Spiderman Evolution
50 Upgrade Prime Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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50 Upgrade Prime Finale

[Enhance 100x vertical and horizontal 180-degree zoom] Jake's system alerts him.

"Stop," Jake said to pause the zoom.

"Enhance to the right, 50x zoom" He slides his fingers forward to guide his system. He sees fibers upon fibers of protein, plasma, and molecules. He was trying to look for the white blood cells in his symbiote blood, white blood cells contain DNA, while red blood cells don't. Soon he found some white blood cells. Well, actually they were black blood cells in this case since it was the cells of a symbiote. The tricky thing about this is that they were billions of symbiote that existed in the Marvel World. To pinpoint one exact origin would be close to impossible. Symbiotes feed off darkness and the darkest desires of its host. Jake was sure that eventually, the symbiote inside his body will evolve and take over his mind just as it did to Eddie Brock.

"System I want you to scan the DNA of this black blood cell." Jake rubbed his chin and used all of his smarts to formulate different theories on how to control his symbiote powers which were dominant at the moment. He wrote down equations and methods as fast as lighting while drinking coffee and listening to Metallica as an extra boost!

As he used his mind to the fullest ability, his system was scanning and analyzing the black blood cell.

[Scan complete- DNA origin- unknown, restricted]

Suddenly his system made a loud static noise and his body was sent back by a powerful static explosion, a swarm of symbiote's spun out of Jake's cut-off finger and then it attacks Jake!

Jake jumped off from his office chair and shot out a blast of shadow flames from his palms, the flames devoured the attacking symbiote's. Jake's flames were a fusion Heat Wave's flames and Raven's dark magic powers. Even though the flames melted most of the symbiote's, more started to regenerate and head straight towards Jake at a ground-shaking speed.

"Shit!" Jake shoots out Black Ice beams from his wrists like he was web-slinging, but instead, he shot out dark ice beams from his wrists. This was indeed Killer Frost's ice powers.

The primal wrathing symbiotes smashed up against Jake's room and slammed against the walls causing the metal walls of his room to shatter!

Eventually, the sentient xenomorphic tentacles froze as a thick layer of black ice encased around the sea of rebelling symbiotes.

Jake breathes deeply and looks at his hand which was actually shaking with pain, "Aaaaaaah!" For the first time in a while he felt a pain surging throughout his skull, it was like his head was going to explode. A flood of dark images enters his mind.

*Foolish boy, did you really think you would discover the truth? Did you actually think you are powerful enough to wield such destructive power! The darkness will soon consume you!* Says a demonic alien voice.

In the distance of Jake's mindscape, he sees a giant shadow figure sitting on a throne made up entirely of symbiotes. Could this be the origin of his symbiote bloodline? Where was he? Who was in front of him?

"Who are you!?" Jake roars out, he wanted to know the truth of his origin.

In a flash, Jake snaps out of his mindscape and opens his eyes wide, he sees a fury of symbiote tentacles rushing over to his skull to kill him! The symbiotes tentacles harden and turned to razor-sharp spikes.

His Spider-Sense jolted up!

Jake swiftly forms his NecroKatana and slices the tentacles in half, the symbiote tentacles start squirming wildly on the ground, he realized that these symbiotes were a different color, they were a demonic reddish color fused with shadow black, kind of like Carnage symbiotes, but the blackish color overpowered the blood red color.

In a blistering speed, Jake grabs the cutoff tentacles with his astral-project powers and places them inside the Dark Reactor sphere to imprison the ravenous symbiote's that tried to kill him. He was using Raven's dark magic to subdue the symbiote's inside the Dark Reactor which was filled with dark matter.

Jake breathed heavily, he was almost devoured by his own powers! He looks down at his hands and forearms and sees slash marks that were from the symbiote's attacking him. His human blood leaked out from the deep wounds.

It seemed whatever symbiote bloodline that was inside Jake did not want to be discovered. But Jake had a haunting feeling on the origin of his bloodthirsty symbiote powers.

At this moment Jake knew what must be done, he had to devour more powers to keep his symbiote powers in balance, he felt an endless void in his stomach, hunger took over his body. The hunger for power!

Jake glances over at the Dark Reactor and sees it glowing, more symbiote tentacles came out the energy source sphere and attacked Jake, "You got to be kidding me! How resilient is this thing to take over my body!" He puts both of his elbows up and uses his dragon harden skin to block the attacking symbiotes, a formation of metallic dragon scales appeared around his forearms. The symbiote tentacles stabbed Jake in his forearms and his body slid back as friction sparks were seen coming out of Jake's forearms, who would have known that the most deadly creature in this universe would exist inside of Jake.

