Spiderman Evolution
47 Upgrade
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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47 Upgrade

Jake thinks about all the girls he has met. Barbara, Gwen, Raven, Felicia, and there was going to be more. Oh so more. He was trying to hold back his primal instincts, but damn did he want to be with every single one of them. It was hard to choose which girl he wanted first because all of them were so perfect. He knew first that he needed some power and money before he could chase after the girls he desired. And the truth was... He desired all of the girls in this world. Yet there were two girls who interest him right now.

In about 10mins Jake arrives back at the Wayne Manor Mansion, it was around 4:00 p.m. The sun shined brightly over Jake's face as he got of Bruce's gold and black Bugatti.

"So you are good with the ladies just like me. Haha," Bruce chuckled as he turned off the sports car by pressing a red sensor button. There was a push to start engine inside of the car, which was activated only by Bruce's fingerprints and as a backup, it only started with Bruce's car keys.

"I guess you can say that. You didn't mind driving some random girls back to their apartments? I mean don't you have important things to do?" Jake asked with a confused face.

"Well, any friend of yours is a friend of mine, just don't expect me to do it again," Bruce said with a frown.

Jake was about to say thanks, but he had to hurry up and upgrade a bunch of his powers, including his gear and system. He was also thinking of upgrading Butter Bot who had surprised him. Jake didn't know that Butter Bot was becoming more sentient and aware at a rapid rate.

"Hey I will be going to my room is there anything you have planned today?" Jake said while walking inside the mansion with Bruce.

"Not really. Oh, wait. I do have this important dinner with a special lady and then I have to plan for a huge business trip," Bruce replied as he poured himself some orange juice.

"Okay cool. I am going to work on my first school project," Jake said as made himself some coffee.

"Before you go. How was your day at school?" Bruce asked while texting his exotic supermodel date. His tone was sincere, he actually wanted to know about Jake's first day at the academy.

"It was alright," Jake adds a bunch of sugar into his coffee to provide extra energy, even though he was going to have a coffee crash. But he needed this extra boost of energy for what he was about to do today.

"Good to know. You are a good kid Jake, just a little too smart for your own good. But sometimes being smart isn't everything. When I come back from my dinner I need to talk to you about something important," Bruce said as he walks to his room to get ready for his date. He was actually late for his date, the drive was going to take 30mins or more depending on traffic which New Gotham had a lot of.

'Yeah, I am going to need more than smarts for what I am about to do,' Jake looks at both of his hands which were shaking with power, he could feel the surge of powers he absorbed today coursing through his veins. It was like thunderbolts were exploding throughout his entire body. Flash's superhuman speed and reflexes were finally kicking in inside of his Spider-Man symbiote hybrid body.

"Alfred make your best coffee," Jake instructed him cracking his knuckles.

"Right away Master Jake," Alfred goes over to the fancy gold plate kitchen and starts making fresh pressed expresso.

Jake heads downstairs to the Batcave and goes straight to his room. Once inside he flicks down a small almost invisible paper-clip device. Jake was only able to see this micro-sized paper-clip device with his Spider-Sight and Spider-Sense. He had created this paperclip with his own spiderwebs!

The paper-clip device snaps back and actives a lever-sensor on the metal floors and walls of Jake's room which folded back and spun around to reveal Jake's secret hideout. This was his temporary hideout for now. Jake already had enough money to leave Bruce's mansion, but he need a week to build his company from the ground up. He needed billions of dollars if he was going to compete with Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. He also needed to create a revolutionary invention/serum that would catch the eyes of the most wealthy intellectuals and even civilians. So today was the day to change everything. He had already wasted enough time. Hierarchy or not, Jake was determined to push his powers to the limit.

In front of Jake was a blueish floating holographic simulation screen he had fused with his System, behind the simulation was his Destroyer Power Suit. Jake takes out Butter Bot from his backpack.

"You ready for your upgrade?" Jake said with a wicked grin as he held up Butter Bot high up in the air like in the Lion King movie.

"It is about time creator," Butter Bot revibrates across Jake's hideout room.

Not only was Jake going to upgrade this robot, but he was also going to upgrade everything else. His newly absorbed powers, his Power Suit, and his System. He was also going to use Raven's dark magic(demonic) powers to control his symbiote powers. Things were about to get serious.


[A/N: If you can review and rate up this novel that would be good. I used to look at the reviews to get better, but some reviews are useless, like the front page one, so to address the big question. Yes there is harem and I will finally put the tag, I just didn't have any space. Now it will be a harem that happens over time, yes making a harem novel is impossible, in fact, I have never seen a good one in my life. I don't claim to be perfect either. Only harem novel that was good was Super Sales for Superheroes check it out. Overall it comes to this, if you don't like harems, then don't read it. But if you want to read it, then I will be sure to put R-18 on the chapter note so you can skip over it if it is not your thing. Next thing is the pace will pick up and on Sunday I am doing a big event for a huge chapter release. Of course, you already know if you donate to Pa treon I will be pumping out more chapters. $2 donation will help as well as any donation actually. The reason why I need this support is too upgrade my work station(Grammarly is bad lol). Here is a little story about myself. I literally have no friends, I shut off myself from anyone and write lol. So most of my days are spent writing and making new stories never done before! Anyways here is some info, I will be adding more scenery, more Marvel and D.C lore, and more character development. I will be adding a poll chapter that will ask you which direction I should take the story. Anyways more chapters coming out, 1,000-2,000 words max. Ask any questions.

All powers will be explained tomorrow. I also plan to edit past chapters. And yes Jake will learn from Bruce and a new 'master' in martial arts. I will try to make things less complicated lol.

I also fixed Felica to Felicia, Grammarly is messing with me on purpose.

RAVEN IS THICK, BLACK CAT IS BUSTY, Butter Bot is now ButterTron



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