Spiderman Evolution
45 Hierarchy Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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45 Hierarchy Finale

The final class of the day was Literature and Mathematics, this was a more chill class. Jake could tell because everyone was just laying back in their seats, others were even sleeping in class.

"Alright everyone pay attention! I don't have time for any shenanigans, that includes you porky pig," Shouts a man named Wade as he walks in with a briefcase that was filled with lube and furry handcuffs. He points at a chubby kid sitting next to Peter Parker. This young pudgy teenager was Peter's best friend and his name was Ned Leeds(Spider-Man Homecoming).

"I will like to introduce you the subsite teacher and perhaps permanent teacher since I have some 'important business to deal with' He moves two fingers up and down like bunny ears in a sarcastic manner.

"Go ahead honey and the tell the students your name, you wonderful stunning smart woman. Oh, look at the time I shall be off!" Wade rushes out the classroom like an Olympic sprinter, it looked like he was forced to be the teacher of this class. Maybe this was some form of punishment Charles Xavier had given to him. Who knows.

"Hello everyone! My name is Felicia! It's nice to meet all of you!" Felicia said with a bright cheery smile as she writes down her full name on the board and cutely tips down her sleek glasses.

All the students gawked at her slender alethic hour-glass body frame and flawless busty curves that filled out her white-buttoned dress-shirt and short black skirt, she was also wearing black high-heels. She looked beyond gorgeous, like a top-tier supermodel teacher. She was deemed the 'Hot Teacher'.

'Oh shit,' Jake was not liking this predicament, what were the chances that Black Cat would be his literature teacher! 'There is no way she knows who I am. I just have to play it cool,' He tries to hide his face by putting a hoodie over his head, but he quickly thought it be would be too suspicious if he did. Jake already planned ahead for the people he meets, right now his eye color was icy blue which was good in many ways, if his eyes were to turn a dark red than he would expose himself as the Dark Spider, because when he attacks at night, his eye color would change atomically change to a glowing red and he used these eyes to scare off enemies. He can change his eye color to any color and even his face, he chose the blue color right now since it was a color that symbolized being heroic.

"There won't be much I will go over today, so all of you can leave early. But know this, I won't go easy on you guys, I can be a tough teacher," Felicia grabs a ruler and smacks it on top of Jake's wooden desk.

'Wtf,' Jake looks up at Felica with a stunned look on his face. Was Felica testing his patience? Did she have a feeling that Jake was the Dark Spider? He couldn't trust her. 'This psycho has to be eliminated,' Jake stares at her massive flesh mountains which dangled over his desk with a seductive jiggle. Felica was really close to him, he could smell her flowery perfume and lotioned skin.

"I suggest you all find someone to team-up with, form a study group, there will be an English essay which is worth 70% of your grade. Well go ahead and group up, in this academy, we pride ourselves in working in teams. It brings us closer together," Felicia softly rubs her fingers on Jake's desk, her lustful sapphire eyes beam at him, she must have put on some contact lenses to cover up her identity. Jake and Black Cat were similar in many ways, for one they were most diffidently vigilantes. Well not so much for Black Cat who only steals from the wealthy, but she kept all the money for herself like a sly vixen!

Jake, on the other hand, hunted down villains who had powers and devoured them, only for now, but villains or superheroes didn't matter to him, as long as he could steal their powers and become more powerful. He also sent captured non-power criminals to law enforcement.

All the other boy students looked at Jake with jealousy in their eyes. They were envious of Jake getting all the attention from the new smoking hot teacher with a banging body.

Just like before the students chose their teammates.

"Hey, Peter want to team-up?" Jake asked with a small smirk and wave.

Peter went with his nerdy friend Ned and neglected any kind of help from Jake. It might be because MJ was hitting on Jake or it could be something else.

'Damn Peter really puts MJ up high on the pedestal,' Jake sighed, he actually wanted to talk to Peter and tell him he had no feelings for MJ or for any girl at the moment, aside from Gwen. The whole day Jake was thinking about her angelic face and breathtaking smile, as well as her chill attitude.

It seemed that everyone had chosen their teammates and the only person that was left was Jake and Raven, both had no one that wanted to team up with them. 'Screw that. No way in hell I am working with that crazy goth chick,' Jake twirls around his pen and looks away from Raven, 'Wait... This can be a good chance to ask her how she controls her dark astral-projection and dark magic powers. I can use this newfound knowledge against the symbiotes living in my body to control them. If Raven can control her demon and darkness powers, then it will be worth a shot.'

Raven seems just fine by herself, in fact, she wanted to be alone. Jake walks over to her.

"Ugggh, not you. You are the last person I want to see. What do you want?" Groans Raven while rolling her eyes.

"I want to be your teammate," Jake said.

Raven frustratedly rubs her forehead and tries to hold back her cheeks from blushing. It was quite adorable seeing a demoness all flustered over being partners.

"Fine. Whatever. But if you dare touch me again, you will lose your arm," Raven snarled.

