Spiderman Evolution
55 Domination Pt. 4
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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55 Domination Pt. 4

Jake scanned the area for any powerful power source, there was no way that these mafia men had any kind of powers. He looked downwards to see who was commanding the mafia men and the clown-masked men.

"Why do we need to listen to a damn clown!" Sal Maroni shouted out in an Italian accent, he was a 40-year-old Italian man with stylish hair and the head leader of the mafia, but nowhere near the rank of Kingpin.

"Yeah my patience is growing thin with this clown," Said an African American man named Gambol as he cracked his bulky knuckles, he was perhaps one of the richest Mob Bosses in New Gotham, however, he was also outranked by the other Mob Bosses since he mainly cared about getting money for himself rather than doing business. Even though he was one of the richest Mob Boss in New Gotham he was also the most selfish Mob Boss who never thought about expanding his wealth and power.

From the shadows, a figure with long dyed-green hair and clown-makeup, with a large lip gash known as a Glasgow smile walks into the light. A Glasgow smile is when someone mutilates themselves by slashing their own face from each ear down to their mouth forming a wide bloody smile gash.

"Holy crap he is one ugly looking clown, who is he?" Black Cat whispered as she crawled on all fours next to the Dark Spider who was inspecting the Joker and his goons.

"Keep your mouth shut," Jake said as he formulates a plan to take down everyone in this hidden warehouse. The mafia men and clown-masked men were loading an array of explosives and other deadly devices inside the school buses(three in total). Suddenly his Spider-Senses rises almost to its peak.

"This power I am sensing is something I have never sensed before," Jake said to himself. " Jake's eyes widen, whoever was in this building with the Joker was truly a force of power not to be underestimated. He needed to be on alert and use his powers to the fullest, he won't hold back. His plans fade away, and all that was left was his killer instinct. To be powerful one must dominate. One must be the Apex Predator. Jake looks at Joker talking.

"You mafia types are all the same. All bark and no bite, you yap, and yap, but get nothing done. No one fears you like they fear Batman or the Dark Spider. Your Ponzi Schemes and robberies are outdated and childish. No one in New Gotham fears the mafia anymore your all just a bad joke. I think the real clowns here are you two." Joker cleverly points at Sal and Gambol while twirling around a knife between his fingertips.

"What do you mean!? Everyone is afraid of us! My riches build empires! My riches buys me the most skilled assassin and mercenaries that kill can your ass in seconds! What can you possibly do that I can't do! What has your riches bought you? Nothing! Because you have no money! You fucking freak!" Gambol is angered by Joker's vexing words and pulls out a Glock 50 handgun and points it at Joker's head.

"Even with all your money, the Dark Spider will still kill you. Do you think someone like him will be bribed with just money? HAHAHAHA! Look at you, I bet you are already shivering in you fancy little shoes just thinking about the Dark Spider. I can see the fear in your face. How does it feel to know your not the one in control? Money has bought you nothing, all it has done to you is inflate your childish ego. When the chips are down you will be the one crying and begging at my feet to save you from true fear," Joker says with a dark grin.

"That's it! I had enough of your fucking bullshit! You fucking clown!" Gambol pulls the trigger of his gun, but before he could shoot the Joker quickly tosses a joker card at his gun and slices the barrel in half and cuts off two of Gambol's fingers, "Aaaaah!" He fell to the cement floor as his blood spurted out of his cut off fingers. "You fucking clown bastard! What are you fucking idiots doing!? Shoot him!" Gambol roars out in pain as he gripped his bloody wounds. The warehouse is silent and only Gambol's curses and screams of agony filled the cold air.

Joker takes out way more razor-sharp card from under his purple jacket sleeves. Each card was made of hardened steel and metallic-glass(Sharpest glass in the world). Every card had a joker emblem on them, these cards were modified by the Joker himself. "You really have no idea what's going on, do you?" Joker spreads out his arms in the air and spins around in a circle to show off what was Gambol's situation.

All the mafia men and masked-clown men didn't obey Gambol's orders. None of them moved a muscle to protect Gambol.

"I guess your money doesn't work, after all. You see money can't buy or control everything, but fear, fear makes everyone crazy, makes them go mad, fear makes everyone follow you to the darkest of ends." Joker kneels down to Gambol's level. Gambol trembles as the MadJoker's terrifying Glasglow clown face gets closer and closer to the Mob Boss scared face.

"Do you wanna know how get these scars?" Joker places his knife inside Gambol's mouth and slowly slides the razor-sharp blade against the edge of Gambol's jaws. Gambol's eyes were shaking furiously with fear as Joker pressed the knife's blade harder against Gambol's jaws, blood leaks out of his mouth, "Gaaaarrrrgh!" He mumbles and screams out for mercy. Joker holds the back of Gambol's head and begins to speak in a dark menacing tone, " My father was a drinker and a fiend. And one night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn't like that. Not. One. Bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me, and he says, "Why so serious?" He comes at me with the knife, "Why so serious?!" He sticks the blade in my mouth, "Let's put a smile on that face!" He goes to slice off Gambol's jaw.

