Spiderman Evolution
59 Domination Pt. 6
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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59 Domination Pt. 6

Black Cat slashes at Carnage with her metallic retractable cat claws. The glove part of her leather and armored catsuit was reinforced with carbon-steel and iron which did not rust or break. Even though she looked sexy in her black skin-tight leather catsuit, the suit itself was actually made skin-tight so she could be flexible, lightweight, and agile like a feline. It made her faster and the catsuit itself was filled with gadgets, even her razor-sharp earings were weapons.

Carnage angrily roars and screeches as he went to slap away Black Cat, Jake swiftly blocks Carnage slash attack with his elbows to protect Black Cat. The skin on his elbows had transformed into harden dragon scales fused with symbiote tendrils. His Spider-Man super strength held back Carnage, but the red and black symbiote beast was very powerful at its berserker state. Joker must have really made Carnage angry to be at such a high rate of rage. Maybe inject him with some kind of Primal Serum which took out the human side of Carnage's host.

Black Cat mouth is wide open as she saw Dark Spider actually save her life?! Was it possible that he actually had feelings for her? Or was she overthinking things?

Dark Spider holds back Carnage with his mighty elbows, his body barely slides back. Both of their strengths were equal in symbiote terms, but it was obvious who was more powerful as Jake himself was constantly evolving. While Carnage stays at his original beserker form which didn't get stronger each second like Jakes rare symbiote bloodline and Spider-Man superpowers. Jake was about to show him who was the alpha.

"Really is that all you got?" Jake said as he released his elbow block.

Carnage went in for a furious punch at Dark Spider's masked face.

"Watch out!" Black Cat alerted Dark Spider. But he already knew what do to. He needed no one to barge into his fight. This was his fight alone.

Jake quickly grabs Carnage's fist. Cars zoom by him and Carnage as the battle just begins.

"Roaaaaaaargh!"Carnage is outraged that Jake is holding back its fist. Nothing has stand in Carnage ways in years, it always slaughtered and devout all that was in its path. But Jake wasn't afraid of such a fearsome alien beast. Jake was much like this bloodthirsty ravenous beast but way more powerful and way more brutal. Jake crushes Carnage fist and rips off his entire arms right from its socket!

Blackish Symbiote blood splutters all over Jake's demonic looking face as he does a Kung-Fu palm punch at the alien beast head shattering its skull. More symbiote red and black blood splutters on to Jakes body. It was a bloody battle of immortals.

"RooooarAaaaaaaargh!" Carnage regenrates its head and ripped off arm and headbutts Jake.

Dark Spider doesn't move a damn inch and coldly glares at Carnage with menacing red glowing eyes. Dark Spider headbutts Carnage back and its head explodes. Carnage's head regenerates again and its roars with anger beyond imagination which shook the ground to its core. It really wanted to kill Jake.

Both Dark Spider and Carnage continue to fight on the street-ways of New Gotham. Cars honk their horns and civilians scream for their lives as they see two symbiote beasts fighting each other. Dark Spider fought for justice while Carnage fought to kill anything that got in its way.

Jake forms his Nercokatana and slashes away at Carnage.

Carnage forms a symbiote battle-ax and blocks the sword slashes.

*Cling! Clang!* Dark Spider and Carnage slash each other all with everything they got. They formed all types of symbiote bladed weapons ranging from daggers, swords, lances, hammers, and even scythes! It became clear that Carnage was in his berserker state, he was more amped up than usual. That is way Carnage was almost equal to Jake's dark powers.

"I've come here to devour you Dark Spider! This is my turf! Now die!~" Carnage extended it arms and shots out symbiote spike projectiles from its knuckles. Jake's faces took the blunt hit of carnages fearsome attack. Blood leaked down Jake's face, he quickly regenerates his wounded eyes and face.

"No! You get away from him! You fiend!" Black Cat tackles Carnage which was a risky move. "You idiot! What the hell are you doing!?" Jake was mindblown that Black Cat would risk her own life to protect him.

