Spiderman Evolution
63 Damnation
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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63 Damnation

Jake web-slings close to the speeding Batmobile Tumbler tank which chased after Joker.

"What a dream come true this is! The Bat and Spider both chasing after me! I feel so special! Move aside!" Joker pushes aside one of his henchmen and lifts up a rocket-launcher and fires the damn thing at Batman!

A rocket zooms out of the school bus and heads straight towards the speeding Batmobile.

"You always surprise me, Joker, on just how annoying you can be," Batman steers the tank of a car to the left to dodge the zooming rocket.

But the rocket followed the movement of his car, it was a heat-seeking rocket! Or in other terms an Infrared homing missile. How in the hell did Joker get such powerful weaponry was a mind-blowing mystery.

"How many tricks does this clown have?" Batman presses a button to form a protective layer shield over the Batmobile. But there wasn't enough time.

The missile was inches away from the Batmobile. "I hope you enjoy my gift! Bats!Hahahaha!" Screams out Joker with a loud chuckle.

Suddenly the missile stops in mid-air and is consumed by a blackish spinning vortex. Jake had used his Void Eyes on the missile to stop it from striking the Batmoblie and killing Batman. The missile is quickly sucked into Jake's glowing red eyes. Every object and living-being that he absorbs into his Void Eyes will endlessly drift in a Black Hole dimension kind of like Knull's planet of Klyntar(Means Cage).

'Is that who I think is!?' Batman turns around to his mirror and sees Dark Spider web-slinging across street lamps and buildings.

Jake was done letting this manic clown playing around and causing chaos in this world. He was going to swiftly take him down.

"BBtron destroy that bus," Jake commands his robot comrade.

"Dark Repulser Beams activated," BBtron lifts up its palms and blasts out a blackish beam that resembles Ironman's Repulser Beams, expect there were thunder sparks and dark matter spirals wrapped around the beam.

*BOOM!* The entire school was decimated. Joker and his henchmen flew out of the school bus and they were all covered in blood marks and scars. They all landed on the cement ground and trembled with fear when they saw such a tiny humanoid robot shot out such a massive powerful beam. "What the fuck is that thing!?" Cries out one Henchman as he almost pisses his pants.

"Should I eliminate the targets?" BBtron says in a monotone voice as it charges up another Dark Repulser Beam.

"Hahahahaha! This is too much fun!" Joker rolls around the ground and coughs out blood, he really landed hard on his back.

"No," Jake uses his Speed Force and kicks Joker right in the stomach sending him flying up in the air. He broke all his ribs with just one kick. Joker than lands back on the street-way. Most of the traffic was gone due to it being very late in the night. The moon shone over Joker's bloody face.

"HAHAHAHA!" Joker vomits out blood and embraces this beating of a lifetime. The bastard got off getting beaten up to a pulp.

Jake does about 10 quick right-hook punches on Joker's face, blood splattered all over Jake's masked face and veiny knuckles. No mercy was given. Even at 1% using his powers on Joker, the Joker had sustain damages on his face that were almost unrepairable.

"HAHAHA! GO AHEAD AND DO IT! KILL ME! SHOW ME WHO YOU REALLY ARE!" Joker plays mind-tricks with Jake who had a demonic ruthless look on his face. Jake wasn't fucking around. He could have killed Joker a million times over and over, but he rather break and bend this bastard until he was 'nothing'. Joker in every aspect possible had taken more lives than Jake, he was pure chaos that needed to be silenced. Jake also planned to interrogate the clown bastard.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Batman gets out of the Batmobile and tackles Dark Spider, who of course didn't move an inch.

"That is enough! Let me take care of this!" Batman roars out in a deep thunderous tone.

"Are you seriously going to let him live? After he tried to kill hundreds of lives? His chaos needs to end," Jake forcefully grabs Joker by his neck and lifts up his body in the air.

"Don't do it!" Batman shouts as he takes out an explosive Batarang from the side of utility-belt.

"You and I are the same Dark Spider in so many ways, I know what you really want," Joker spits out blood on the floor.

"I want you dead," Jake squeezes Joker's neck and planned to crush in his throat.

"STOP!" Batman gritted his teeth, his own prodigy was once again breaking the code of being a 'hero'.

What really was evil? What was good? Did any of it matter to Jake? What it all comes down to is choice. Every choice you make matters. Good or Bad is irrelevant.

Jake has flashbacks of his past life, how evil trumped over good, how every do-gooder and hero got nothing done to change the violent and corrupt world he lived in. Jake saw so many of his fallen comrades in the battlefield die by the hands of evil. How innocent civilians were slaughter like livestock by serial killers and terrorists. No one really understood the hell Jake went through. The word 'hero' was just a false title, it meant nothing in the eyes of evil. Jake knew the only real way to rid evil was to destroy it all. And if a 'superhero' got in his way of elimination of all evil, then they would as well be silenced.

Dark Spider lifts up his fist. Judgment defines all justice. Justice for all.

[A/N: More chapters coming up. And yes there will be more powerful villains to battle, if Carnage wasn't powerful enough in beserker state lol. I will be posting chapter that says all the things I fixed in the newest chapters. This is 1 out of 5. Also, let me know of any grammar mistakes]


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