Spiderman Evolution
54 Domination Pt. 3
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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54 Domination Pt. 3

Black Cat jumps across the rooftops of apartment buildings. Jake web-slings right behind her and follows her every movements. She was super agile, flexible, and fast on her feet like a snow leopard. In every way possible she was the embodiment of a fierce feline.

"Can you carry me in your powerful muscular arms while you swing me away?" Black Cat teased Jake with a wink as she jumps on a balcony of a building.

"Not a chance," Jake jumps on top of a glass rooftop of a huge mega mall. He could see a bunch of civilians leaving the mall through the glass roof. It was now 11:30 pm, the malls close later in New Gotham. There was extra security guiding the civilians out of the mall.

"Aw come on! Don't be such a sour spider! My legs are really hurting and I am getting tired," Black Cat smirked as she playfully messaged Jake's shoulders. Her buxom breasts press up against his back.

"Where exactly are you taking me?" Jake is getting annoyed by Black Cat's seduction antics.

"You are just going to have to wait and see," Black Cat puts on her orange goggles over her black eye-mask(Like in the comic books). These were Infrared goggles which could see in the dark. Jake could already see in the dark because of his Void Eyes powers and his Spider Sight/ enhanced Spider-Senses which picks up any nearby power signatures and alerted him of danger that was close. Plus he had a symbiote bloodline which was the embodiment of darkness. He knew the dark all too well.

Black Cat spots out the location she was looking for and grins, "Gotcha," She lifts up her goggles, she already pinpointed the secret mafia hideout by snapping a photo of it with her goggles.

"Seriously can you swing me around? I have been jumping around from building to building and I have been stealing prized jewels and cracking open safes all day long. My legs are fricking killing me," Black Cat seductively messages her own thicks thighs and stretches her long legs and arms.

"Whatever as long as it makes you shut up. Just tell me where the location is at," Jake lifts up Black Cat with one arm like she was a princess and web-slings her and himself across a nearby billboard and then slings onto a business tower. He keeps on web-swinging from building to building with one hand with his symbiote spider-webs shooting out from his vieny right wrist. His symbiote spider-webs were powerful enough to swing Black Cat's weight and his own weight just with one spider-web!

"Just pass those two buildings and you will find the location of the hideout of the Mob Bosses who have me captive." Black Cat says as her busty body dangles over Jake's forearms, he was web-swinging around the city while carrying the sexy Black Cat like he was King Kong. Her massive watermelon breasts and ass jiggle as he swings away in the night skies.

"You know we should do this more often! It is so fun!" Black Cat happily raises both of her hands up in the air like a giddy girl. She really was enjoying her time with the Dark Spider. "Alright, the free ride is over," Jake drops Black Cat on her bubbly butt near the rooftop of an apartment complex, "Owww! What the heck! You really do play rough!" Black Cat rubs her swore butt after being dropped.

"Now lead the way," Jake lands near her and cracks his knuckles. BBtron hovers near Jake.

"What is that?" Black Cat asked while poking BBtron's robotic humanoid face like a curious kitty.

"Its one of my most powerful inventions and it will kill you if you don't hurry up and show me where you bosses are at," Jake coldly said. He knew that whoever hired Black Cat to do their dirty work was most likely the one who planned out the hostage raid on Barbara and Gwen, as well the ones who gave Cryo Bombs to Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, and Iceman.

"Yikes, why are you so mean all the time? You won't get a girlfriend like that

"I don't care," Jake replies without any sense of care for her meaningless useless words.

"Hmph, I finally got to see what your face looks like with your mask off and I have to say I am impressed. You are everything I envisioned you would be. So handsome, so smart, so mysterious, and so powerful. Almost unreal. I wonder who you really are?" Black Cat licks her lips while grabbing the sides of her slender waist.

Black Cat was older than Jake by three years( Jake: 17 Black Cat: 20), even though Jake's buff body frame made him look older than he is. Jake had indeed revealed his face, but he had dark glowing red eyes at this moment and he was going to use his Slayer Eyes on her after he completed his mission. Not to kill her, but to do something else entirely.

"You will never know who I am. And I plan to keep it that way," Jake darkly said with his black mouth mask on.