Carnage turns around and slashes Black Cat on her slender back. "Gaaah!" She yelps and screams in agony as her blood splashes out from her back, long symbiote claw marks were seen on her skin. She falls to the cement floor.

Dark Spider's eyes widen, rage overtakes him, seeing one of his girls being harmed made him go ballistic. As evil as Jake was, he actually hated those who harm his woman. 'Why did she do something so crazy!? Dammit, now I am really pissed,' Jake activates his Slayer Eyes, but before he could Carnage slashes off Jakes' arm off with its symbiote claws! Carnage had made clones itself and sneaked attacked Jake from behind.

"Hahahaha! Now this is a real show! All it is missing is fireworks!" Joker drives the school bus onto incoming traffic and pushes aside nearby civilian cars. He ties up explosives around one of his henchmen and drives towards the Gotham Mall which was full of people leaving the mall late after some holiday shopping. "Hey what the fuck!?" The clown-masked henchmen yelled out with fear in his cracking voice. Other clown henchmen hold him back as he frantically kicks his legs and tries to take out the bomb strapped around his chest. Joker spins around a bomb detonator with a sick smile on his face, he wanted to test Dark Spider's mind.

In an instant Jake regenerates his right arm, millions of symbiote tendrils wrap around each other like spider-webs and form a new arm for Jake. It was an epic sight to see. Jake activates his Slayer Eyes and planned to finish this swiftly, but he had to focus and get up close to Carnage who was thrashing about slamming nearby cars into the air! He needed to precisely spot out the Lines of Death on Carnage.

"Aaaaaaaah!" People scream as they bounce around inside the tossed up cars. The mortals screamed for their lives as they closed their eyes and accepted their fates as their cars fell down at a fast speed towards the streetway.

Jake shots out symbiote spider-webs from his wrist and wraps around 5 cars and secures them all by wrapping up the cars against nearby buildings. He did this so the people won't fall to their deaths. Everything right now was just pure chaos.

Jake was preoccupied saving other human lives and forgot that Carnage was now charging him. Suddenly a large sea of tree vines wraps around Carnage, Poison Ivy had stopped Carnage dead on its tracks.

"Hurry up and kill him!" Poison Ivy yells out as she holdbacks Carnage.

Jake looks over at Joker who was about to donate a bomb and kill everyone at the mall and then looks over Carnage who was tied down by Poison Ivy. His Spider-sense exploded with danger reaction signals. He had a choice to make. And he had to make it quick. Save hundreds or gain power like no other. A power that would be able to make his symbiote powers more godly than it already was. With the Carnage bloodline, he would be able to balance his own powerful unknown symbiote bloodline. It all came down to who Jake really was? Was he a hero? Or was he truly a monster? Only his choice will decide his fate and destiny. Every legend must endure life or death. They must endure responsibility for everyone including themselves. Save others or save yourself.

"Tch. There is no turning back after this, I know what I must do," Jake says aloud to himself. He was always a warrior. A warrior who never backed down from anyone or anything. Carnage was slowly breaking free from Poison Ivy's tree vines.

"What are you doing!? If he gets out we all are dead!" Poison Ivy knew just how powerful Carnage can become in his berserker state. The angrier he became the more powerful he became. Kind of like a symbiote Hulk.

"ALL OF YOU WILL DIE! I AM THE ULTIMATE INSANITY! I AM CARNAGE!!!" Carnage roars as it rips out of the hundreds of powerful tree vines entrapping its body.

'Now or never,' Jake activates his Slayer Eyes to its fullest potential. Damn, be it all. He knew he wasn't Spider-Man, he was entirely someone different. He was the Dark Spider.

[ A/N: More chapters coming as promised. Vote power stones. Let's get back to the top 30. Let's reach 600 or more power stones today. Harem will now begin at for force. I also have a new original novel coming out today as a side project for Royal Road.]


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