Spiderman Evolution
60 Domination Pt. 7
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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60 Domination Pt. 7

Jake sees Carnages Lines of Death there was actually two strands of Lines of Death one from the human host and one from the Carnage symbiote lifeform. Jake spins around his Necrokatana and activates Speed Force fused with his Void Eyes! Know as Void Force, he was so fast that time itself froze! Jake easily finds the symbiote Line of Death strand and does a fierce Ninja Ken (Ninja Sword) slash with both of his hands at the hilt of his katana made up of sentient symbiotes.

*Swoosh!* Jake slices the blackish symbiote Line of Death and also slashes Carnage on his head as it charges at him.

Carnage doesn't think much of the attack because all in his mind was to kill and devour Dark Spider. He wanted to take down the Apex Predator in front of him to show the world who was the more superior symbiote beast. In a Flash, less than a second, Carnages whole body shatters and cracks, he then explodes! Black and Red Symbiote blood rained the skies above. Carnage host Cletus Kasady was seen face down on a pool of squirming symbiotes. Jake had separated the Carnage symbiotes from its host. Carnage quickly reforms itself, but it already was too late.

"You think you have won! You are a mere insect! You are a weak meatbag mortal! I will devour your soul!-" Carnage went to eat Dark Spider.

Suddenly Dark Spider opens its jaws and bites off Carnages head! He had devoured Carnage! Jake absorbs Carnage's symbiote head, he chews at his skull and crushes all the squirming symbiotes with his Spider-Fangs and symbiote teeth! He accepted his monster side. He didn't care if anyone watched him become an Apex Predator and an alpha killer.

Every person that Dark Spider saved cheered him on.

"Hell yeah! Dark Spider kicked that monster's ass!" Chanted one New Yorker man as he hangs on to his van which was being held up by Jake's spider-webs. Jake now turned his attention to Joker who was driving the school bus to the mall. "He ate that bastard alive!" Screams other civilians who were now scared of Dark Spider. Some people praised and respected Dark Spider. Others feared him.

Jake now turns his attention to the Joker who is driving full speed ahead to the mall that was filled with screaming civilians. Amongst the crowd of running people, Jake saw some familiar faces, he saw Raven, MJ, Gwen, and Rouge! Also, Peter and Miles were seen!

Jake knew what he must do. He must save his comrades lives. Not as a hero, but as a protector of this world.As the Dark Spider. He looks over at Black Cat who was still injured, he web-swings over to her lifts her up on his back, he then quickly web-swings on top of a nearby building and lays her down. "I will be back," He said as jumps down and web-slings over to the school bus which crashed into the mall.

The Joker had already escaped and left the bomber inside the school bus. "Please someone save me!" Cries out the clown-masked men.

"He has a bomb!" Screams out MJ and Gwen who had terrified looks on their faces. Jake was inches away from the bus.

*BOOM!* The school explodes and the entire brick walls of the mall collapse on the running civilians.

Raven couldn't use her powers in fear of her exposing her powers(She hasn't joined the Teen Titans yet). Rouge also couldn't use her powers because she was still learning how to control. All mercy went to Jake. This was a make or break moment.

"Shit! That clown bastard will pay for this!" Jake's life flashes before his eyes as a strong blast of heat burns his face as he web-slings into the mall to save everyone. The Dark Spider had to do the impossible. Everyone in the mall was soon to be dead. Death stared them all down.

"HAHAHA!" Jokers laughter echoed across the midnight skies of New Gotham. Chaos masked this world.

[A/N: I am now going to rush things and release faster. So shorter chapters mean more chapters. Yes somethings won't make sense. But this a fan-fic after all. The MC can't always be perfect or evil. Hence anti-hero. So yeah there is some changes in his behavoir. He is not like some cultivation MC. Not yet lol.]


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