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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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68 Apex

A vortex of Ice, Flames, Astral-Projection Shadows, Kinetic Electric Sparks(Speed Force), Telekinesis, and Symbiote tentacles exploded around Jake's godly body. Everything about Jake was perfect, his muscles, his mind, and his powers were now at its Apex.

Jake swiftly grips Carnages wrists and violently clenches, his strength was beyond anything Carnage had ever sensed, Jake's extreme dark power reminded it of its creator. The God of Darkness Knull.

"Get your filthy hands off me you insignificant insect!" Carnage is outraged that Jake actually was on the symbiote levels in terms of power.

"Be careful what you wish for, " Jake rips off Carnages arms, "AARRRRRRGH!" Carnage roars out as symbiote tendrils and blood splatter everywhere.

Jake was powerful enough to grab Carnage's bulky neck and lift him up in the air with one hand.

"I can see the fear in your eyes. Fear of death. Fear of weakness. These are the things I don't fear, but I can sense your fear, it is screaming," Jake coldly looks at Carnage with his dark red demonic glowing eyes.

"I FEAR NOTHING!" Carnage forms a symbiote battle-ax and slashes it down at Jake who quickly freezes the symbiote battle-ax with his dark cryokinesis powers from Killer Frost. The ice was a blackish color, it seemed that Jake's symbiotes had fused with every one of the powers he has stolen. So, in this case, he had used Dark Ice or in other terms Ice to was fused with dark powers, his symbiotes had corrupted every power he had absorbed and made each of the powers much powerful than the original powers. Jake was indeed a Spider-Demon whose powers knew no bounds.

Jake quickly throws up Carnage in the air with his Speed Force and tiger-kicks Carnages frozen arm, his arm which formed the symbiote battle-ax shattered to ice chunks. Jake then unleashes all of his powers into one insanely powerful attack. A beam of Dark Ice, Dark Flames, Astral-Projections, Dark Magic, and Symbiotes shoot out from both of Jake's palms. All the infused powers hit Carnage head on.

In a blink of an eye, Carnage's whole body was frozen, burned, ripped to shreds, and disintegrate by Jake's all-powerful fused attacks. Even the strongest of beings stood no chance against such a powerful attack.

"Creator is truly powerful, but his arrogance and ego always gets in his way," BBtron watches the whole fight while in its Ironman mode, it's blue, black, and yellow armor shined with the full the moon above.

"How can a mere human be this powerful!!! It is impossible!!!" Carnage roars as its body is obliterated by Jake's fusion power beams. This attack was powerful enough to kill high tier superheroes, heroes like the Hulk or even Superman could be killed by such an attack.

All that was left of Carnage was his head!

"I am no mere human, don't compare me to such weak creatures. My power is infinite," Jake grabs Carnage's head and goes to absorb it with his Void Eyes.

"HAHAHAHA! YOU ARE A FOOL!" Carnage has a wide smile on its decapitated head, "NO BEING CAN HOLD SO MUCH POWER!"

'What?' Suddenly a sharp pain sparks around Jake's back and eyes, his Void Eyes active without Jake activating it. They had glowed and activated on their own. "What the hell is going on!?" Jake grabs his red glowing eyes, from his eyes a tornado made of darkness spiral out of his eyes.

All the people he had absorbed escaped out from his eyes!

Killer Frost, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, The Lizard, Firefist(Marvel), and Amazo all appeared in front of Jake. These were all the superpower users he fully absorbed with his Void Eye powers. Carnage must have helped them escape when he was first absorbed into the Void Eyes by Jake!

Every villain was fully intact, however, The Lizard's body was melted and looked like it was digested by Jake's symbiotes! The Lizard had been killed inside of Jake's Void Eyes! It looked like Jake's evolution came with a price, that price was taking others lives. The other villains would have been devoured by symbiotes if Jake chose to fuse them with his bloodline as he did with the Lizard to create an Eastern Dragon evolution. In order to be an Apex Spider-Man, knew the sacrifice it would take to reach such a high evolution. The sacrifice of absorbing every living- beings lives in order to become more powerful. But now his plans had backfired on him.

The villains looked at Jake with anger in their eyes. They were going to slaughter him. Carnage regenerates and its long serpentine tongue sticks out in hunger as it glared at Jake with hatred in its eyes.

"Now you will become our meal!" Carnage charges ahead and so do the other villains. They all wanted to kill Jake.

"I can take all of you on!" Jake angrily clenched his fists, he was going to use his Spider-Man and Symbiote powers, he was going to use his 'original powers'.

[A/N: I changed that he absorbed Firefist instead of Heatwave since Heatwave has no pyrokinesis powers like Firefist. Two more chapters up today to finish this first arc. Then I get to start in the next arc.]

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