Spiderman Evolution
66 Backfire
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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66 Backfire

Dark Spider was inches away from unraveling Black Cat's holy pussy until a gust of symbiotic energy burst out from his mouth and eyes, blood-red and black symbiote tentacles exploded out of Dark Spider's spine, Carnage was trying to escape out of Jake's body! Carnage was going to get himself out of Jake's Void Eyes powers!

"AAAAAAH!" Screams out Black Cat with shock in her emerald eyes. It was just like before when Jake was bitten and infected by the symbiote demon-horned spider back at his past home planet of Earth. Dark Spider was evolving right in front of Black Cat's very eyes.

Jakes rare unknown symbiote bloodline was fighting against Carnages bloodline, both symbiotes were battling each other to take over Jake as the host.

Jake knew it was risky to absorb Carnage, but he knew that the power-up would be beyond anything he had ever felt. It would be an insanely powerful boost to gain Carnage's bloodline and powers.

"FUCK!" Dark Spider thunders out as he teleports away with his Void Eye powers. He did this to protect Black Cat from Carnage and himself.

"Wait!" Black Cat cries out as she reaches out her hands for Dark Spider, but he quickly vanishes. He was seconds away from taking away Black Cat's virginity. It seemed that he had to wait a little longer to be inside her luscious virgin pussy. Black Cat lays against her bed and heavily sighs as she pulls up the bed covers over her half-naked curvaceous body. She really wanted to have sex with Dark Spider, " I guess I can wait a little longer, or I can surprise him," She bites her lips and remembers her passionate kiss with Dark Spider, "I hope he is alright. I know he can beat anyone, he is the most powerful person I have ever met, but who really is he? What is he? Is he really some kind of monster? It doesn't matter, my heart will always belong to him after all he has done for me, I just hope... He can release me from my chains and save me..." Black Cat grips her heart and thinks more about Dark Spider. The feline goddess was smitten by him...


Jake teleports to a broken down construction site, the same place where he tested out his Spider-Man strength and powers. It was late as hell around 2:00 AM, it was super dark outside.

"Arrrrrgh! Get the fuck back inside!" Jake uses his Void Eye powers to absorb Carnage again, but Carnage finally escapes out of Jake's eyes.

"Gaaaaah!" Jake screams out in pain as he falls down to the wet muddy ground below him. He had never felt extreme pain like this since being reborn into this world. Blood splutters out his glowing red eyes and mouth.

"You think you can control me! Punny Meatbag! Your species is so pathetic and arrogant! Your species is WEAK! YOU ARE WEAK! Now I will be the one who devours YOU!!!" Carnage forcefully grabs Jake's neck and lifts up his body.

Jake for the first time in a while was face to face with a powerful and ruthless opponent much like himself. Carnage was in its final beserker stage, it seemed that after taking Carnage out of its host it had actually evolved and become a sentient symbiote on its own without a host.

Jake darkly grins and clenched his fists, 'I can finally use all of my powers on someone,'

"Tch. I will show you true power," Jake spits out blood and unleashes Raven's astral-projection powers and his Speed Force powers, in fact, Jake unleashed all his stolen powers all at once.

In the distance someone wearing a long purple robe was watching them, her sapphire eyes gazed ahead at Dark Spider and Carnage as she hovered in the starry skies.

"I finally found you," The robed woman says with a growl.

[A/N: So the chase for R-18 is on. Ha, not just yet, but I promise it will be good. It will be a godly R-18 scene. You the know the saying good things happen for those whose wait.]

Btw Carnage is at his apex/berserker state so that is why he is strong enough to lift Jake up. Carnage is no joke when he is angry much like the Hulk, but a symbiote form of Hulk. I will soon post the MC's current stats and powers. Like I said on Sunday there is a big event that will determine many things with this story. Anyways we are finally finishing this first arc and going to the second volume/arc called Academy Arc I have many ideas for this arc, you will get to see way more characters.]


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