Spiderman Evolution
46 Emotions
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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46 Emotions

Bruce Wayne at the moment was wearing sunglasses, so Gwen couldn't really tell who was driving the insanely expensive Bugatti. Though many questions were racing through Gwen's mind, like who exactly was Jake's father!? And who exactly was Jake? How was he this cool? She never heard of any wealthy family with the last name Justice, which sounded very strange for a last name, almost contrived. Jake was mysterious in Gwen's eyes. She didn't know much about him, but yet she felt such a strong connection with him. Some people don't believe at love at first sight and some do. Love works in mysterious ways.

"So where should I be talking your 'girlfriends'," Bruce said with a sly smirk.

"They are not my girlfriends," Jake quickly corrected Bruce.

Both Gwen and Barbara blush. They then both tell Bruce their addresss. Only Barbara knew that Jake was Bruce's apprentice, awhile back Jake told Barbara to keep it a secret between them. If anyone knew Jake lived with Bruce then that would draw more attention, however, it was obvious that his plan was backfiring, for fuck sakes Jake showed up to the first day of school in a Buggati!

The Bugatti zooms around in the highway of New Gotham easily passing other cars in seconds.

"Woah! This is amazing!" Gwen lifts her hands high up in the air as a strong gust of wind swooshes by her face, her golden blonde hair flutters everywhere. Barbara's ginger hair also moved around with the wind in a wild frenzy. The sunroof was down at the moment.

Soon Bruce had arrived at Gwen's apartment complex, which was where Barabara stayed as well as Gwen's roommate.

"See you around Jake," Gwen waved goodbye as she stepped out the flashy sports car.

Bruce looks at Jake and nudged his shoulders for him to say goodbye properly at the two girls.

Jake didn't care about this right now, he had way too many things to do today, but he got out of the car anways and waved the girls goodbye like a gallant knight. Gwen smiled and hugged Jake goodbye, "I want a rematch of basketball tomorrow. This time I won't hold back," She winked and walked off. Barbara also hugged Jake, "See you at school hotshot," She sneaked in a kiss on Jake's cheeks.

Gwen eyes furrowed in confusion and jealousy, 'Barbara barely even talked to Jake and yet she likes him?' She takes out a silver ring from her pocket and presses it against her chest, it was Jake's silver ring when he dropped it at Gwen's house after he saved her as Dark Spider!

Gwen still remembered that very day when the Dark Spider saved her life from sheer death when the mafia member was about to shoot her in the head, she thought her life was over, but the Dark Spider gave saved her and gave her hope to keep on living. Dark Spider was more than a hero to her, he was something entirely different. And well Dark Spider really wasn't a hero type after killing the mafia men and devouring Killer Frost as well as other villains.

Gwen held tightly to the silver ring, she waited for the day to meet the Dark Spider again, it had been weeks since the last time she saw him. If only she knew that the Dark Spider was closer to her then she thinks. She looks at Jake one more time with her alluring aqua eyes, before he got back into the Buggati. Her heart begins beating faster, she was confused and distressed about her feelings for Jake. She knew there was something special about him.

No one can ever understand a girls mind, even girls themselves don't understand their own emotions. That is just how emotions work.

[A/N: Thinking about something... Anyways new stories coming out.]


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