Spiderman Evolution
69 Apex Spider-Man
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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69 Apex Spider-Man

Carnage lunges forward and picks up a large steel beam which easily weighed 10-tons! He swings the steel beam at Jake who does an athletic skillful backflip over the steel beam and then shots a web out from his wrists and wraps it around Carnage who breaks out of his spider-webs.

"Your tricks won't work on me!" Carnage picks up more heavy 10-ton steel beams and tosses them at Jake.

Jake easily punches through the tossed 10-ton steel beams with an array of Jutsu and Kung-Fu punches. The steel beams snap in half!

His strength was off the radar compared to the original Spider-Man. His super strength would constantly grow each day unlike most heroes, not only did he become stronger each day, his agility, defenses, reflexes, and mind also becomes more powerful each second. Rapid growth, absorbing powers, and evolution was the cause of this influx of overflowing power. Jake was nearly unstoppable. But his risky idea of absorbing Carnage was backfiring. However, risk and adaptation are what determines a being's evolution if 'One' were to do nothing then they would never evolve. Life is all about growing stronger and becoming the Apex Being of your domain. Jake knew very well about the risk he had been taking, how S.H.I.E.L.D. and other powerful undercover organizations would hunt him down for absorbing powers. But that didn't matter to Jake, it was better to be free and do whatever he wants, no restrictions on his powers, instead of being trapped by the senseless rules and laws that superheroes are chained to.

All of the villains are impressed by Dark Spider's powers, they envy his powers. They wanted his powers all to themselves. They also wanted to kill him for entrapping them in an endless void of darkness!

Killer Frost, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Firefist(Marvel), Amazo, and Carnage all used their powers at once at Jake. A blast of Ice, Fire, Poisonous Mist and combined superpowers zoomed towards Dark Spider.

Jake stands still without a single shred of fear in his glowing demonic red eyes. This was nothing to him.

He takes on the attacks head-on.

"Take that you cocky bastard!" Killer Frost shouts with a sinister grin as she flicks her nose in a punkish style.

A mist of powers swirls around where Jake was standing.

"Is he terminated?" Says Amazo in a robotic tone.

The mist dissipates and Jake was seen unharmed by all of the powers shot at him. Jake body had a resistance to all of the powers he absorbed, meaning none of their powers had any effect on him.

"WHAT!? HOW CAN HE STILL BE STANDING!?" Carnage out of rage throws an array of steel beams at Dark Spider for one last attack. Jake web-swings over them in a perfect flawless way and punches Carnage so hard in its symbiote face that his whole body exploded! Jake was now using his super strength at 50%!

"That's one, five more to go," Jake darkly says without any mercy in his eyes. He quickly uses his Void Eyes and absorbed Carnages exploded symbiote body. Billions of red and black symbiote tendrils wiggled and wrath around in the air, as Jake's Void Eyes devour them. This time, Jake had made sure to destroy Carnage badly enough so that he could fully absorb him without Carnage fighting back or trying to escape.

The other villains are speechless and frighten by the sight, luckily for them, their fate would end even quicker. Jake uses Speed Force and his Super Agility from his Spider-Man powers and quickly makes ease of his remaining enemies with an array of punches and kicks.

He beat all of the villains with only his fists and feet, that's how powerful he was. And the Speed Force was an extra boost to his Super Strength.

"I swear on my life I will kill you!" Killer Frost screams out with blood dripping down her mouth after being so badly beaten up by Jake.

"Yeah, I wouldn't count on it, " Jake activates his Void Eyes and absorbs all of the villains back inside his body.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Angrily scream out the villains, they were once again trapped inside of the Dark Spider.

"Please let me be free! I will follow all of your orders! You already marked me! Please don't send me back into that hell!" Poison Ivy begs Dark Spider as she falls to her knees. She didn't want to be sent back to the abyss of Dark Spider's Void Eyes.

"Pitful," Was all that Jake said as he spared her no mercy and absorbed her body back inside his eyes.

'I can't believe I wasted 50% of my powers on these weaklings, I need more powerful beings to absorb,' Jake looked his hands which were glowing and sparking with a current of superpowers, he enjoyed the feeling of becoming more powerful, it was a rush to him, a certain kind of 'high'. I mean who wouldn't want to become powerful in a world full of powerful beings? Sometimes it felt good to be bad.

'I really am the Apex Spider-Man.' Jake darkly grins with his black mouth mask on.

Jake cracks his knuckles and quickly leaves the construction site by shooting out symbiote webs from his wrists, but before he did his whole body was frozen in place by a swarm of astral-projections. A large raven shaped astral-projection appeared over Dark Spider. This astral-project towered over Jake, it was very tall, like the size of a business building.

"I knew I have seen your powers from somewhere before. Tell me who you are." Says a girl in a purple robe as she pulls down her hoodie. It was indeed Raven, she had recognized her own Dark Magic powers being used by the Dark Spider. Had she actually figure out that Dark Spider was Jake Justice from Midtown Academy!?

Things were about to get interesting.

[A/N: This chapter needs to be edited. More chapters coming. These chapters need some work since I am writing sick. So please bear with me lol. Almost to the next big arc. And yes there will be plot holes, but I will explain to them soon. If anything confuses you, let me know and comment. I plan to fix all past chapters soon and add more action. But these villains are not that strong, I mean the MC is OP it would be a shame if he lost lol. But a real challenge will come out soon, I do need to fix some things around.]

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