Suddenly a swarm of nano-bots swarmed over the tentacles and trapped the tentacles so it won't harm Jake. It was BBtron the little robot had come back to life!

"Only I get to kill to my creator," BBtron said as its body reformed around the Dark Reactor! The humanoid robot had actually been compatible with the Dark Reactor! Maybe it was because Jake was smart enough to trap the symbiotes inside of the dark reactor to trap the deadly alien creatures. The symbiotes dark powers must have balanced out the dark matter inside the core of the reactor!

"Well its good to have you back," Jake said with surprise in his blue eyes. He didn't know that his plan would work.

"I am going to need more coffee," Jake said while wiping some his own blood off from his mouth.

Things were getting crazier by the second.


Jake sits down with BBtron and inspects its whole body, its upgrade was now complete with the Dark Reactor as BBtron's core. This was an amazing feat. In just one day Jake was able to create a brand new energy source that was fueled by the powers of darkness and dark matter(Like Space and Atoms). He was also able to discover his symbiote origins, well not completely discover it, but he had a general idea of who was the omnipotent shadow being talking to him.

[Spider-Man System]

+50 IQ = 450 IQ

+20 STR

+ 30 STM

+ 20 AGI

+ 20 DEF

"So I gained some stats by creating and forging a new energy source, and by fighting off my own symbiote powers, sounds just about right, " Jake washes his face with cold water to wake the fuck up. He had to be alert, this was only one of the days when his symbiotes attacked him. He needed to find a way to control all of his powers, Raven's powers only helped him trap some of the uncontrollable symbiotes inside the Dark Reactor core in which BBtron was now using. Jake needed someone of higher powers to control whatever was inside of him someone like Dr.Strange. But right now his endless hunger to absorb more powers was growing by the second. Ever since he first devoured The Lizard and Killer Frost inside his symbiote body all he wanted to do is gain more power. Taking the blood of others wasn't enough for him, he wanted to eat them alive to gain all of their powers.

Jake swiftly invests all of his money inside his own company named Justice Industries. He invested in the stock shares which he manipulated in his favor. In total Jake invested 500million inside of his own stock in a hidden stock account. All he needed to do now was to create a project that would revolutionize the entire world. He formed many ideas and the one of them that stuck out the most was the idea to create a serum that would help regenerate dead cells and kill off cancer cells. Something that would help people suffering from deadly diseases. It is ironic that a monster is actually thinking about saving lives when he has taken some lives himself. But that was the way Jake thinks, he was indeed a psycho who was too smart for his own good. In his past Jake experience traumatic events that would change any man, he saw the lives of many innocents slaughter by the likes of evil in his world. That is why Jake solely targeted criminals, terrorists, killers, and villains. If you let evil exist in this world, then evil will devour the weak. That was the one flaw of a superhero, their own emotions got in the way of justice. It got in the way of truth. For evil can never change, instead, it evolves and corrupts everything in its path. Much like Jake, but he sought out to use his evil for something else, for a higher purpose. By nature Jake wasn't an evil person, he was just someone who wanted to actually change the world.

Jake looks at his Destroyer Power Suit and then stands up, his stomach rumbles. "I need to feed this endless hunger for power," He cracks his neck and gets suited up. A new mission unfolds.

BBtron hovers over to Jake's side and lands on top of his broad shoulders.

[Spider Shop now unlocked!]

"Things just got better," Jake devilishly smirks.

"Domination now begins," BBtron said in a cold static voice.

"You got that right," Jake fist bumped BBtron and swings out of his room with his symbiote spider-webs shooting from his wrist. Nightfall was just setting in. Who will the Dark Spider encounter this time?

[A/N: No chapter tomorrow. However, there will be advance chapters on Pa treon tomorrow. There will be a ton of chapters on Sunday so get your power stones ready. The new story should come out today or tomorrow I will let you know with a chapter link post. Also, all filler chapters will be put on the Aux section.

Yes, this chapter may be confusing so I am still fixing it today as it goes. To put it in simple terms.

Spider-Man powers vs Symbiote powers.

You will know more about MCs powers in the next chapters and what happens to the enemies he absorbs.

Next chapter will be filled with action and such. I already planned all the arcs. So I will speed up things a bit.


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