to him.

"Fine let's team up." Jake simply said with a monotone voice.

"Excellent! Here is my number! I will try to be the best partner I can be! " MJ awkwardly writes down her number on a napkin and passes it over to Jake.

Peter clenched his fists( A/N: Hey Arthur Meme style). 'I hope you don't betray my trust' He thought to himself, as he saw his new friend slowly take away the girl of his dreams.

Jake was truly the apex Spider-Man. He was getting girls without even trying.

"Yo Peter! Want to team up!" Exclaims Harry as he waves him over and playfully slaps his back in a brotherly way.

"Sure..." Peter said with clear sadness in his dark brown eyes.

...5mins pass and Jake quickly gets MJ's phone number and leaves the class with Peter.

Jake goes to his final class and what he sees surprises him to his core. It was the one woman he did not want to meet in this academy!


[A/N:The finale of this chapter is next chapter. The school arc won't take up to much too time for the action.]

[A/N: Yes this chapter might spark some mixed emotions. But MJ is an important character in this story. Not too important. In fact, every character is important. I want this story to feel more like a Spider-Man story. So I will be focusing on the main Spider-Man villains and etc. But I will also add some D.C aspects. I have already chosen my harem and first special lemon 'scene'. But go ahead and chose which girl you want to see more of. It can even be a girl never introduced. Just not R-18 content won't happen so quickly, but it will happen.

Btw I am going by the First Avengers Movie timeline. So you probably know who is the main villain for this first arc. lol if you watched the movie. Also Spider-Man 1-3 movies will be included as well.


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