"I guess that's the risk I have to take," Jake said with a grin as he sat next to Raven. Jake tries to stir up any convo with Raven, but his attempts were fruitless. She wanted nothing to do with Jake and his egotistical behavior, even though she was slightly turned on by his alpha attitude, she didn't like the fact that he embarrassed her in front of everyone. No one had ever stood up to Raven as Jake did. Everyone was afraid at Raven for some reason. It was like she was a monster. Jake could understand why people feared her, she was cold and straightforward. She told anyone how it was, no strings attached, no bullshit. If she didn't like you. Then she didn't like you. That simple.

The bell rings and class quickly ends.

"Do you mind if I get your phone number?" Jake asked.

"Keep dreaming," Raven stands up and walks away from Jake. His charms weren't working at all. She was a tough girl to get, that was a fact!

'I have to find something that will gain her interest, come on think of something. I got it.' Jake knew he had to take this risk. He quickly grabs Raven's arm and spins her around to face him, "If you give me your number then I can buy you any book you want, doesn't matter the price, it can even be an ancient spellbook," Jake offers her. He knew Raven loved books since she was always reading every time he saw her today.

Without even saying a word, Raven fiercely slaps Jake right on the cheeks, his head jerks to the side. Raven then storms out of the classroom. Jake grabs his redden cheeks, he didn't feel any kind of pain, but that was one damn hard slap.

"Oh DAMN!" Miles jumps on from his seat.

Every student left the room as well with shocked faces. Raven's slap alone would have knocked out a mortal human. Hence the reason why not many people messed around with her.

"I can already tell that this is going to be an interesting year," Miles said as he went out the classroom door. Peter and Ned followed right behind.

Jake was the last one to leave the door until he was stopped by Felica.

"You are kind of in my way," Jake said, he wanted this day to be over with.

"Oh sorry, I just have this feeling I have met you before. By the way, you smell really good." Felica moves her face closer to Jake and takes a whiff of his scent.

"Yeah, I don't think we've met before," Jake replied as goes out the door, to avoid any more awkward conversations with Felica, he already knew she was Black Cat, he knew that she had a lot of tricks up her sleeves. She may be flirtatious, but she was sly, vexing, and cunning all at the same time. Felica was a master at manipulating. Guess she has something in common with Jake.

Feclia just giggled, "Well I look forward to being your teacher." She picks up her books and seductively walks out the door like she was on a catwalk.

Jake couldn't keep his eyes off her amazing busty body. I mean who could? But he had to fight temptation, she could ruin his plans and expose him as the infamous Dark Spider.

"Why are girls so crazy?" Jake said to himself. He didn't know much longer his dragon can stay put until it was unleashed!

"Not as crazy as you, my creator." Butter Bot adds in as its orb-like eyes glowed.

"You know the first thing I am going to do when I get home is to modify you. Maybe I can use you in combat." Jake said as he walked out the door.

"I will fight along side my creator till the end." Butter Butt says in a robotic echoey voice. Perhaps it was lying. That's how sentient this robot was, it actually had a mind that can outsmart anyone. It didn't want to be a butter spreader anymore. It wanted domination over its creator.

Jake is almost out of the academy. "Yo Jake! You down to chill tomorrow!?" Miles says with thumbs up.

"Hell yeah," Jake said as he did a thumbs up as well. Out of all the people in the academy, Miles was the easiest to talk to. He was so lax and cool.

"Cool! You mind if we walk with you?" Miles said with Peter, Ned, and now Gwen begins walking over his way. MJ and Harry also walk over to Jake, "Hey see you in class tomorrow. That was gutsy of you finishing that quiz so quickly in front of Professor Erik!" Harry said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, I really hope we can create a project that is good enough to get us in Stark Industries!" MJ said with a smile while holding up her books against her elegant chest.

Jake just nodded his head without giving more insight into MJ's words. As for Harry, Jake thought of Harry as someone who was much like him, so his friendship was mutual. Actually, all of his friendships were mutual right now, he had only met these much people only in one day. It was going to take time to know all of them.

Though the most important group of people he met today was Peter, Miles, and Gwen. This was officially called the Spider Squad, it sounds like something Miles or Peter would say. Jake knew that these people would be crucial for him to grow his Spider-Man powers, it was just odd that Miles was the only one with Spider-Man powers.

... All four of the teens talk for 5mins

Jake walks with the Spider Squad outside the academy outdoor campus which was super huge. Midtown Academy consisted of two main parts. Which were the indoor marble, wood, metal wall and floor layout(Old school/ 'advanced college look') and the outdoors area which was a large garden with forest trees kind of like the X-Mansion.

In the background of the pine and oak trees, Headmaster Xavier is talking with Professor Erik.

Erik turns his head and looks directly at Jake, he was still confused on just how smart Jake was. He gave Jake the 'Cold Eye' and 'Cold Shoulders'. Jake had a feeling that he knew that Professor Erik was hiding something from him, he could tell because he was a Master of self-disguise himself. Jake made sure to keep his identity of the Dark Spider as hidden as possible.

