Spiderman Evolution
70 Darkness Sealed
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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70 Darkness Sealed

"Tch. Screw off. I don't know who you are," Dark Spider says he conceals all of the powers he had absorbed by flexing of his strong muscles and pumping more blood into his veins. His body frame was that of a Greek God, kind of like Zeus. Even in his Spider-Suit made up of spider-webs and symbiote tendrils, you could see how overly muscular and well-toned he was. He was flawless in every way possible, even with a masked face looked beyond handsome.

Raven's eyes widen at Dark Spider's vulgar remark, she had never seen such hostility and rudeness in her life. Which made her believe more that Dark Spider was indeed the rowdy 'new student' in Midtown Academy.

"Excuse me!? How dare you talk to me like that! I wanted to pay my respects to you after saving my life when I couldn't use my powers. But your just an asshole!" Raven sapphire eyes started to glow a bright white color and a dark shadow aura enveloped both of her hands. She had released her dark magic and her demonic powers were also slightly seen, it was obvious that she still couldn't control her demonic powers. Even the ruby charka stone on her forehead couldn't contain her demonic powers any longer, from how much anger was exploding out from her tiny body. She was now floating up in the air, a swirl of shadow astral-projections followed her every movement.

Jake was thinking about absorbing Raven inside his Void Eyes, but he was feeling tired right now, his stamina was almost drained after using all of his powers at once and using his Void Eyes too many times had taken a toll on his body. Cut wounds and marks were seen all across Jake's symbiote spider-suit, he had taken a slight beaten, but he didn't look fazed at all. He had enough power to take down Raven right now, but he decided it was best to call it a day.

"Aaaah!Dammit!" A sudden headache overtakes Jake, he gripes at his eyes and forehead, Carnage and his own symbiote powers were trying to escape again, 'Fuck! Why can't I control these damn symbiote powers!' Jake gritted his teeth, as he clawed at his eyes.

Raven places her soft hands on top of Jake broad shoulders and actually tries to help him out!

"Stand still," Raven forms a dark magic seal over Jake's body, a row of tattoos made up of shadows covers Jake's entire body. These tattoos were made with Raven's dark magic powers and her high sorcery skills, she was able to form a seal that would help Jake suppress his darkness and symbiotes inside of his body!

" I am only doing this because you saved my life, but this the only time I will do it, so tell me who you are. Your power starkly resembles mine, plus you are able to copy others powers and absorb them with your eyes. Tell me now or else," Raven says as she lifts up both her hands and stays on guard. She didn't trust the Dark Spider one bit.

BBtron points his repulsor canon behind Raven's head, "You must not kill Creator. That program only belongs to me," The humanoid robot said with a menacing glare of its metallic glowing eyes.

"Tell me who you are!" Raven thunders out as she raised her hands higher and aimed her palms at Dark Spider's face as she floated up in the midnight skies.

"I guess you have to solve that mystery yourself," Dark Spider instantly disappears into the night with his Speed Force and Void Teleportation powers he had gained from Raven.

"You bastard!" She cries out as she teleported as well and chased him down, but she couldn't keep up with Jake's light-speed teleportation. He was untraceable. Raven wasn't able to identify Dark Spider, but she had a good feeling on who he was. She would soon confront him again. Ironically the only thing she did today was help out Dark Spider by sealing away his dark powers and symbiotes inside of his body with dark magic tattoo seals.

Jake teleported at the hidden location where he teleported Joker. A strong smell of oil and metals entered Jake's nostrils as he looked ahead at Joker.

Joker was sitting in a wooden chair and his body was tied up with symbiote tentacles. His mouth was also covered up with symbiote tendrils.

Next to Joker was Sal Maroni and Gambol, Jake had also captured them during his fight with Carnage at the mafia restaurant/warehouse hideout. It seemed that the Joker was kept prisoner inside some sort of garage/ interrogation area that Jake had made himself.

"I will be coming back for you idoits. You better answer all of my questions," Jake cracked his knuckles and neck, he was going to interrogate the hell out of Joker without any mercy. He was going to use every method of torture to make the clown talk.

Jake uses his Void Eyes to teleport back to his hideout in the Batcave.

'What a long fucking night it has been, but thanks to Raven I am able to hold back my symbiotes and Carnage for the time being with the tattoo seals she created. I have to find a way to control my powers, maybe I need to enlist Raven in my faction, in fact, I need to enlist all the powerful females in this world into my faction. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. But right now I need some fucking rest,' Jake takes out his bloody mouth mask and collapses onto his bed.


Batman arrives at the Batcave and goes to his supercomputer, he notices something is 'off' about the information he had stored in this supercomputer.

'Don't tell me this was that bastards doing!? I had enough of this psychotic bastards behavior! I am going to get to the bottom of this!' Batman gritted his teeth and punched the keys on his supercomputer. He starts to remember Jake beating down Joker and then retaliating against him when he told Jake to stop hitting the Joker. Batman knew that eventually, he had to stop Jake and his brutal tyranny.

Jake was way too smart for his own good. But his ego got in his way. Tomorrow Jake was going to experience something new. His adventure was just beginning. Jake was only in his first stage of evolution. The future awaited him. For there was so much to discover in this new world. Jake was going to forge his own path to greatness. He will become the most powerful Spider-Man to ever exist. No matter what.

[A/N: And that is the end of the first arc with some evolutions, but there will be to come with the next arc. Which is the Academy Arc. I feel that this arc will be better to flesh out all the characters in this novel. I have a lot of exciting things for this arc planned out. Don't worry there will still be action and other good 'stuff'. There is alot of things I need to fix. I will post up a chapter that summarizes everything important that has happened and also the things I will fix in this story. I am also planning some new novels.]

[Keeping on voting power stones and let's reach top 30. ] - remember this whole week depends on how much chapters I will be releasing. Tomorrow I have a lot of chapters planned out.


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