Spiderman Evolution
49 Upgrade Prime
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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49 Upgrade Prime



Metals: Nth Metal, Adamantine, Vibranium

Specs: Nano-bot, Transformer(Can transform to any object by scanning it) Jake: "WTF how did this robot get this spec?"

Weapons: Laser Beams, Railgun, Heavy Artillery

Gadgets: Thrusters, Pinpoint Aim

Fuel/Energy Source: Dark Reactor Jake: " I am going to test out my theories of compressed dark matter inside this robot before I use it on myself. It should replicate the effects of a black hole but at a much stable state. Hope this robot can handle it. "


[Upgrade completed! - Humanoid Robot- Alias: BBTron]

"Why is my name BBtron?" Asked the humanoid robot as it was being modified.

"I want to at least keep your origins," Jake said while typing at his system to configure BBtron's body frame.

"My hatred for you is infinite," BBtron replied as its body started to reform itself, a new formation of Nth Metal, Adamantine, and Vibranium appeared all around BBtron arms, legs, waist, and head. A vortex of these metals spun around him and then aligned onto his robotic body like magnets. In a matter of seconds, BBtron was finally upgraded. Now one may be thinking why in the hell did Jake upgrade this sentient robot who hated his guts, well it was rather simple, he needed someone or in this case, something to join him in his missions. Jake realized that fighting alone would have him at a great disadvantage if he were outnumbered. So that is where BBtron came in. Jake could shut-down BBtron if it ever tried to rebel against him like HAL 9000 or Ultron.

"Here is the final part of your upgrade. The Dark Reactor." Jake held a compressed sphere of dark matter on top of his palms, he created this sphere with his system. He places the Dark Reactor core inside the middle of BBtron's chest cavity. Jake smirked at his new upgraded creation, his super genius mind was being used to its prime.

"I feel can the power overflowing me! The power is immeasurable!" BBtron robotically thunders out as blackish static waves and sparks combusted out of its tiny 1ft body.

*BOOM!* BBtron exploded and its whole body shattered into a million pieces of mixed metals. The Dark Reactor was too powerful for the humanoid robot to contain, Jake's first sentient creation had been destroyed.

Jake looks over his dead creation without a single ounce of remorse in his cold eyes. "Dammit. I thought I made the Dark Reactor stable enough to be used as an energy source. There must have been an overload of dark matter, good thing I didn't use it on my self. Back to the drawing board," He said while putting a pen on his ear and drinking some strong coffee. He got back to work.

"Next up in line is controlling my symbiote powers, this is going to be fun," He sarcastically said as he turned off all the remaining lights in his room and only turned on one powerful light that was a microscope light.

Jake put down his finger on top of the microscope and takes out a combat knife from his desk table. "Well this is going to hurt, oh wait I don't feel pain," He spun around the combat knife in a skillful assassin way and cleanly cut off his own finger!

His blackish symbiote blood spurted all over the lens of the microscope so he could see the strands of the symbiote up close.

"System enhance 100x zoom," Jake commands his system.

His system fuses with the microscope lens and zooms directly at Jake's black blood.

He was finally going to solve the origin of his symbiote bloodline.

[A/N: Next chapters will be longer. The next chapter should go over all of the MCs powers and other important information. The Pa treon advance chapters will roll out tomorrow. So there will only be one chapter tomorrow and the rest of the day until Sunday. I was not going to post at all, but I didn't feel like its right to keep you guys waiting. But check out Pa treon if you want way more chapters.

Just a notice. I think it is about time I show everyone how R-18 is really done. So wait for it. Cause it's 'coming'. Btw it would be good if I can get back to 4.5 or 4.7. So if you can review that would be good. I will be posting more stories on Webnovel, then I will put it on RR. I will keep you updated with my new story.


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