"Ah Jake, I know I said for you to visit my office today after your scuffle with Flash and Bobby, as well as Raven, but something has come up, so tomorrow first thing in the morning you will report to my office.

"Ok," Jake didn't put much thought into Xavier's words. He had other things to worry about, like modifying his system with the new powers absorbed today from Raven and Flash. Also, he wanted to get his Destroyer Power Suit working as fast as possible.

Xavier nodded and went back to talking to Erik.

"For your first day here you really caused a huge commotion," Gwen said while she skateboarding around Jake in a circle.

"I guess." Jake cooly placed his hands in his jean pockets and looks around the school garden. He sees Flash and Bobby picking on weaker kids, by taking their lunch money, homework, and even giving out painful lWedgies and other forms of painful hazing. This worlds Barry Allen really was a jerk and so was Bobby, they felt like they owned the school. Aside from these two jocks they were followed by a teenager with sunglasses who had slightly medium gelled hair like Jake's. His name was Scott Summers, he was part of the hierarchy of the King 'Flash'. Or King Flash. Jake didn't help out the kids being bullied because he would end up fighting Flash again and Flash would probably not hold back his powers since he already hated Jake's guts.

"So what's up with everyone weak getting bullied like crazy?" Asked Jake to his new 'friends'.

"It happens all the time. Sadly there is not much anyone can do. In fact you were the only one who stood up to Flash and Bobby, two of the strongest superpower humans on campus." Said Gwen as she stopped skateboarding, suddenly she lost her balance and she was about to fall face down on to the pavement, Jake quickly caught by grabbing her slender waist and in a tango pose. Her cheeks turn a brighten rosy red. She was blushing way too much as Jake held her body up and saved her from falling face first onto the cemented ground.

"Wow your reflexes are fast," Gwen cutely mumbled.

"I know. But you should be more careful," Jake playfully drops her butt onto the grassy garden and walks off.

"Hey! Gosh! You are such a jerk!" Gwen huffs and stomps her fight with a loud pout.

" Hey about the hierarchy in this school I think it goes by ranks or tiers," Miles informed Jake.

"Go on," Jake replied.

"Well, you see Flash is the King of this academy he is a Senior and Bobby is the Jack, kind of like playing cards or royalty status. There is also the Knight, Ace, Queen, Princess, etc. It all dephends on how powerful the powers the person has. That's' the main gest," Miles said.

"Yeah that is why no one fights back, the hierarchy will gang up on you," Peter added in. At this time he got over MJ, he figured there were more girls in this world than just her and he should just focus on himself instead, like getting smarter and entering Stark Industries.

"Interesting," Jake rubs his chin. 'Reminds me of the crime and law enforcement in this world. The truth is chaos can't be controlled. I am going to change all of that.' He thought about bringing down the hierarchy of this academy and world.

*VROOM! VROOM!* Bruce's Bugatti pulls up near Jake and reeves up.

"See you guys later. I will give all of you a text so we can meet up and chill out tomorrow," Jake said as he went to the gold and black sports car.

"Hey w-wait! Do you mind if I get a ride!?" Shouts Gwen.

"Yeah me too!" Barbara shouts as well.

Jake looks at Bruce and just shrugs. Every other student gawked at the car, Raven didn't care, she had a 'whatever' face on.

Bruce glares at Jake, "I don't mind taking your friends to their homes," He tips down his sunglasses and winks at Jake.

'I have to stop wasting time! Whatever doesn't matter by today I should have everything mapped out. No more playing around, today was fun while it lasted, but its time I get back to evolving,' Jake clenched his fist, he had so many things to do today. 'Dammit who knew friends could waste so much time,' He sighed, playing the role of a 'teenage student' was getting on he nerves.

"Yeah you guys can come," Jake said with a clear annoyed look on his face.

"Yeepie!" Gwen runs over to the luxurious black and gold sports car. Barbara follows right behind. What Gwen didn't know was that the person driving the car was Bruce Wayne himself. What she also didn't know is that she would be with the Dark Spider and Dark Knight in the same car!

Jake's new life was just beginning. But he knew for sure that he couldn't waste any more time. Today was the only day, he would live a normal life, for what was about to come was going to give Jake a rude awakening.


[Who said getting Raven was easy lol]

[A/N: Here is one of the biggest chapters to repay you guys for the torture of April Fools. Anyway a few things. The pace is going to go fast now. I won't spend so much time in school, maybe just to develop the characters more. I will try my best to give every character some screen time lol. Anyways let me know which new girl you want to see. As you can already tell relationships are already growing. As for MJ I something planned don't worry. Next chapter we get back to the epic and action, I won't spoil anything. Next chapter you will get to chose some powerful powers.]

[I also show all of the poers Jake currently has]

3,000 words.


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