Spiderman Evolution
64 Damnation Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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64 Damnation Finale

Jake slams his fist down near Joker's face, a large cement crater the size of a football field was seen around the Joker! Joker actually flinched and shivered with fright. Fear was finally seen in his beady lifeless eyes.

Jake didn't let his rage control him, even though he wanted to kill Joker, it would be a useless thing to do.

Batman stood still with a slacked-jawed look on his masked face. He couldn't believe his eyes. Jake had actually controlled himself and his dark powers! Dark Spider had learned how to control the primal and brutal side of himself. Instead, he was thinking with his mind rather than his 'power'.

'Every kill has to have meaning to it, using my powers on this weak freak would be a waste. Plus I can get all the information I need about the Maggia and the head Mob Bosses from making this bastard 'talk', ' Jake forms a dimensional portal with his Void Eye powers and throws Joker inside of it. Jake teleported the Joker to a 'hidden location' that no one would know about. He shoots out some of his symbiote spider-webs to entrap and chain up the Joker so he won't escape as he teleported away to the location Jake he had chosen with his Void Eyes powers.

Batman is outraged after he sees Dark Spider toss Joker into the dimensional portal. He thought Jake had surely killed him.

"You bastard!" Batman punches Jake on the face with a right-hook punch. Jake quickly grabs his fist and stares Batman down, it was safe to say that their comradeship was slowly breaking apart. Jake already knew Batman was not on his side, for now, that is. Bruce Wayne was different than his outer alter ego, Batman. In that Batman fought for the righteous and justice while Bruce was just a businessman. Batman valued everyone's lives, even evil corrupted lives like the Joker. But what could Batman do against Jake who was far superior to him in every way possible? Actually Jake made every other superhero look like a joke. All superheroes do is preach peace, justice, and kindness while they get stepped on by the ones they protect. It's ironic how the world works, they either look at you like a monster or a hero. Jake already knew there was no turning back from the monster that he was, he was going to change this world one way another. And first, he was going to destroy the sinister and vile Maggia which stole money from others and killed anyone who got in their way. Jake only saved others lives to keep his image of a 'hero', but in reality, he was outsmarting everyone. He knew how the superhero world works. Humans were easy to trick, they were such simple-minded creatures. Easy to manipulate, to bend.

Jake lets go of Batman's fist, "Don't worry. I teleported him to a nearby prison," He says while directly looking at Batman with a sense of modesty and calmness. He was cool as an Ice Dragon.

Batman doesn't think much of it, but he knew that Jake was a conniving bastard, Batman wasn't stupid, he could easily read anyone without any telekinesis powers. That's how sharp he was in the mind. Batman just swings back his black tattered cape and walks back to his Batmobile without saying a damn word. Somehow Jake felt that Batman knew something Jake didn't know. Jake had to hurry the hell up and get out of the Batcave as soon as possible, that or he could use it as an advantage, either way, his mission was done for today. He absorbed Carnage, saved some lives as a 'hero', and now he had captured the Joker so that he could interrogate him to find out where the main base of the crime syndicate was located. He had also gained Poison Ivy and Black Cat into his faction of destroying the 'corrupted' and 'evil' in this world.

Batman speeds off with his Batmobile into the distance without ever turning back.

The News team had followed Dark Spider and snapped a few photos and recorded Dark Spider fighting with Carnage, Joker, and Batman. They did anything to get a juicy news story. Humans can be so nosey sometimes, well all the time especially if you are an epic superhero like Dark Spider.

"Do you have anything to say Dark Spider to the people back at home watching!?" Scream out a bunch of news reporters.

"No," Jake was tired of the annoying praise and web-swings away into the night. As Jake swings away, three shadow figures watched him in the distance on top of a skyscraper tower.

"So that really is him. The Dark Spider. I can't wait to fight him," One man says as he cracked his knuckles, he was wearing a black coat and a detective hat. Another person was seen with a red cape and red helmet, he was grinning the whole time after seeing Dark Spider devour Carnage and fighting off the Joker as well as Batman.

"Yes his power is truly remarkable and I think I know who exactly this boy is," The man swings his red cape and floats up in the midnight skies, the metal around the skyscraper bends and screeches like a banshee. True evil lurked about. A real challenge soon awaited the Dark Spider.


Jake goes back to the rooftop where he left the injured Black Cat when he was fighting off Carnage and Joker's henchmen. He gently lifts her up and places her busty body on his broad shoulders and web-swings her back to her apartment complex. Poison Ivy watches Dark Spider swing away.

"What about me?! What will you do with me!? I helped you defeat that monster!" Poison Ivy screams out with an angered look on her face, she expects at least a thank you or something 'else' in return for holding back Carnage with her tree vines.

"Just shut up," Dark Spider uses his Void Eyes and absorbs her whole sexy body inside of his eyes.

Two superheroes watch this happen in the shadows of nearby buildings.

"So that is the guy who is absorbing villains? " Says one rough male voice that had a 'heroic' tone to it.

"Yeah that is him, we have to stop him no matter what." Says a soft and collective feminine voice.

"Something tells me Nick Fury already knows what he has to do," Sternly replies the male voice.

"I hope he does," The feminine voice disappears into the darkness of the night.


Jake places Black Cat in her bed, he already knew her identity as Felicia Hardy; his final teacher of the day in Midtown Academy. He places his palms on top of her slender soft back and heals her injuries with his symbiote powers. He then stands up and heads towards the window of her apartment to leave.

"Wait, don't go," She grabs Dark Spider's hands and finally wakes up, she was knocked out this whole time after being slashed so brutally on the back by Carnage. Black Cat didn't want Dark Spider to leave her, she wanted him to be by her side forever. She wanted to repay him for saving her life, she wanted to thank him for trying to free her from the mafia. But most of all, she wanted to show him how much she loved him.

"Please stay with me for the night," Black Cat whispers into Jake's ears, her skin-tight torn up leather catsuit was slowly falling off from her slender shoulders, her luscious watermelon breasts jiggle around a bit, her black corset bra was barely covering her massive breasts.

Jake couldn't resist it any longer tension was building up in the room, candle flames flickered about in her darkened room. The call of lust echoed across her room. Jake's primal urges were rising as his mighty rod almost pierced through his Power Suit. He wanted to blast her lustful busty body and beautiful maiden face with webs.

"Creator will perform the 'Coitus' tonight" BBtron chimes.

Black Cat cutely giggles as she fully unzips her leather catsuit off. Her black corset bra and panties were now seen. Her whole half-naked goddess body was fully exposed, every arch and curve on her hour-glass body frame oozed perfection to sexiest of degree. Her buxom breasts and thick ass was ready to get slammed. She was eager for the Dark Spider's mighty meat rod.

"Fuck it. I am the alpha," Jake grins with his mouth mask on as he goes on top of the horny kitty and pins her down on her cushiony bed.

The night was young.


[A/N: I will now be following the Spider-Man movies 1-3 and all the other Spider-Man movies including homecoming then I will transition to the first Avengers movie and just about every Marvel film out there. I hope this will make more sense. Yes, there will be some DC characters that will be mixed into the MCU so there will be some changes in the plot as you can already tell.

So we are now in the school arc. I also made some changes in the school where the MC will train with other superheroes both young and old. He is 17 so that is why his attitude is all over the place, but I will make some changes. Every good story needs character development.


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