"Yeah let's put a smile on that ugly mug of yours," Suddenly a powerful fist slams right into Joker's face, it was the Dark Spider!

Joker's body is sent flying past several cement pillars and he slammed up against a pile of wooden containers filled with weapons.

All the mafia men and clown-masked men averted their attention to the Dark Spider who looked like a highly skilled assassin with one fist down on the ground and his body arched up like a tarantula in a striking stance. The mafia men and clown-masked men held their weapons up at the Dark Spider, but they couldn't really see him in the dark, he was almost invisible with the billions of symbiotes inside of his Spider-Suit. It was the same Power Suit he used in his first mission with Batman.

The mafia men and clown-masked men only pointed their weapons at the direction the Joker was hit, but they couldn't see who they were aiming at. Each mafia men and Jokers goons held up assault rifles and shotguns. These weapons were of higher quality than the run off the mill weapons usually stolen or bought illegally by gangsters. Someone was supplying them with top military grade weapons. How could have it been?

"A-HE-HE-HE-HO-HA-HA! HAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" The Joker insanely laughs as he gets up from the rubble of broken wooden containers with a wobble. Each container was quite heavy and weight a good 200 pounds each. Jake really punched the hell out of the Joker.

"I finally get to see the Dark Spider!" Joker wipes his own blood off from his mouth and licks his bloody fingers with joy in sick eyes. He enjoyed the fearsome powerful punch from the Dark Spider. Jake obviously held back if he didn't then the Joker's head would have exploded from the sheer velocity and insane power of Jake's punch. Jake only used 3% of his powers, his punch was able to crack almost all of Joker's teeth! His jaws were almost dislocated as well!

Jake stands up from the ground and gives Joker a death glare with his glowing dark red eyes. He wanted to use his new powers on everyone in this secret warehouse which reeked of corruption and death. In the distance Jake could see a bunch of bloody body bags of dead human beings set on fire, it was most likely Joker's doing. He probably killed the people who opposed him, just like he was about to kill Gambol. Joker really was someone to be afraid of, but not Jake wasn't afraid of him. He wasn't afraid of anyone.

"What's a party without a little extra company!" Joker manically raises his hands in the air.

From behind the Joker in the shadows of the warehouse, a busty sexy woman with long scarlet hair and emerald eyes is riding on top of a giant Venus Flytrap, she looked like a beautiful Nymph goddess. "Oh, so we meet again Spider?" Poison Ivy blows a seductive kiss at Jake as she rides the sentient plant vines.

There also two more shadow figures right behind the Joker.

'Why is she here?' Jake looks at Poison Ivy and clinches his fist. During his week training with Batman he fought off with Poison Ivy and she got away from Jake. She made a quick escape from him before he could use his Void Eyes. The distance of his Void Eyes void-tornado had now increased double since the last time he met Poison Ivy.

Suddenly out of nowhere a titan-size man that looked a Rhino slams Jake against the brick walls of the warehouse! It was the Rhino humanoid himself, the Rhino from the Spider-Man comics!

"Now the real fun begins!" Joker exclaims as he dances around and kicks up his feet with psychotic joy.

"This won't be fun for any of you," Dark Spider clenched his fist and does a fierce light-speed right hook punch against Rhino's thick defensive polymer face.

In a flash, Rhino's head explodes into meat chunks and shatter skull fragments! Jake then absorbs his 701-pound body inside of his eyes with his Void Eyes powers!It was a bloody sight to behold. Pure carnage.

Jake looks at all the people Joker has killed, it reminded him of the bloody battlefield. Seeing all of his comrades slaughtered like livestock. Fury burned deep within his vines. His hatred ignited. The one thing he hated was senseless killing(How ironic). Joker killed the innocent and the bad, he didn't care who he killed. All he cared about was causing enough chaos to gain the Dark Spider's attention. Jake had seen all the horrible things the Joker has done in the world with the information he had gotten from Batman. He knew how crazy the Joker was. He wasn't a easy villain to take down. He was too cunning. Jake knew he had to stop the Joker. But is Black Cat really working for the Joker? There is no way she would work with someone like him.

"Bravo!Bravo!" Joker claps his hands, he is beyond amused by Jake's terrifying powers.

"I'm just getting started," Jake wipes off Rhino's ruby blood from his masked demonic looking face and forms a Necrokatana in one hand and on the other he forms a Necroknife. His demonic aura was overflowing and exploding out of his body, his rage was on overdrive. Red and black symbiote sparks burst out from arms and legs. Things were about to get brutal.


There will be more Marvel characters.

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