Spiderman Evolution
58 Domination Pt.5
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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58 Domination Pt.5

The Mafia-men and clown-masked fired at the Dark Spider with a fury of bullets. Shotgun shells(projectiles) and lead bullets scattered towards Dark Spider who instantly sliced through the bullets with one sword slash of his Necrokatana.

*SWOOSH!* All the bullets shattered and fell to the ground.

"What the fuck is this monster!?" Shouted one mafia-man as he body trembled in fear as he saw how insanely fast the Dark Spider was when he sliced through the bullets just with a symbiote-sword! The mafia-men have never a fearsome beast like this before in their corrupted murderous lives.

"Just keep on firing! Die you bastard!!!" Roared one clown masked-man shoots his shotgun at Dark Spider.

*BAM! 💥 *

Dark Spider's super-speed and Spider-Man agility easily sliced through more of the bullets. In a quick effortless motion that was less than a second, Jake spins around his combat Necroknife and slightly activates his Slayer Eyes. An X-shaped symbol appears on his right eye, which was now glowing a dark red. Jake sees all of the mafia-men and clown-masked men's Lines of Death. The color of the lines was blood-red.

Without second thought Jake sliced through all of their lines in one fell swoop with his Necroknife. Each line was sliced off with precision and shattering-speed.

"Aaaaaaaah!!!" All screamed the mafia-men and clown-masked men as all of their arms were sliced completely off! Blood splattered everywhere in the warehouse.

Jake didn't aim to kill the mafia-men and Joker's henchman, he aimed to literally disarm all of them. Jake shots out symbiote spider-webs around the goons bodies and hangs them up on the ceiling. His symbiotes kept the mafia-men and Joker's henchmen from dying as Jake's symbiotes entered the bloodstream of every single one of the murders bodies. Jake now controlled all of the mafia-men and Joker's henchman. They all looked like symbiote zombies. They followed every single movement of Jake, he was like a Necromancer Spider-Man. He could control anyone by implanting his own symbiote strands inside of any beings open-wounds or even entering their eyeballs, ears, nose; whichever method enters the bloodstream of its victims faster.

"What kind of power is this!? It is truly amazing!" Joker yells out happily as he picks up a shotgun that was near his feet.

"You are quite the fascinating specimen." Poison Ivy goes closer to Dark Spider and rubs his buff chest. "Maybe you can join us on our mission to rid this world of the weak and to destroy all heroes."

[A/N:Posion Ivy - https://www.deviantart.com/artgerm/art/Poison-Ivy-Sideshow-Art-336490789 ]

"Get your filthy hands off me, "Jake snarled as he slapped away Poison Ivy's smooth warm hands. He knew how vexing and conniving she could be. Her powerful charm powers and seductive body frame could trap any man's heart and eat them alive like a Venus Flytrap. She was indeed a deadly lust-trap, whose sexy busty body manipulates and bends men to her whim. Ultimately the fall of a powerful man is by a woman's lustful body seducing and brainwashing men by playing mind-tricks on them by sexually teasing them. Jake wasn't like other men who thought with their pitiful rods. He knew when a woman was playing tricks. Even in his past life, he knew his ex-girlfriend Mira was playing with his mind. Everyone lies. No one ever tells the truth. You should never trust anyone.

Suddenly without any hesitation Poison Ivy quickly kisses Jake in the mouth with her juicy succulent red lips. She pressed her red lips oh so dearly against Jake's lips which were covered in a mouth mask, however, Poison Ivy was smart enough to swiftly take down his mouth mask and kiss his lips. As she Frenched-kissed Jake using her soft tiny tongue to glide around his tongue and his mouth with some soft horny moans, she had injected a heavy dose of poison inside of his mouth. As she heavily kissed Dark Spider she had a wicked grin on her face, her poison was going to kill Jake in a matter of seconds. Poison Ivy's lustful lips and even her own saliva was laced with deadly toxins, in fact, her whole bloodstream was filled with deadly toxins. This power was known as the Death Touch. This was why she was one of the sexiest and deadliest villainous women in this world. Her art of seduction knew no bounds, as a goddess of nature and lust her charm was unbeatable. She had even seduced Batman.

"You bitch! Get your lips off him!" Black Cat furiously growled as she gritted her teeth and extended out her claws. She was protecting Jake from the redhaired vixen who was covered in a leafy dress. She most likely wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

"How does that taste? Savor it. For this will be your last kiss," Poison Ivy whispers as her lips part Jake's lips and her bright alluring emerald eyes look up at Dark Spider as she licks her glossy lips, but the Dark Spider wasn't fazed in the slightest.

"WHAT!? HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD!?" Poison Ivy angrily yells out as she gritted her teeth with shock in her eyes. 'He should be dead by now! No one has lasted this long after being touched by me!' She was infuriated that her powers weren't working on Dark Spider. Her last resort was on full effect. Her alluring charm that is.

"You wouldn't hit a girl? How about I show you a good time," Poison Ivy lustfully said as she went in for another kiss. Jake quickly uppercut punched Poison Ivy in her slim stomach without a shred of mercy in his demonic dark red glowing eyes.


