Spiderman Evolution
65 Aphrodisia
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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65 Aphrodisia

After fighting off Carnage, Joker's henchmen, Joker, Mafia Men, and saving everyone at the mall from a deadly explosion and a crumbling mall, all he wanted to do now was to blow-off some steam. Like any normal person would. He also felt sort of strange after absorbing Carnage, but he put that thought aside. Even though his dark power aura as exploding out his body.

Jake holds down Black Cat in a dominant overbearing position, his arms gripped both of her wrists and he pinned her down on the bed in a slightly forceful way. He was going to tame the kitty. He quickly takes off his mouth mask, his eyes were a primal demonic glowing red right now.

He starts kissing her slowly on her glossy pillowy lips, he teased her lips by kissing her slow and sensually, then aggressively. Black Cat softly moans and breathes heavily with the friction of Jake's lips pressing against her soft lips, Jake's kissing skills made her busty body tremble and quiver with overflowing heavenly pleasure. Jake slowly moves his hands down to Black Cat's massive watermelon breasts and he begins to fondle and caress her plump breasts. Black Cat purs as she elicits loud breathy moans while Jake is kissing and rubbing her perfect breasts which jiggled each time he squeezed and rubbed them. "Oh yes more! Uh aaaah! Your kisses are amazing! I want you so badly!" Her long thick legs wrapped around his muscular back as she kisses the Dark Spider with everything she's got. She aimed to please him, she wanted to give him pleasure like no other. Black Cat's long tongue glides around Jake's tongue as they have a tongue of war filled with sloppy passion and lust. Jake wanted to be inside Black Cat so badly, she looked amazing with half of her latex catsuit on(Her catsuit was zipped down to her black panties), her buxom breasts and bubbly ass looked ever so perfect and heavenly with her black shiny latex catsuit barely covering up her busty lustful pale goddess body.

Dark Spider was now kissing and biting her neck, he was moving in for the kill. He starts pinching her nipples, "That feels so good! Don't stop!" Black Cat moans loudly with a horny look on her angelic face, her bright alluring emerald eyes rolled back in ecstasy as Jake kissed her harder and bit her lips while perfectly messaging her sensitive pink perky nipples. He also squeezed and spanked Black Cat's thick peach-butt which jiggled wildly in her latex catsuit.


"Oh fuck yes! Spank me harder! Just like that!" Black Cat friskily moans as she bites her lips with a dirty look on her blushing flustered face. She was enjoying every second of Dark Spider's embrace. He showed her who was the Alpha-Spider.

'I can't take this anymore!' Jake's cock is slowly rising to peak levels, his godly spider-slong almost pierced out of his symbiote Power Suit. He was going to ravage Black Cat's feline body. He was going to pound her kitty.

"I am going to devour you," Dark Spider darkly said as rips off Black Cat's black corset bra and then goes to rip-off her black panties.

"Wait, this is my first time, don't you dare hold back, I want you to give me everything," Black Cat sexily whispers into Dark Spider's ears as she seductively bites his right ear like a wild cat.

Webbing-time had come.

[A/N: I am thinking about going Pa treon exclusive. Depends what happens on Sunday if my rank is not back up. ]


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