"Oh your so bad. I like that. Roawrrrr," Black Cat purs as she extends her metallic- claws on her catsuit and starts moving them up and down like a fierce black cat ready to pounce what they desired.

"Creator I sense a large power reading nearby," BBtron's metallic eyes started to glow a neon blue color like Optimus Prime. It was on alert.

Black Cat wavies her hands over to Jake, "Hey we are close, just below this apartment complex there is a high-class restaurant," She points her fingers down at the edge of the brick apartment rooftop.

"Are you serious? I told you not to waste my time." Jake is angered that Black Cat would lead him to some random restaurant.

"Just trust me. I know were my 'kind' hides out," Black Cat jumps off from the apartment building and lands on the rooftop of the restaurant.

"You better be right," Jake does a ninja back-flip and jumps down towards Black Cat. He lands skillfully on top of the restaurant next to Black Cat, he was getting more used to his Spider-Man each day. Each jump, spider-crawl, and web-sling he did with perfect precision that would make Peter Parker look like an amateur.

Jake uses his Void Eyes to see through the restaurant, he sees that the entire restaurant is completely empty.

"Let's go," Black Cat slashes and claws through the metallic rooftop of the restaurant with catsuit metallic claws to create a big enough opening for her and Jake to sneak in. She slowly did this so she won't make any noise. She really was a sly and smart vixen.

Black Cat knew that the mafia would frequently meet-up at random restaurants to plan future heists, drug deals, ransom attacks, and just about every crime you can think of.

Jake slips through the cut-through opening and Black Cat follows him.

"You sure are a tricky cat," Jake said as he enters the empty restaurant.

"I am full of surprises. Both good and bad," Black Cat winks. She was emphasizing on her 'bad luck' charm.

Jake uses his Spider Sight and Void Eyes to see around the restaurant, suddenly he spots out a hidden-trap door near the bar area of the Italian restaurant. His Spider-Senses was slightly tingling. A powerful force was nearby.

"So the bastards who took your freedom are behind this door," Jake pushes aside a wine cooler to open a trap-wall and sure enough a hidden door was seen.

"How did you do that?" Black Cat said with a baffled expression on her pale face. She had a hunch that the mafia was here at this certain restaurant tonight, but she could never find out where the meetings took place. Each secret location must have had a hidden door.

"Let's just say I have some tricks of my own," Jake said with a devilish smirk inside of his mouth mask.

Jake could hear a bunch of loud people talking behind the hidden door which was soundproof.

"You ready to go in? These bastards don't mess around, they will kill you the moment they lay their eyes on you-" Black Cat looks around for Jake. He vanished in thin air, he was already going down a fleet of stairs that would eventually lead to who he was looking for.

"Hey what for me!" Quitely yelled Black Cat with an angered growl and pout as she lightly stomped her feet(She is wearing combat high-heels at the moment). She hated how Jake never listened to her.

Jake stealthily crawls on all fours on the side of the brick walls of the mafia hideout, his spider-hairs easily gripped at the brick walls, he looked like a rock-climber. He was in some warehouse location that was disguised as a restaurant kitchen. Jake slowly crawls above 20 heavily armed mafia men who were all loading stolen items and weapons inside of school buses. Next to these mafia men, were some random men who were wearing clown mask and some shitty tattered clothes with bulletproof vests strapped around the upper region of their bodies.

Jake's Spider-Senses shot right up. There were two powerful power signatures inside this mafia hideout.

"Chop! Chop! Everyone! Soon the Grand Event begins! HAahahahaAHA!" Hysterically laughs a nasty sinister voice from below were Jake was spider-crawling. The clownish laugh was spine-chilling.

Jake knew that horrid vile laugh from anywhere. A laugh that was destructive in every way possible. A laugh of pure chaos.

[A/N:Not much to say other than I am tired as fuck lol. But way more chapters tomorrow. Just so much stuff is going on in my life. But I promise I will get more chapters out. I just don't want to write short chapters. Next chapters are going to be good. I read everyone's comments so I can fix this story up and make it better. So if you have any questions let me know. I did two chapters today, but I should be able to do five tomorrow. I will push myself to the limit]


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