"Gaaaaah!" Poison Ivy coughs out blood and falls to her thick knees, her massive watermelon tits jiggle everywhere as she pukes out blood. Finally, the scarlet hair vixen was getting a taste of her own medicine or in this case her own poison. Her Venus Flytrap monster goes to attack Jake to protect its master, he easily slices the giant Venus Flytrap with just one slash of his Necrokatana. What Poison Ivy didn't know was that Jake had a powerful resistance to all types of poison, actually, he could inject venom into anyone if he wanted to, just by touching them. Afterall he did have Funnel-Web Spider radioactive DNA. Jake himself had injected his own venom inside of Poison Ivy's mouth when they kissed. That's why she was vomiting out blood, his venom was more powerful than hers.

"HAHAHAHAHA! YOU ARE EVEN MORE FUN THEN THE BAT! YOU REALLY ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL!" Joker couldn't contain himself anymore as he laughed so hard that he almost died of laughter.

Jake turns around at him and commands his newly created symbiote zombies to attack Joker. The armless mafia-men and clown masked-men all mindlessly attacked Joker, a pair of symbiote arms exploded out from their arms as they charged forward, they followed Jake's every order and command, they were now his slaves nothing more than weaponized pawns. (A/N: Imagine the Flood like in Halo or just zombies in general.)

Joker without any care for his comrades shotguns their heads. Meat chunks and brain matter exploded all over Joker's face as he fired away. It was a slaughterhouse. But these goons and terrorists deserved every single second of this slaughter after they had killed so many people, in a way Jake didn't kill these murderous men himself, it was the Joker who did. Jake really was becoming a cynical monster who only cared about accomplishing his mission. That was all that mattered to him. He used others who deserved to die to accomplish his mission, it was as simple as that. No superhero bullshit to sugarcoat his methods, he already knew he wasn't a hero. The same could be said for his past life when he fought on the battlefield as a soldier and Navy Seal.

Joker kills off all of the symbiote zombies and makes a mad dash to the nearest school buses which were loaded up with bombs and weapons. The remainder of his joker crew frantically followed him as they saw the headless symbiote zombies regenerate themselves! Strands and tendrils of symbiote veins reformed around the headless symbiote zombies to reform their heads back to its original state.

"Fuck this shit! Let's get the fuck out of here!" Cries out one of the clown masked-men as he gets in the driver's seat.

"Who told you could drive. Get the hell out of here," Joker backhand slaps his own henchman in the face and tosses his body out of the bus.

"You fucking bastard! How can you betray me! Nooooo! Aaaaaaah! Get back!" The clown-masked men screamed as he crawled backward on all fours as the symbiote zombies tackle him and tear his head right off and eat his body. Dark Spider coldly watches his symbiote zombies devour the screaming man alive, blood splatters everywhere in the warehouse.

"Oh my god," Black Cat holds her mouth and almost pukes.

"Are you coming with me or not? Inst the Joker the one who has you captive?" Jake said to Black Cat.

"No, it is someone else. I think they hired the Joker to kill you. My boss isn't here. He must have known we were coming." Black Cat says as she looks over at Poison Ivy who was squirming in her own pool of her crimson blood.

"Are you going to let her die?" Black Cat mutters.

"I don't care. I am going to capture the Joker so I can interrogate him and find the main base of your boss, " Jake said. He was about to web swing away and chase after Joker, but he thought he could use Poison Ivy powers and mind to back him up. He decided to save her. He needed more people to follow his 'cause'.

Jake slowly walks over to Poison Ivy and picks her up and bites her in the neck like a vampire!

"Aaaaaaaaah!!!" Poison Ivy loudly screams in pain as kicks around her legs to escape Jake's clutches.

"What are you doing!?" Black Cat screams out with her eyes wide open.

"I am marking her," Jake said as he wipes off the scarlet hair vixen's blood from his mouth, he had spider-fangs(Chelicerae) sticking out from the top of his teeth just like a Funnel-Web Spider. In a way Jake marked his territory, he marked Poison Ivy. If she ever made one slight mistake to betray Jake, he could kill her with a snap of his fingers to speed up the venom infection inside her bloodstream. His own venom was now inside her bloodstream, she was kind of Jake's slave, but not really in that she was now part of Jake's fraction. Jake thought about gathering all of them villainous women in this new world and making them join him and his cause to rid this world of corruption.

He also wanted to have a little fun with them. In every way possible Jake enjoyed the women's body, there was nothing more amazing in this world than a sexy maiden.

"Let's go get this clown son of a bitch," Jake commands Poison Ivy and Black Cat to follow him into battle. They both nod their heads. They knew who was in command. They knew who was the Alpha.

"Oh hey spidey! I have a little surprise for you!" Joker points at Dark Spider as he drives away in the school bus with a loud chuckle.

Jake slightly turns around, "Enough with your bullshit you stupid clown,"

*BAM!* A wall exploded.

"GARRRRRRRRGH!* A red and black symbiote titan beast slams through the cement wall of the warehouse and tackles Jake out of the warehouse!

*CRASH!* Cement walls break!

"Dark Spider!" Cries out Black Cat with worry in her eyes as she runs after him.

Carnage looks down at Dark Spider with bloodthirsty alien-white eyes, drool hangs out of its giant jaws. Blood covered its entire razor-sharp serrated-teeth. This was going to be one hell of a battle.

[A/N: It has been a long time. But have no fear I will be coming back with a vengeance. Here is a long chapter and more chapters coming out today. Less talking, more writing lol. ]

Yes, I know there are some things I need to fix and explain. If you have any questions then comment or join my discord.

Discord- https://discord.gg/frs4m5


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