Spiderman Evolution
48 Upgrade Pt. 2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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48 Upgrade Pt. 2

"Alright pull up the mainframe System," Jake jumped on his office chair and snapped his finger to active his system and simulation screen.

*Holographic sensor sounds* The sphere simulation that Jake created for his forge for the first time showed up right in front of his eyes. He called it the SIM Sphere. The simulated sphere floated right above Jake's palms, he looked like a god in his own room.

[System Mainframe]






"Chose forge" Jake instructed his system while opening his laptop. He then put Butter Bot inside of the floating SIM sphere. The simulated sphere scanned and outline the robotic humanoid's body. Jake's system had integrated perfectly with the simulation station he had created inside his room. Everything was indeed powered by the SONAR device that he had stolen from Batman. The best part of this setup was that he could easily hide it or take it somewhere else just by transferring the system inside of his cell phone or even in his mind! His inner Tony Stark was finally being unleashed.

[Humanoid Robot] (Butter Bot)

Body Frame: Ironman Mark III

STR: 50

DEF: 70

AGI: 50

STM: 20


KAM: 0

[Metals]: Steel and Carbon Fiber




Metals/Minerals: Chose metals or minerals [Choose 3]

Specs: This refers to modifications such as Nano-bot technology. [ Choose 2 ]

Weapons: Describes itself- Examples: Missles, Laser Canons, Repulsor Beams [Choose 3 ]

Gadgets: Examples: Jet pack, Pinpoint Aim [ Choose 2 ]

Fuel/Energy Source: Example: Arc Reactor

"Damn this robot I created in less than a minute really has some powerful stats. Well, let's get you an upgrade buddy," Jake types away at all the options.

"Yes, creator. Make me powerful," Butter Bot says as it raises its tiny robotic hands in the air.

Jake forms the backbone and blueprints of Butter Bot's newly upgraded body frame. "I should probably give you a better name than Butter Bot or Butter Spreader," He thought as finished the last touches by rearranging the simulations on his forge and adding in all the metals, weapons, and energy source configurations.

Jake then activated his own system to check out his current stats.

[Spiderman System]

Race: Human

IQ: 400 - Super Genius

Evolution: Symbiote - Fusion Variant, Lizard,

DNA: Human, Funnel-Web Spider,

Bloodline: Symbiote [Rare Unknown]

Powers: Super speed, Super Strength (160-ton), High Reflex/ Jump, Wall-climb, Web-Shooters(Organic Form), Spider-Sense, Shotgun Web, Symbiote Morphing, Harden Symbiote Scales, Symbiote Claws, Void Eye, Dark Ray-Vison(Can shoot a dark beam of symbiote out of eyes), Super Speed(Flash), Astral-Projection(Raven), Dark Magic, Cryo Blast(Killer Frost), Heat Wave( D.C),

Amazo powers- [Atom, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter]

Suits: 1- Destroyer / Model: Destroyer X1



STR: 110 [Symbiote and Spider-Man strength]

DEF: 88

AGI: 105[Spider-Man and Flash agility]


INTEL: 107

KAM: -5

[Augments]: Eyes- Spider Sight, Void Eye,

Body Frame: Locked

Brain: Speed Mind

"There is a lot of things I have to go over, for now, let me finish up my robot's upgrade," Jake gets back to work and places all the parts together to form a new and improve humanoid robot.

[A/N: I will go into detail with Jake's new powers and his current powers, I have read past suggestions and Slayer Eye sounds like a cool name, I wonder what will be the powers of Slayer Eye? I was thinking it would be like this power[ Mystic Eyes of Death Perception ] or something different. Not sure. Anyways give suggestions for Butter Bot's upgrade lol. Also, I will go more in-depth with Jake's power suit as well and the Spider Shop will be open next chapter lol(Which I wanted to do for a long time. ]

Side Notes: Yes anime powers may be included, but the MC has to make them.

[What to fix- I will be adding more depth to each character. And yes I will finally talk about Jake's past life. In fact, I will remind everyone that Jake's mind was altered by a certain event. (Spoiler) So yes he thinks differently from his past self. I will say he has 50/50 his past memories and mind. I would say more but that will be a spoiler. In other news, I am working on my first original novel in a while so I will let you know when it is up. Quick question, but is getting a contract on this site really worth it? Or should I just go to Amazon?]

Also, when should I release my next fan-fic( Akame Ga Kill?)


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