Spiderman Evolution
61 Domination Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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61 Domination Finale

"Look it is Dark Spider! He is here to save us!" Shouts Gwen with an amazed look on her angelic face. She was smitten by Dark Spider heroic acts. If only she knew it was all a cover-up, he only saved other lives in order to make a grow his status and rank in the hierarchy of this superpower world. He had to be the top dog or in this case the Top-Spider. An Apex Spider-Man. He dominates over everyone. No villain or superhero was safe anymore. Dark Spider would crush all of them to become more powerful.

Jake creates a large enough spider-web rope to grab the hundreds of screaming civilians including Raven, Gwen, Rouge, and MJ and swing them out of the crumbling exploded mall. A sea of cement derby fell over Jake. There were about ten more civilians who he hadn't been able to swing out with his spider-webs. Ironically these people were Rouge, Gwen, MJ, Peter, Barbara, and Miles. Suddenly a large slab of cement falls on top of Jake. This slabbed weight about 10-tons! But Jake was easily able to hold up with one hand. However more slabs of exploded cement fell on top of him each of them weighing 10-tons or more! Each cement slab falling onto his one hand was putting strain into his muscles and body. More and more slabs fell, about 40 in total onto his one hand. That was a soul-crushing 400-tons! Any superhero could not endure such a heavy amount of weight, but Jake could. His super strength powers could lift about 500-tons in total! He was a Spider-Man and Symbiote hybrid of the highest caliber. Symbiote Rare Bloodline = 100-tons super strength + it increases after he absorbs a superpower user + His Spider-Man super strength +80-tons and now he had Carnage's super strength! +80-tons. God knows how much Jake could now lift, he was perhaps almost as strong as Thor and Superman! As Jake becomes stronger each time he evolves.

Jake held the 500-tons cement block with two hands, his Spider Suit made up of symbiotes and carbon-fiber strands started to rip to shreds from all the pressure being exerted onto both his hands as he lifted up the cement slabs like he was doing squats! This was more than a simple work-out for him. This was intense training!

"Arrrrrrrrgh! What the fuck are you guys doing! Run!" Dark Spider thunders out as veins started to pop out all around his godly muscular body. Jake unleashed his Void Eyes and thought about the unthinkable. He was going to absorb everything all inside of his eyes!

Rouge, Gwen, MJ, Peter, Barbara, and Miles all ran out of the crumbling mall for their lives. Gwen looks at Dark Spider with sorrow in her eyes, she wanted to save his in return for him saving her life so many times. She felt so useless that Dark Spider always had to save her life.

"Come on Gwen! You heard him! Let's get out of here!" Peter yells out as he grabs her hands and drags MJ and Miles out of the mall. Miles takes a quick picture of Dark Spider with his cellphone, he was amazed to see such an epic and amazing person before him!

Jake absorbs the 500-tons of cement all inside of his eyes!

"Wow! Look what he is doing?! He really is powerful!" MJ shouts out with her emerald eyes widen.

Raven watches Dark Spider powers up closer, she actually shudders at seeing such insane power. 'How can someone be this powerful?' She thought to herself as rubs her arms with slight fear in her sapphire eyes.

Rouge also looks at Dark Spider and bites her tongue, she knew something was strange about this so-called Dark Spider 'Superhero'. She wasn't buying his disguise one bit. Her absorption powers could sense the darkness lurking inside of Jake. She was exactly like Jake, except she needed to touch her enemies in order to absorb their powers. While Jake can use his eyes to quickly steal others powers.

Everyone escapes and everyone was saved. For now.

The news captured all of Jake's heroics acts on live T.V. Flashes of cameras blinded Jake's face as his symbiote Power Suit regenerated over his half-naked body(A/N: His shirt was ripped off while holding up the cement. His mouth- mask didn't come off, so his face wasn't revealed).

In the distance, the Batmobile chases after the Joker who escapes the chaotic scene on a different school bus. His henchmen were also with him.

Jake looks over to Batman and decides to follow him. This battle was finally coming to a close. Joker must pay for what he has done. Jake was going to give him no mercy. He was going to make him suffer for what Carnage did to Black Cat. He was going to make anyone pay for harming his girls.


[A/N: I am editing this past chapters as the day goes by. More chapters coming out today and tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, Inkstone is glitching like hell. Btw I am putting an update for all of my past novels today. More news will come out as I pick up my writing pace once again. Yes, I need to fix some things. But I am writing as fast as I can as I do other projects. I am insane I know.]

300, 000 words in total I have written lol. Fucking shit. New novels come out tomorrow so stay tuned ]


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